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Posted by Spartan1down

I wish they would cut the generic Tom Clancy crap out of the series, and make it really about the character and story, and of course gameplay.  I still feel like they're trying to make this game like a B-Movie, with corny dialogue, and the same Tom Clancy game look.  When I first saw previews of SC:C, I saw Sam Fisher with a full beard, really cool environments, and the promise of a deeper, darker, Splinter Cell game.  Seeing as how Ubisoft is on the ball with this, we won't be seeing anything deeper than Assassin's Creed 2.  The only thing this game has going for it is the good ole "save my daughter" story, like the movie "TAKEN" starring Liam Neeson.  Surely, with all these amazing games out like Mass Effect 2, Heavy Rain, Ubisoft would try to make a game that would connect players to the game on an emotional level.  It's just important that gamers are emotionally engaged, as they are, satisfied with the gameplay.  Just look at Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Double Agent, all pure recycled Tom Clancy crap.  Ghost Recon as well.  Ubisoft is a huge company and developer.  They have all the resources and technology, yet they sell themselves short.  Whatever makes them profit, they go for.  But what they go for, lacks in SUBSTANCE.  I was hoping they would listen to the fans with Splinter Cell: Conviction, like they did with the Assassin's Creed series.  AC1 was pure crap, but they listened, improved the game immensely, and gave us AC2 - which was an excellent game.  Too bad they couldn't connect with Splinter Cell series.  I was really hoping they would turn it around with SC:C.  Turns out, they took the scenic route and created a cinematic, all flash, no substance shooter, so they can hone in the big dough like Infinity/Activision.  Times like these, I appreciate developers like QuanticDreams, Sony Santa Monica, BioWare, Bethesda, so much because they bring us games with meaning, substance, and passion.   
/end rant
Posted by MadExponent

I can tell you right now that no one needs to hate on that trailer.  The dude that wanted to hate on it for it's metal gear qualities....quiet dude.  I can tell you right now that SC has at least pushed the formula of stealth gameplay....Ubisoft can at least say that.
Posted by MrCellophane

Dude's got a PS3 Wireless Headset. Nice

Posted by Captainlunchbox
@SoothsayerGB: I like how you say SC is sluggish and then praise Metal Gear. Have you played a Metal Gear? Any idiot can admire its shiny graphics and any pretentious so-and-so can call its story deep when that's just a euphemism for "This shit is so convoluted I can't understand what is happening or why, but I don't wanna seem like a dumbass so I'll just call Kojima a genius." 
 This is coming from a guy who's played all the MGS's, too. 1 and 3 are stellar. 2 is where it went to total garbage and 4 was ok. Cry for me now.
Posted by MeatSim


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i liked that bang bang part ( 01:15 )
Posted by SubaS77

Michael Ironside and Keith David.. two badass dudes with the most badass voices in the history of... ever!