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Posted by spiceninja

Does anyone else think the Speed Tree guy looks kinda like Dave?

Posted by Gloobus

Speedergers is something I could get behind.

Edited by Impossibilium

So is SpeedTree a collection of other tree-related things to put in your 3D environment? Like SpeedBark, SpeedBranch, SpeedLeaf, SpeedAcorn, SpeedRoot, SpeedTreeHouse, SpeedNest, SpeedIFeelTheNeedFor ...

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

What a great video. The SpeedTree footage did not disappoint.

Posted by Tebbit
@ImperiousRix said:

That tree was fast as shit.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

 That was awesome I miss the old OTS its always good to see Rich and was it me or did Jeff look bored as hell using the move?

Posted by MeatXbeatsXman

I've really been digging the music choices in the last few video features.

Posted by fireb0x

SpeedTree interview was epic and definitely worth the wait. Thanks for this video!

Posted by icke

Nice - I love these videos!

Posted by Kazona

Either the guy at the end was doing the robot on purpose, or the tech he was demonstrating wasn't fast enough to keep up with regular movement. I don't know which case would be more awesome.

Posted by rottendevice

Nice!  I met the Giant Bomb crew at the show and Ryan said "We just got done harassing the SpeedTree guy."  I see what he means now.

Posted by Lukeweizer

Great music!
RICHIE G!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ch3burashka

Amazing SpeedTree interview. That dude was completely cool with someone overexcited about SpeedTree, which made it all the better.
Also, SpeedDragonTrees, dawg.

Posted by twillfast

I hope the speed tree guy didn't take offence. Painting trees looks awesome.

Posted by Tearhead

I am currently developing SpeedDurgers, enabling games to render durgers at real time.

Posted by destruktive

I enjoyed this video.
also, Speed tree? About time I actually got some talky time from them :P

Posted by MEBs

Jeff is unamused by Move!  And as always....more Rich! =D

Posted by samcotts

Vinny edited videos are always quality.

Posted by Jabberwocked

Rich, we WILL see you next year!

Posted by PirateNeal

I love Rich Gallup

Posted by warmonked

I usually don't like japanese games, but the guy in the office chair rolling around the streets is something I can get behind. 
Also, the lag in the Move was Very noticeable in some of those clips!

Posted by KingOfIceland

Goddamn it, that virtuball looks so stupid.

Posted by ProjektGill

Dude I just watched the GDC 09 video that Giant Bomb shot and its crazy how you see the same break dancing guy in a mo-cap suit, Speedtree and Autodesk but all a year earlier.

Posted by spiceninja

Mud box. That is all.

Posted by Haethos

we'll see you..next year?

Posted by RagingLion

Buy trees get grass (almost) free!

Posted by Death_Burnout

As always the event videos are the best, i laughed so much watching ryan get inside the ball... "Jack that guy!"
The Rich ending was so perfect, especially for that kind of nerd like me.

Posted by HalfDane1975

Giant bomb vids like these are awesome!  More speed tree interviews :D .

Posted by Verge

Mute the video then play the clip of Ryan putting on the goggles and getting in to the ball, but put the back to the future theme over it. Makes it EPIC. Shame he cant run at 88mph.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

So good!

Posted by sandwich_adjustment

dope! ending is rad..and funny because i just installed Mudbox haha

Posted by Rhaknar

wish the pixeljunk dude interview was seperate and we had more random showfloor madness... till awesome tho :D

Posted by thorkildsen

rich should join giantbomb :D
Posted by spankingaddict


Posted by Impossibilium
@thorkildsen said:
" rich should join giantbomb :D "
that won't happen. Rich probably earns a very good salary at 38Studios and if I recall correctly he moved out to Boston when he got married so his wife probably has a good job there too.
Posted by S0ndor

Speedtree is quite possibly the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

Posted by MrSnow
@PirateNeal said:
" I love Rich Gallup "
Your to late he's married!!! 
Posted by Lilarcor

Does the music played during the Playstation Move segment remind anyone else really strongly of Super Mario World?
I love this video so much, it's one of my new favorites on the entire site. The SpeedTree and giant ball sections are great, of course, but I also love Brad's cofused scream at the beginning and Ryan harassing the poor Dead Rising 2 lady.

Posted by Fjordson

Haha, amazing video. Loved the Speed Tree interview. And Jeff's facial expressions when he's first playing Move are classic. Pretty much sums up my feelings on all that motion control shit: get it the hell away from me real games.

Posted by paulunga

Huh, Speedtree looks really useful, actually.

Posted by bigdaddyjack21

YESSS easily  one of the best videos ever gotta love giant bomb

Posted by TheAdmin

Why do I get so giddy when I see Rich Gallup?  

Posted by rmanthorp
Duder, it's over... :C  
Posted by SoulAssassin808

$10 000 for a fucking tree maker?

Posted by Rox360

YES. One of the best videos on the INTERNET. The SpeedTree thing had me laughing out loud all the way. Giant Ball dot com was awesome. Good interviews, funny shots, awesome reactions... Rich Gallup?! Best video on the Internet.
@paulunga said:

" Huh, Speedtree looks really useful, actually. "
Of course it is! Oblivion couldn't have existed without it. Well, it could have, but the poor in-house programmers and level designers at Bethesda would've had a lot more work cut out for them. SpeedTree is hilarious because every darn game nowdays seems to use SpeedTree, even the ones that have like.. one tree in them. Like Section 8. That game uses SpeedTree. Why? I have no idea. Also, SpeedTree is a very funny name. SpeedTree.
Posted by ectoplasma

This video was fantastic. Sometimes u just make the best content u can get on the internet. But what was up with Ryan? Did he drink too many gintonics without eating ;)?

Edited by jos1ah

That Speedtree tree guy looked annoyed with Ryan at first, but sat there like a biotch cause he's paid to take it in ass.  I hereby rename that guy "Limptree".
Posted by Soap

Sorry to hear about the troubles you are having with your mudbox jeff, hope it gets better lol

Posted by Kohe321

Ryan at 3:15 wins.

Posted by Sanj

Lol, I kinda feel bad for the speedtree dude who Ryan was mocking.