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Posted by Aarny91

Oh my fucking god. I love when Jeff says, "I just came back from Fortune City and I don't think I'm gonna make it" and puts the mic up to the woman.

Posted by JojoTheSlayer

Man, this kinda of hardware (virtual ball) needs a better tech demo.
Spawning aliens inn front of the player totally defeats whats this thing is trying to promote. The player, apart from being confused by the controls, will just be overwhelmed by the panic close aliens and wont get the experience the maker is aiming for, I think.

Posted by commandercup

I wandered here from some other page and now I am content. Seeing the duders handle that move hardware was great.

Posted by Matthew
@Vinny: Vivaldi during the SpeedTree pitch.  Kudos good sir, well done.
Posted by Jayzz

such a classic video..
Speed Tree.
"We're here with giant.. gian. Ball.com..."

Posted by ZeekDaGeek
@Matthew said:
" @Vinny: Vivaldi during the SpeedTree pitch.  Kudos good sir, well done. "
That was Drew. <;