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Posted by ZeekDaGeek
@Matthew said:
" @Vinny: Vivaldi during the SpeedTree pitch.  Kudos good sir, well done. "
That was Drew. <;
Posted by Jayzz

such a classic video..
Speed Tree.
"We're here with giant.. gian. Ball.com..."

Posted by Matthew
@Vinny: Vivaldi during the SpeedTree pitch.  Kudos good sir, well done.
Posted by commandercup

I wandered here from some other page and now I am content. Seeing the duders handle that move hardware was great.

Posted by JojoTheSlayer

Man, this kinda of hardware (virtual ball) needs a better tech demo.
Spawning aliens inn front of the player totally defeats whats this thing is trying to promote. The player, apart from being confused by the controls, will just be overwhelmed by the panic close aliens and wont get the experience the maker is aiming for, I think.

Posted by Aarny91

Oh my fucking god. I love when Jeff says, "I just came back from Fortune City and I don't think I'm gonna make it" and puts the mic up to the woman.

Posted by Landon

Dragon tree.

Posted by TurboMan

I feel so close to accomplishing something. Speed Tree interview is the most epic thing on this site.

Posted by DefaultGen

Argh, 300 comments.  Wondering if that's the "This is madness" quest.

Posted by Kibblez

Speedtrees are great.

Posted by Keeng

They hyped up this video and specifically the Speedtree interview. The hype is totally real.

Posted by Ben99

funny clip .keep doing that !

Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God

wow they really liked harassing that speed tree guy

Posted by spankingaddict

i love how jeff looks at the playstation move controller, it pretty much sums up how he feels about it...

Posted by mattusau

Anyone know what the song is that plays 30 seconds into the clip? It's been used in another giant bomb video.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

The future.
That tree program looked pretty hot.  And by that I mean cool.

Posted by raidingkvatch

Is it bad that I really want to get SpeedTree etc. just to spend hours creating a forest?

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@SoapEater7 said:

" anybody notice the man said "cactuses"? seems more like a tree apprentice to me "

Merriam Webster disagrees:
  "plural cac·ti or cac·tus·es"
Edited by squidracerX

 Did Vinny edit that ending? Perfect ending my man, keep 'em coming like that! it was like a movie ending with the voice over about auto desk (what was auto desk?). Kinda reminded me of the Butthole Surfers song:  The Last Astronaut (listen and you will know what i mean)
Ryan had been drinking! kinda harsh on the speed tree guy, I hope he understood the joke :) . I'm sure speed tree gets plenty of that though. It was actually freakin' impressive though wasn't it?
Ryan semi drunk with drink in hand playing one handed shooter on the Sony Move sold the Move to me, THAT IS THE FUTURE OF GAMING! (drink in hand while playing!)

Posted by SoapEater7

anybody notice the man said "cactuses"? seems more like a tree apprentice to me
Posted by Masonvd

Wait what? 
This isn't my ILM :(

Posted by dprabon

 Rich Gallup !!!! yay yea! 

Posted by Pop


Posted by Hughes

The Speedtree part was gold.

Posted by Paradigmer

I NEED that grass code!

Posted by Lydian_Sel

Nothing beats the puzzled look on Jeff's face whilst handling the Playstation Move.

Posted by stephengotlost

  Yes, there IS a dragon tree. This long-tailed, flying dragon, was created using our hand-drawing technique.  

Posted by End_Boss

Easily one of my favorite videos on Giant Bomb.

Posted by StrikerTheLizard

Gallup? Gamespot nostalgia.

Posted by Myrmidon
@Crolk said:
" awww u guys went there and only show 20 min of video .. i was hoping for like 3 hours and at lest show who is the important peaple  "
I'm sure if you want they could add all of the awkward silences, the boring discussions and the bits where they are eating.
Posted by rjayb89

That Elizabeth chick is pretty cute.

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awww u guys went there and only show 20 min of video .. i was hoping for like 3 hours and at lest show who is the important peaple 
Posted by AndyMP

Rich Gallup, what the heck is that dude working on these days ? Great to see him on the vid...

Posted by Cobhammar

Gallup! hell yes

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Posted by gosukiller
@Vinny said:
Shouldn't he be humping a car?
Posted by dEFaNkT

VERY GOOD! loved it.

Posted by selbie

I've been having problems with my mudbox lately. I think a Zombrex shot should clear that up

Posted by mnine

This video is funnier than it has right to be.

Posted by donhonk
@RenegadeSaint said:
" SpeedDurger - Patent Pending "
Mega64 lover? 
Dont worry me too.
Posted by Bobdaman18

best intro ever

Posted by ZmillA

I'm sorry but the intro is soo good. They nailed it, bad moaning overlay the title card plus its own soundeffects.

Posted by coaxmetal

what that cave story I saw?

Posted by drozzy

Yes yes! Nice video. So short :-( MOOOORE

Posted by eznark

Did Pixeljunk Dungeon come up at all when talking with Dylan?  Haven't heard about that game in AGES.  Easily my most anticipated of their ideas.

Posted by spidy333

that guy is not joking.. there's actually a dragon tree on their website.. couldn't post the image though.. its embedded in some weird flash thingy...

Posted by InsanePotato

Omg it's Rich! Been awhile :D

Posted by CitizenKane

That Elizabeth chick is pretty hot.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

SpeedDurger - Patent Pending