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Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

 Note: NOT my collection.
*This post was originally written here on January 4th, 2010.* 


Playing games since the age of four (or maybe earlier, who knows?!), a 21 year old is likely to have beaten a lot of games. Going through the entire Giant Bomb database, I made a list titled "Games I've Beaten", which consists of exactly what you would think. After finishing, I was surprised by my results. The following is a list of the number of games I have beaten per platform:

Arcade - 4

Game Boy - 3

Game Boy Color - 3

NES - 10

Nintendo 64 - 12

Nintendo DS - 9

Nintendo GameCube - 6

Nintendo Wii - 7

PC - 7

PlayStation - 21

PlayStation 2 - 30

PlayStation 3 - 16

PSP - 5

Sega Dreamcast - 5

Sega Genesis - 18

Sega CD - 2

Xbox - 22

Xbox 360 -  69


This all comes to a total of 249 games. The reason I was surprised by my results? I figured the number would be a lot higher. I was also shocked to see how many Xbox 360 games I've beaten compared to every other platform. Thinking back to my past though, these numbers started to seem less crazy.

Over the years, I have played A LOT of games. If I were to make a list of games that I've played but never necessarily beat, that 249 would turn into a much larger number. When I was younger, I owned several more games at once than what I do now. I would often get new games without first beating the ones I already had, and eventually the number of games amassed to such a large amount that I would never have enough time to play through them all. The new games became old, I would lose interest, and then I would get something newer. This continued until around the time of the Xbox 360.

Another factor that plays into the low amount of games beaten is local multiplayer. When I was younger, all of my best friends were my next door neighbors or people that lived on the same street as me. A game that a single person would play through once or twice and put down became a game that lasted several months amongst a group of friends. Games like Cruis'n USA (which I have discovered recently a lot of people hate), Super Smash Bros. (99 lives for all!), Mario Party, and various Sega Genesis games would be played for several hours a day. Even games without a multiplayer component, like Mega Man Legends or Pokémon Snap would rarely be played alone. Then of course, you had Pokémon Red/Blue, in which everyone had their own Game Boy and would sit outside playing through their own adventure, occasionally trading (and later came the actual trading card game, which also lasted us all a while). 


Mmmmmm. So good. 

Eventually, everyone moved away from each other, and with us all being console gamers and online play not yet viable, those several hour long multiplayer sessions sadly came to an end. Living in a new area full of douchebags I wasn't interested in associating with, playing games by myself became more common (until Halo, but that shall be reserved for a separate post). As I've become older, the importance of beating the games I play has increased, and I figured the new generation of consoles would be a fresh start and a great way to change my game playing habits. Now, with services like GameFly, playing through more games has become easier and cheaper than ever before. 

So, I have decided to start a series of posts titled "Games I've Beaten", in which I dedicate a post to each game on my list. Going through the list alphabetically, I will write as much as I can about each game, so depending on the game and how long ago I beat it, the amount I write could be miniscule, or it could be quite long. I will stray from the alphabetical format for every new game I have beaten as well, after there has been enough time since its completion. This is to ensure I have had enough time to actually think about the game and the after effects of hype have worn off. 

Has anyone else made a "Games I've Beaten" list? I have seen a couple around. Were you surprised by your results as well?
Posted by Tireyo

Whoever has that collection of games has got to be loaded with money.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Oh, 249, that's cute. I've beaten almost 900. Yes, that's part of why I have the title.

Posted by CaptainTightPants

Oh man i should really start a list myself.

Posted by Hamst3r
@Vito_Raliffe said:

" Has anyone else made a "Games I've Beaten" list? I have seen a couple around. Were you surprised by your results as well? "

I do! The list is 226 games and might be missing some stuff. I don't remember if I ever beat Paperboy or D/Generation, so they're not on the list. It is indeed surprising to recall how many games I've played and never finished. I guess it was just never a goal back then - I played until I got stuck and moved onto something else. I also replayed games much more when I was younger, so sometimes I wouldn't move on from a game for a long time. Games like Quake and Red Alert held my attention for years. Nowadays I play a game once, in it's entirety and move on.
Posted by Bam_D_Leprechaun

oh man, i've prob beaten over 500 games spanning from the NES days, it's been so long that i don't really remember, tho most of the NES/SNES games i have beaten, i still own

Edited by CharlesAlanRatliff
@Tireyo643: I see you have several lists of games you own. Have you beaten them all?  
 Nice list! Is it in any particular order?  
@Resident4t: You should!  
@Hamst3r:  Are you going to put that list on Giant Bomb? I see a massive PC list, but it seems to be more of a collection instead of games you have played through. But yeah, I am the exact way. I remember I was addicted to Tribes for quite a while. It's probably the only game I can really say that about! 
@Bam_D_Leprechaun: Nice! I barely own any games myself. Usually when I beat a game, I have no interest in playing it anymore. I started selling my games when I was young so I could buy more, and the habit kind of stuck. I haven't sold any in a while though. 
Posted by Hamst3r
@Vito_Raliffe: I've got the list here on my site. I went sorta list-crazy, so you can view it alphabetically or by year. :)
Posted by Video_Game_King
Mostly, yea.
Posted by Kowbrainz
@Vito_Raliffe said:
Has anyone else made a "Games I've Beaten" list? I have seen a couple around. Were you surprised by your results as well? "
Yeah, there's one on my profile here... only like 90 games which really disappointed me seeing as I play a hell of a lot, just seems I don't commit to enough and actually beat them.
Posted by Bones8677

That is not a picture of a game collection. It's a black market den! 

Posted by Brunchies

I imagine how depressed whoever owns all those games would be if he was robbed and all the games were taken. 

Posted by Hot_Karl

I can't imagine how many games I've "beaten", I'd ballpark and say around 100 something. I have/had a ton of games, but I only beat a scant few of them. I have a short attention span when it comes to games, which is why my backlog right now is ridiculously huge.

Posted by Tireyo
@Vito_Raliffe:  = - P No, but I have beaten quite a few games from my lists. Can't really name them all...... Well I probably could, but I'm a bit lazy to list them. It would be cool though if I did beat them all!!
Posted by SalazarCruz19

I play a lot but haven't beaten that many games...  i have probably beaten around 30 games. (i play a lot of sports games mostly FIFA.

Posted by GunstarRed

I tried counting once...it's in the 400's and the majority of tham have been  PS2/360 games.
Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff
@Hamst3r: That's really cool! When exactly did you start working on the list? 
@Kowbrainz:  I know what you mean! 
 Yeah, my backlog is actually bigger than the amount of games I have beaten throughout my entire life. I think I need to go through and narrow it down some... 
@Tireyo643:  One day...
Posted by Hamst3r
@Vito_Raliffe said:
" @Hamst3r: That's really cool! When exactly did you start working on the list?"

I started it in early 2005, originally as just a text file I kept on my desktop. I put it up on my site in 2008. :)