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Posted by Jimbo7676

Looks pretty crazy.

Posted by JoelTGM

wow great interviews, and that's some amazing footage !!

Posted by Evilsbane

This game is going to be SICK.

Posted by OllyOxenFree

Not sure how they would continue the franchise...I guess prequels and spin-offs.

Posted by Bane

I must play this - after I finish the GoW Collection, Call of Pripyat, Silent Hunter, AC2 and the stack of a dozen more games sitting on my shelf waiting for me.  So many games to play, so many...

Posted by jim_dandy

Brad, what was your final death count? >:D

Posted by PilotXIan

Were any sacrifices made at this sony press event?

Posted by stevemanu

Will it get 5 stars?? Who knows?

Posted by Kohe321

Holy smokes!

Posted by Roboyto

Cannot wait for this game next week!