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Posted by Rox360

Welp. Don't know how I find myself here once again, but I guess it's time for another marathon.

Posted by heatDrive88
Posted by Thompson820

@Narx said:

@Mars_Cleric said:

Game Room QL marathon 2012 starts here

Same here duder LET'S DO THIS

I'm so glad I'm not the only person who still does this.

New site Game Room marathon go!

Posted by Crippl3

RIP Game Room, gone before your time ;_;7

Edited by RinSatori

Crystal Castles <3

Edited by MattClassic

Oh man, I can still remember being 13 and riding my bike up to the local shitty K-Mart that had a shitty pizza buffet with a shitty arcade attached to it in the same shopping center. Mardi Gras Games and Pizza, or something like that. While my friends and I played stuff like X-Men Arcade and Captain Commando, Crystal Castles was one of the games that would only ever get used by the creepy old dudes (mid-30's was pretty damn old to me at the time) that had no business hanging out in an arcade packed with middle school aged kids. ~Memories~

Posted by NarficAcid

@Narx said:

@Mars_Cleric said:

Game Room QL marathon 2012 starts here

Same here duder LET'S DO THIS

I'm so glad I'm not the only person who still does this.

Posted by Narx

@Mars_Cleric said:

Game Room QL marathon 2012 starts here

Same here duder LET'S DO THIS

Posted by Mars_Cleric

Game Room QL marathon 2012 starts here

Posted by adoggz

man the world was a better place when gameroom was good.

Posted by HerbieBug

I am going to watch every one of these again. :D

Posted by Peanut

You guys, I just spent like $20 in Game Room today. I'll NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!

Posted by Deusoma

Watching this again, I wonder how Jeff's Yars' Revenge challenge ended.

Posted by Ulong

This was really an unnoficial third endurance run

Posted by Magicallystoopid

Listen to Jeff's voice... so full of hope... so full of joy.

How soon did all that go away from him?

Posted by WolfmanJenkins

Wow, has it been a year already? RIP Game Room, we will all surely miss you!

Posted by MooseyMcMan

What a magical year it was...

Posted by MysteriousBob

Its all downhill from here. 
What a ride.

Posted by gbrading

Ah, so this is where the madness started. I remember it all so well.

Posted by Nert


Posted by wolf_blitzer85

If they only knew.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Man, Game Room has been going so long that I forgot it started in March. MARCH! And I've watched them all! 

Posted by stoodspoon

And so it begins

Posted by fedorajay

Week 1, the first and best.

Posted by quicklookman

oh if i could only go back and tell giantbomb how awesome game room would be 

Posted by sparks50

Its pretty interesting to google the dev names and see where they went. 

Posted by MacGeorge

Posted by zkilla

What games are in this video?

Posted by twenty0ne

Alex signed on at 3:47.

Posted by RandomInternetPerson

Anyone heard of these new things (that are free) called emulators?

Posted by Torben
Posted by defunctdefunctdefunnnnnct

I bet a lot of people are going to be competing in Jungler because of Giant Bomb.

Posted by iGaboru

If prices weren't as high as they are, I'll consider this emulated thingie.

Posted by fillmoejoe

The challenges are pretty cool.

Posted by Jeremy_x

Everybody, there is a killscreen coming up, if anyone wants to see...

Posted by darkdragonsoul99

just in case no one noticed the big plane bullet did go through that gap in combat  at 12:09

Posted by dantebk

Oh man I should totally buy all 30 games.  Oh man that is a terrible idea.

Posted by MindChamber

man watching combat  brings back memories

Posted by dudeglove

That looks a lot of fun.

Posted by Overwatch

Isn't this just great? We have Game Room on Xbox and Steam and GOG on PCs. Old games will never die! That's awesome.

Posted by sandwich_adjustment


Posted by teh_destroyer

In the Jungler the mighty Jungler, the giantbomb sleeps tonight!

Posted by Kowbrainz

Looks awesome, although I dunno whether or not (or how much) I want to buy. Have MAME stashed away somewhere already. Guess I'd be a little more motivated to actually play these games if I bought them but even then, it's tough to say.

Edited by fooflighter737

Well after trying it I may uninstall it..I was excited about it but the interface is Wonky and Janky...
I would have preferred a 3rd person "actually walk around" rather than the perceived movement of travel...
I would have also preferred 1 large arcade room sectioned off with larger areas to contain certain motifs...
Live Arcade IMHO does retro way better than Gameroom...and while you'll never see Outlaw on Live Arcade, a 1 play of the demo gives me my nostalgia fix for the next 20 years...I remember thinking when playing these games...man wouldn't it be cool if the game looked like the box-art..well now they do in 2010 and I can't justify the price tag for a couple minutes of "gee remember when"...neat idea to a niche but failed in the execution

Posted by Picard

Looks like fun - Too expensive.

Posted by FalseDeity
@rjayb89 said:
" I installed this, then immediately uninstalled it in favor of the 'Firewalker' DLC for Mass Effect 2. "
Posted by rjayb89

I installed this, then immediately uninstalled it in favor of the 'Firewalker' DLC for Mass Effect 2.

Posted by Tarsier

i tried this earlier and it forced me to download the game packs, i did that, and then half way through the loading bar it froze and i had to reboot the game. when i came in the second time i looked for the games which apparently came with the packs and they were nowhere to be found. piece of shit.

Posted by Kratch

I'm just going to throw this out there.  I would love some weekly or bi-monthly "Jeff's Picks" or some such thing on new Game Room releases.  Maybe you guys could just pick three or four favorites from the new releases every once in a while and do Quick Looks.  Either way, I don't think that I'm alone in wanting some Game Room guidance.  Damn, you could call it "Game Room Guidance!"

Posted by Levio

I think the arcade would have to pay ME to play Crystal Castles.

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