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Posted by dagas

I started playing FF13 recently and I don't find her irritating at all, unlike most people. Probably because I've seen a fair share of anime and I'm used to that type of character. She isn't half as bad as some anime characters, not even a quarter as bad (there are some really bad anime characters, believe me).

Posted by Origina1Penguin

Hahaha! Very entertaining. If I do decide to get the game, it'll only be the second FF game for me. I didn't even finish FF X so I'm still not sure the franchise is for me. I also don't know if the changes in this one will make me like it more or less. I don't like annoying characters though...

Posted by Dan64

Ever heard of Luna Lovegood?

Posted by ISmoochyI

clutch. haha

Posted by Artie


 The title might give it away, but I'm not a big fan.