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Posted by SJSchmidt93

Hate me for posting this on my blog, I don't care! 

Resident Evil 5: Lost In Nightmares Review

A Nice, Nostalgic Throwback to Resdent Evil's Old Days

 Note: This Review Is For Resident Evil 5's  Lost In Nightmares DLC. For My Resident Evil 5 Review, Go Here.

The original   Resident Evil 5 strayed away from   Resident Evil's old formula a lot, even more so than   Resident Evil 4. For fan's of the old formula, meaning locked doors,   traps,   levers, a lack of weapons, and most of all, a scary, on-the-edge-of-
 Hmmm... that looks familiar. 
your-seat atmosphere, you'll love Resident Evil 5's new   downloadable content, Lost In Nightmares, because it diverts back to the old Resident Evil's old days. 
Lost In Nightmares puts you in the shoes and brings back together the original zombie-slaughtering   S.T.A.R.S.  duo,   Jill Valentine  and   Chris Redfield. You will be playing through the   flashback  at the   Ozwell E. Spencermansion that Chris mentioned in Resident Evil 5. Even though the mansion isn't the same one that you were in during the events of   Resident Evil,   Capcom  makes sure it bares a very strong resemblance to the   Racoon City  mansion.   
The DLC is full of   fan service and nostalgia. It practically uses everything it can to throw back to the 1996 horror classic. Jill will play Moonlight Sonota on a   piano  to open a secret door, there's a   dining room  with a fireplace, there's a long   hallway  with the many windows resembling the classic "dog hallway", a slow, long, unnecessary first-person door opening sequence, and best of all, a hidden fixed camera angle that makes the game feel like the   Playstation 1  classics.  
Other than the mansion, you'll have to work you way through a underground dungeon area where you'll meet some hideous monsters. Sadly, there's only one hideous monster. The DLC only has, other than the final boss, one enemy. You'll
encounter this enemy many times, but some variety would have been nice. And speaking of the final boss, the fight is pretty much identical to RE5's Wesker  fight, which is extremely disappointing, because those fights were never much fun.    
 You'll be shooting this guy less... and running from him more.
Sadly, Lost In Nightmares suffers from the same problems as Resident Evil 5 such as clunky inventory (even though this is a very small problem since inventory is much less important in this DLC) and the awful AI partner. Like the original, you must play it co-op or you won't have much fun.
The DLC also introduces the "Mercernaries Reunion" game mode. It's just like Resident Evil 5's Mercernaries mode, you will take on wave upon wave of enemies while trying to keep a streak going and collecting more and more time to get a high score, except with new characters, such as   Rebecca Chambers  Barry Burton, and   Excella Gionne. They even throw in a little reference to the first Residet Evil here, one of Barry's   melee  attacks is called a "Barry Sandwich".   

Lost In Nightmares is extremely short, roughly the length of the average Resident Evil 5 chapter. There's no saving, so if you don't beat it all in one go you'll have to restart the whole thing. The price tag, at $5, is very small. In a way, it is exactly what I was hoping RE5 would be, sadly I only get it in a half an hour DLC bit.

4.5/5 Stars

If you like it, go recommend it!