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Posted by Lambert

5 maps for $15 = $3 per map
3 maps for $10 = $3.33 per map
What is the big deal? You brought it on yourself by buying the stupid, and overpriced $10 map packs. What did you expect?
You can blame the idiotic Halo fanboys for buying the overpriced $10 map packs back in the Halo 2 days with their mother's credit card.

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God, I remember Overgrown.
Not getting the maps, but I might just pop in MW2 for some Double Exp.
Some quick googling said it'll last from the 2nd to 5th (well, 1st now with the DLC thing), glad since I'm about to go to sleep, it'll be around for later.
I also love blowing up killstreak rewards like you Jeff.

Posted by Kraznor

Giantbomb is getting a new office? Have they mentioned this elsewhere?

Posted by Zeemod

The old maps do have slightly new textures and all of the graphics in MW2 including lighting were added to them, it's harder to tell in this video though but it feels much better than in CoD4

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they are horrible at mw2 lol

Posted by Kman
He said "Oh man i'm gonna get this guy"
 not that he gave it away hahaha
Posted by Gunny

I will start playing MW2 again if they make an oversized child's bedroom map.
Posted by VIGGO123

The moving out of the office part is probably a April Fools joke, I don't know but the "uhm, yeah" part, at 28:56, just before Jeff states that they're moving sounds like a "Yeah, we should pull this prank now" if you know what I mean.

Posted by Korone

giantbomb moving sounds like really clever april fools to me

Posted by MisterMouse
@Dirty_Harry said:
" Giantbomb moving?! "
Wonder where to...
Posted by Kiro

the maps seems cool and all, but i can't justify paying 1/4 of the price of the game for just 3 new maps and 2 old ones.

Posted by nxau
@Blair: Why is that?
Posted by GeekDown

I play a lot of MW2 but there is no way I'm paying 1200 points for a map pack.

Posted by BRNK

No Jungler cab? Boo.

Posted by Demonstride

Hmmm from what I caught of it, it sounded like maybe they are contemplating moving out of the office. Or an elaborate April Fools' joke.

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@Olivaw said:

" Once they stop asking SIXTY FUCKING DOLLARS for the PC version maybe. "

Which is why I ordered the 360 version for $30 used. If it doesn't arrive today I'll miss all the noobs in the free-Gold weekend. ;_;  Actually I'm probably on par with Jeff up there, so my chances ain't good.
Posted by Jonnyflash80

Where are you guys moving Jeff? Another city  or just across town?

Posted by Djeffers03

jeff is certainly no seananners or hutch

Posted by rohanspear345


Posted by Kayrack

Maybe if banks didn't lend maps to people who couldn't afford them, then we wouldn't be in this mess." thats a good sub to the quick look. The whole stimulus thing does sound really weird for a dlc pack.

Posted by EasyPeasey
@Titl: they've mentioned it before but i dont know of any official announcement. What are the chances of it being an april fools joke?
Posted by Jeffsekai

These maps all look horrible.

Posted by Korosive
@troyx:  Quicklooks are not skill exhibitions.... Calm down, they are just showing off the maps.
Posted by TheFrownyface

You know what's crazy? Nobody pointed out the fact that there was boosting going on in the first match. I realized it when they called in a Harrier, Jeff shot it down before it did anything and then the AC-130 came a few seconds later. You see one of Jeff's teammates dying in the same spot over and over again, a sure sign that someone is boosting.
Posted by Asembo

I'm going to post what everyone else have been posting.
Giant Bomb moving, WHAT?

Posted by troyx

god jeff your such a fucking noob . how many kills did you get ? like 3 ? in the whole quick look ? lmao

Posted by Krenor

Jeff really hates those cars

Posted by RobotHamster

Watching this makes me glad that I sold mine.

Posted by Titl

They're moving out of the office?!

Posted by TheAdmin

I'll play this when the game doesn't cost $75 total... The game is STILL $60 bucks... 

Posted by Tikicobra

Cool, now that I've seen the maps I don't have to buy the map pack.

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so random

Posted by buckybit

If you wonder, what Jeff and Brad are talking about: George Broussard recently answered a question about the Levelord on formspring and it was tweeted to his Twitter account.
Also, the Quake references seem to have come from the recent Steam Midweek Madness special offer, where you had all id software games for 50% off - the very reason why I started to play Quake III Arena and Quake III Team Arena (= could appreciate some wiki entry love) again. 

And for the record - I hate Orbb so very much!
Posted by Novacain

Wait, Giantbomb is moving to a new office?

Posted by Ghostiet

Fuck MW2.

I got one thing to say to-CHANGING MAG!

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*gasp* say it aint so! Giantbomb! Bridgeway wont ever be the same. Is everyone in the building moving? that might be a dumb question. Or are you simply going upstairs...across the road...or in a rusty shack next to the coastline with a small dinghy like that dream i had 2 days ago!?

Posted by AllThatBacon

You guys are moving out of the ol' bomb shelter/office soon? Or is this a "APRIL FOOL, MOTHERFUCKER" moment?

Posted by HatKing

I like the giant "fuck you" they're pulling by naming this map pack the "Stimulus Pack."
Posted by dylanderoo

i got, i hate MW2. (not an BC2 fanboy)

Posted by Olivaw

I would really like to play Modern Warfare 2 someday.
Once they stop asking SIXTY FUCKING DOLLARS for the PC version maybe.

Posted by vaiz

Brad, you've just betrayed the fact that you are from the internet.

Posted by Iainzor

Thanks for reminding me why I don't play this game anymore.  Nothing but frustration and sprinting.  I think I'll stick to BC2 for a while.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

The remake maps should not count as a full map not because they are lesser maps, but rather because it required way less work to put them into the game AND you've already played them before. There is a reason you would pay more for a brand new pair of jeans then a pair of jeans at Value Village.

Posted by TheMasterDS

So are you actually moving out of the office, or is this because of liars day?

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror


Posted by Chris2KLee

Did Jeff say they are moving office?

Posted by Brendan

I already stimulated myself earlier this morning, but I suppose I'll watch this video.   
/crappy joke
Posted by Blackmoore

Moving out of the office?

Posted by Aeterna

GB moving out of their office!? What'll happen to the outdated lego model of the office!?

Posted by fwylo

Moving out of the basement?!