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Posted by Alphazero
@SoulAssassin808 said:
" $10 000 for a fucking tree maker? "
Making fucking trees is really difficult, particularly with all those fucking leaves. First you have to model all those fuckers, then get your art team to make high fucking resolution, medium fucking resolution, and low fucking resolution fucking tree textures, then get your fucking renderer to render the fuckers fucking fast, and, of course, you need fucking animators to animate the... well... the fucking.
$10,000 is a steal for your AAA tree fucking game. Dot com.
Posted by Milkman

Hahahah. Ryan was such a dick to that SpeedTree guy. Awesome.

Posted by Milkman
@Vinny:  OH SHIT
Posted by Death_Unicorn
@koolaid39 said:
" Great video. "
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Posted by Whisperkill

Jeff looks unimpressed by Move, hahaha

Posted by PhantomZwei

Closing out with Rich Gallup = WIN.

Posted by Griddler

Haha SpeedTree was epic, as was Brads intro to the interview, as was Zombrex, as was 'AutoDesk' 'Oohhhhh!!', as was Virtusphere.. This video is made of WIN.

Posted by corgorav

Nice vid with nice editing and music.

Posted by Brodehouse

Brad looks fucking drunk when he starts his interview with the Q Games guy.  He's swaying and kind of smirking.
Also, I'm really for Speed Durgers.

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The SpeedTree guy looks like he hasnt slept in a week, seems like he was totally oblivious to the irony.  Yikes.
Good vid.
EDIT:  That Q-Games guy kinda sorta look like Dave.

Posted by FLStyle

I am highly disappointed to not have not seen the Dragon-tree. But everything else made up for it in spades. You rule Giant Bomb, you rule.

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Ryan, smooth with the ladies. They love it when you talk about your many infections. Her pause after you said that was hilarious.

Posted by MrKlorox

Instead of SpeedHotdog, it should be called SausageFast.

Posted by Daryl

Aw, the PS3 move controller gets a proper trigger.

Posted by Radar

I love how Jeff makes a comment about him being boned and puts the mic in that chicks face, expecting her to respond

Posted by RE_Player1

This is why I love giantbomb. The personal touches they put into the videos make me coming back for more.

Posted by Lambert

Speed tree looks awesome.
I'm guessing Vinny is the one filming?

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The music at the beginning was cool. Sounded kind of like the theme music from 'Monty on the Run' for the C-64.
And you can't go wrong with a random Rich Gallop cameo.

Posted by Mayene

God I love Giant Bomb.  Ryan was particularly amazing in this video.

Posted by MrCleanTrousers

"Its been a rough coupla days around the ol' mudbox" XD
Posted by Grillbar
nope not broken at all but if your watching it on a ps3 (mayb allso xbox but dont know my self it or a internet browser of older calibur then it will not play (i have a really old internet explore witch will not play em' but my mozilla no problem
Posted by RedCricketChase

i want to do the sex to ryan so hard.

Posted by Grillbar

so where is that "hamster ball" thing ryan talked about or did i miss something

Posted by Babble

The Speed Tree interview was the best thing ever!

Posted by zoozilla

GiantBomb...making GDC look fun.

Posted by xanavi
@MrKlorox said:
" Instead of SpeedHotdog, it should be called SausageFast. "
Posted by Aarny91

10k for a TREE? WTF

Posted by LawlzMcFadden


Posted by Killroycantkill

OMG SpeedTree and Rich Gallup ending. Life is complete.

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that was pretty cool. i was hoping you guys would have shown some of the mudbox footage at the autodesk booth. the speedtree interview was freaking insane.

Posted by Lotan

Nice footage guys.

Posted by Bruce

Ryan is such a dick to the tree guy lol.

Posted by Advertisement

That was great

Posted by xionpunk

Truly this is the age of Dragon Trees.

Posted by Junpei

Hell yeah SpeedTree

Posted by teh_destroyer

Rich :0

Posted by Metroid545

Speedtree ftw also finally! time to throw out that lame manual desk!

Posted by Vigorousjammer

oh god, this is my new favorite Giantbomb video... GOOD SHIT!
Giantbomb has never had the most extensive event coverage... they don't have tons of people running around getting everything covered... but I must say, they've definitely got the best coverage, no other site can compete!!

Posted by me3639

One of the best and funniest. Great job as always guys.

Posted by Light_Bahamut

Epic, awesome video. Speedtree interview was fucking hilarious.

Posted by Light_Bahamut

Also: RICH SIGN-OFF! Duder, it's been awhile.

Posted by DirtyEagles


Posted by TenaciousE

So, how does it feel to be in the future Spaceman?

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How long did they make that mime do the robot?
Posted by Duffyside

So, knowing NOTHING about development, I think the Speedtree stuff looks pretty damn cool. I've been hankering for a game with better environments, where it's not just dirt textures, or concrete textures, or steel floor textures you're existing in, but grass and trees and flowers. In fact, "Flower" is the game that really sparked this desire; seeing all that beautiful grass, I found myself really wanting to play a game featuring a wandering samurai or the American Revolutionary War or so many other possibilities. 
Again, I know nothing, and Speedtree is probably the worst technology ever. Long live the brown/gray shooter!

Posted by BenderUnit22

"That's a pretty fast tree, but what if I need trees in volume?"

Posted by Zanthox

Epic video is epic.

Posted by Woodroez

Speedtree should send people to every convention and have, like, "Get your own tree" booths where a dude will draw a patron his very own tree and give him a print of it for a couple of bucks.
They would make a goddamn killing.

Posted by Creamypies

Bahaha this is hilarious!