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Posted by TomA

Finally!!! Night vision goggles on Sam Fisher! That has got to be one of the longest running bets EVER! I don't even remember what they get if theyre right. Wasnt it steak dinner or something?

Posted by angelfan91
@TomA said:
"Finally!!! Night vision goggles on Sam Fisher! That has got to be one of the longest running bets EVER! I don't even remember what they get if theyre right. Wasnt it steak dinner or something? "

I don't think those were nightvision.  I think they were the sonar vision goggles from the demo.
Posted by dylanderoo

Johnny cash, awesome. still, splinter cell wont be the same. they just dumped the whole "splintercelliness"

Posted by Tennmuerti

I was going to post: "Sigh yet another Conviction video, getting tired of the damn things."
Saw the vid: "Holy fuckin shit that was awesome! Song selection was superb for this. I was truly touched dear sirs."
This trailer alone will make me reconsider my initial plan not to buy due to DRM restrictions.
d o w a n t

Posted by Daftasabat

Played the demo and to be honest, wasn't that impressed, i felt like i was playing a variant of Batman Arkham Asylum....which felt a lot better than this did. I was looking forward to this but after the demo, i'm not so sure now

Posted by Kyreo

I'm not being dramatic, but that was the best Trailer for a video game I've ever seen. 
The music was great.

Posted by Lambert

Sam Fisher > Solid Snake

Posted by MaddProdigy
@SoothsayerGB: oh look the white house it must have copied MW2! and he crouches OMG METAL GEAR RIP OFF! and the TEXTURES IN THE TRAILER WERE BAD, horrible horrible game, why in the world would i buy this. lol
Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Picking this up day one.

Posted by LaszloKovacs
@HooliganTuesday said:
" If you beat this game without ever causing an alert, you unlock a Johnny Cash skin. "
God, I wish.
Not even kidding.
Posted by Cheapoz

Does the guy swinging the flag at the end look so much like Abe Lincoln?

Posted by Danterion

When your franchise gets stale, JUST ADD ULTRA-VIOLENCE  =D

Posted by TheFreeMan

Awesome. Loved the music, great sync with the visuals, and the last fight was pretty sweet (wish the guy fell longer though).
Definitely gonna at least give this a rent when it comes out.

Posted by SpartanGuy

 Cash makes all things great.
Both the man and the money.
Universal law.

Posted by DoubleKR

read the subtitle.... now hear me say that'[s what she said lol

Posted by Blackout62

Dear god, he killed a man with the flag of this great nation!

Posted by AAsama

Woah, that was just...woah.
I was on the fence, but now i definately want this game.

Posted by Mikemcn

Fantastic Trailer, i still don't know if I want this game but somebody at UBI can edit the hell out of some gameplay footage.

Posted by obonicus

They may not be light amplification goggles, but if Sam can use them to see at night, they're night vision goggles.

Posted by cue_kalamos
@almightytooth said:
" I am deeply impressed with this trailer. "
you should  be impressed with gameplay not trailers,  also i hated the demo wayy to easy even without using the M&E  shit
Posted by cue_kalamos
@Daftasabat:  tell me about it,  its funny  you cant even control the speed of sam anymore  ita eather fast or slow no in between, i mean shit  it IS A JOYSTICK on the xbox, fucking use it.
Posted by EldrinStorm

...Johny Cash? Run On? Ubisoft, you have class.

Posted by BraveToaster

It felt like i was watching a movie trailer. I suck at Splinter Cell

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Dialogue is so corny lol.

@SoothsayerGB said:
"  Kudos to the studio for managing to keep such a sub-par generic rip off of Metal Gear going for so long.  This one definitely looks like all the rest.  Poorly lite, sluggish crap.  Graphics look poor and the textures are vomit.  So they're in the White house now?  Yesh... Everybody has to copy MW2.  Why does every single Tom Clancy game suck so much?  Yet they keep on making them.  I have a theory that like madden games, the same type of nitwits buy and play Tom Clancy games.  I haven't seen a trailer that ugly in a few years.    But the song makes it cool right? Like Gear of War.  "
You know what thinking another game has to be complete shit for your favorite game to be good is? Pathetic.
Posted by Mezmero

I see triple green light goggles.  Does Vinny win the bet or what?  Whether or not they're night vision, they are clearly Splinter Cell goggles.

Posted by g1antb0mb3r
@caseylakes: I agree. I was really amp'd for this game. But after playing the demo...its just like the last Splinter Cell games. You get spotted and run to the dark corner and wait until everyone calms down. Then shoot them in the back. NPC: "I know he's around here somewhere?!" 
Its as linear as you can get...nothing really crazy different other than watching Sam's cinematic moves.
Nothing really different about the game except that it looks better.  
Kinda disappointed. I'll still play this game coz I love the series, but i've changed my mind from buying to renting it. 
Posted by AlmightyTooth
@cue_kalamos said:
" @almightytooth said:
" I am deeply impressed with this trailer. "
you should  be impressed with gameplay not trailers,  also i hated the demo wayy to easy even without using the M&E  shit "
I played the demo and wasn't impressed. The trailer is making me forget the demo...temporarily.
Posted by warpedzappa

I played through the demo and I really want to like this game.  Although, something is missing.  Also the gameplay is still clunky as hell.  Cool trailer though

Posted by AltP

Awesome trailer! Kind of want to call it Mr. Smith goes to Washington because it reminded of The Simpson's episode where Homer makes a movie with Mel Gibson and at the end of it there's someone impaled with the flag, which is what I thought was going to happen in the trailer.

Posted by MachoFantastico

The demo didn't do a whole lot for me, felt a little sketchy. But fantastic choice of song for the trailer. 

Edited by Darksideshadow

This is just The Bourne Conspiracy's ugly cousin. It really has nothing to do with a Splinter Cell game or Sam Fischer. 
Talk about plot holes.
How is he younger looking now 
How can he suddenly do amazing acrobatics in unrealistic speeds 
How does sonic goggles really work  (ask Batman)
How is it that when crouched you can only sneak at one speed, its either ON or OFF  
Sadly for a Splinter Cell fan this is an abomination of a game. 
But the trailer looked good.

Posted by Ghostiet
@Darksideshadow: Uch, you're a fan and call the main hero "Sam Fischer"? The "graphics on a different engine, hence the new character model and better animations than 5 years back = plot hole" argument makes me question your motives too.
Posted by Decibel
@TrueEnglishGent:  and what is the song?
Edited by Venatio
@Decibel said:

" @TrueEnglishGent:  and what is the song? "

God's gonna cut you down by Johnny Cassh is the song, fucking fantastic, fit perfectly with the trailer
Posted by Johnny5


Posted by floodiastus

Nicely produced, song ontop was just fantastic as well.

Posted by DrSwank

is it just me, or are the graphics much worse than what was shown at E3? I remember being impressed by the graphics, now I'm not at all...

Posted by darkjester74


Posted by UnreliableNarrator

New GB "Best of" Category: Best use of Johnny Cash in a game trailer.

Posted by lhaymehr

Does not compute.

Posted by Snail

This is an amazing trailer.

Posted by eezo

Want it but if it has the ubishit DRM then im just put off and probly just gonna borrow it off a friend i guess..

Posted by NegativeCreep

As long as it's not a steaming, bloated turd like MGS4 was I'll be happy.
The mark-execute system is BADASS, plain and simple.

Posted by carlthenimrod


Posted by cakes1994

From all the trailers I've seen already and since I've played the demo, "WHO KILLED MY DAUGHTER!" seemed especially different this time around, like waking up to a green sky...
Posted by yorro

Did the graphical quality just got toned down?

Posted by Shadowsquire

Ok I'm not sure if I'm the only one that noticed, but at 1:15, he shoots a guy with a silenced pistol and it makes a "bang bang" sound. Is that just the song?

Posted by Milkman

I need to change my pants.

Posted by W0lfbl1tzers
@Abyssfull said:

God Bless Johnny Cash.

He did. That's why the good lord took him home.
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