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Posted by Callum_NCFC

This is the first time for a long while i have written anything to do with games never mind a blog so reading this might not be as enjoyable as previous articles on here, but i’ll try and get back into the swing of things. So this is a little blog i’ll write every so often when I’m either playing something new of note, or unlocked awesome achievements/trophies.

This month i’ve been playing a few old games as well as my game of 2009. Many people chose the obvious GOTY’s like Uncharted 2, Assassins Creed 2 or COD: Modern Warfare 2. My game of 2009, though, was FIFA 10. I’ve been playing football games for as long as i can remember, football takes up a large part of my life so naturally I’m obsessed with the video game alternative also. FIFA 10 is by far and away the best football simulator so far in video games history, both in terms of depth and game modes. Playing players in the right positions, using the right formation against the right opposition really does matter.

Anyway that’s enough of FIFA as i said i have been playing a lot of that and will continue to with the release of Ultimate Team. Recently i have been getting the urge to play a basketball game. I have a unhealthy awe and fascination for LeBron James (no homo) just his pure skill and athleticism is fantastic. I’ve been looking in all my game shops in the town center i live, all 5 shops didn’t have NBA 2K10 in stock, finally i arrived and Gamestation and of course they didn’t have it either. What they did have was NBA 2K6. By this stage i just wanted to play a basketball game, at the price of £5 it was hard to say no, along with this purchase i picked up UFC Unleashed 2009 which i have been looking at for a while now for just £15.

Within a few hours of playing NBA 2K6 i earned all 1000 achievement points which was a nice healthy boost for my gamerscore. On the other hand, I have sunk hours into UFC and not earned one single achievement, either I’m bad at the game or the achievements are very difficult. I think it’s the former. Despite this it’s still great fun and i am still playing it daily.

My current gamerscore stands at 26,379.

Posted by Hunkulese

It's called soccer here

Posted by Callum_NCFC

I'm here, not there :P