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Posted by Ubiquitous

Wow, I wish I bought amped 3 instead of fucking perfect dark zero when the 360 launched. Sad story about Indie Built.

Posted by PenguinDoctor

YES!!!!!!!!!!  Amped 3 is still one of the top three games on the 360.  So good.
Posted by PLWolf

Now I want to go and play Amped 3. THANKS GIANTBOMB!!

Posted by dvdwalker8

Just ordered a used copy from gamestop.com.

Posted by TadThuggish

I'm currently unemployed and need to be very careful with the limited money that I do have.  Too bad, I just bought Amped 3, thanks Giant Bomb!

Posted by SinGulaR

Those are the weirdest cutscenes I have ever seen. Awesome.
Posted by ArbitraryWater

Wow. I feel like I took drugs or something. Either way, I won't have to buy Amped 3 anymore because I have seen the cutscenes.

Posted by dagas

Great! I've never seen anything beyond act 2 before since I stopped playing early act 3. 
They don't make games like these anymore, and I'm not talking about that they don't make snowboard games anymore.

Posted by Advertisement

this is epic lulz

Posted by Ascully

Not working for me in latest Firefox.

Posted by VibratingDonkey

I think we're witnessing the birth of the Slow Look here. Or well, I'm not, I'm gonna go play the damn game instead.

Posted by HatKing

I hope that Mass Effect 3 has a big musical finale.
Posted by AllThatBacon

That was pretty good. You guys are pretty good. DON'T EVER CHANGE!

Posted by Uebelkraehe

Doesn't work for me. I thought Firefox was fairly standard by now...

Posted by silent_rob_604

 god stop bitching about the player and let's discuss this crazy game that i missed some how.

Posted by foggel

Flip.... BURGER. YES.


Where is the old player??? =(

Posted by Uebelkraehe

Disabling Adblock helped - fine by me, after all Giantbomb is not exactly bombarding its users with ads...

Edited by Konanda

Suki Baby is evil Hunter you go up against her in Laax after destroying evil Sebastian's laptop while on the snowmobile he gives you. 
Edit: I'm so glad that Giantbomb did this Amped 3 is an amazing and hilarious game. It's too bad they didn't show the 2 player sled game where the aim is to cause as much damage to your character as possible. That was one of the most entertaining multiplayer modes during the Xbox 360 launch.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

it's awesome how they actually did break out their emergency copy of amped 3 and did a quicklook. it's probably my favorite launch game for the 360. so much awesomeness.... it all comes rushing back... >_<

Posted by jpe

Played this game at launch, got the full thousand, loved the overall style and thought that I remembered it well, but brother.... am I glad I watched this quick look. Fantastic.

Posted by TheLawnWrangler


Edited by Majkiboy

"You seem to be using an ad blocker.." WTF? Since when :S??? What to do? :(:(
I am using adblock+ with firefox, but I am not blocking ANYTHING from GB!!!

Edited by Konanda
You got all the golds in there wow I'm impressed. I would always get creamed on some of the salom.
Posted by Jedted

Wow, i thought Splosion Man had the best video game ending ever but it turns out i was totally WRONG! 
If this game came out when the 360 launched then why is this not a QL: Throwback? 
Edited by Majkiboy
@Uebelkraehe: Yeh but what the hell, shoud they really be ruining my Internet experience?? I have to restart Firefox to even be able to withstand logging in to Facebook...
EDIT oh crap, missed one setting. Works fine now!! PHEW :D
Posted by skippyscissors

EUREKA, I just had to put Giant Bomb under my adblocker's white list! *facepalms* 
Anyway this QL was...oh christ I cant even describe it.

Posted by Scotto

Big thumbs down for forcing me to completely disable my adblocker in order to watch your videos.
- Scott

Edited by CashBailey

This may be the first time ever that the actual gameplay footage was funnier and more entertaining than the commentary.

Posted by buzz_clik

Hey, the music in the WienerLand cutscene is a Fight Club knockoff.

Posted by TheLawnWrangler

snow ferr rike derricate prum brossums

Edited by Brunchies

Amped 3 quick look, YAY! I remember about half of those cutscenes, ah I love this game.

Posted by Uebelkraehe

Incredibly funny - why didn't i hear about this game until now? Should be an immortal all-time-classic (after all, Psychonaut with its sh...y gameplay is hyped as such...)!

Posted by Rio

new player is awesome.  

Posted by DefectiveGnome

Thank you so much for doing this Quick Look. I never would have seen this otherwise and there would have been a hole in my life that I wouldn't know how to fill.

Posted by Andre

Advertisers and developers take note: I too just bought this game. Looks like a lot more fun than Shawn White Snowboarding, with amazing cutscenes. Sold, sold and sold. 

Posted by fei0x

I'm Speechless

Posted by EvilDingo

Wow... that was insane! 
I vote for more Strangelooks like this!

Posted by 34wsdfsdfwe

"Mortality"...I'm getting this game, damn!

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Damn this was awesome. If this was a PC game I'd have to buy it now, those cutscenes blew my mind! They were all so fucking good but the "Mortality" ad was definitely one of the best segments - including that crazy pig character...

Posted by Moridin

Amazon, go!

Posted by Gruff182

Wow i just recently bought this game

Posted by CashBailey

It's official: AMPED 3 has the greatest cut scenes of all time.

Posted by Demonstride

My mind was blown. Why don't more games be that ridiculously crazy.

Posted by Winternet

I am calling it. GiantBomb is the best thing ever.

Posted by KnifeySpoony

*Erupts into thunderous applause
Magnificent, gentlemen. Absolutely magnificent.

Posted by AlfredPMcLovely

I think I'll pick this up.  It's only 7 bucks at ebgames.

Posted by Shimakaze

I adore this game! I play it every November/December while waiting for the real snow to come. Still haven't gotten around to getting the last achievements though, cause I always start a new game...

Edited by CashBailey
@Winternet: @Winternet said:

" I am calling it. GiantBomb is the best thing ever. "

You are correct.
Best... Thing... Ever.
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