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Posted by adoggz

giant bomb is moving?

Posted by MeatSim

 I moved on to Bad Company 2 and plus going back to MW2 would be tough because it's not fun to play against a bunch of people who play it non stop.

Posted by Jack268

7 secs start-to-death

Posted by Kbm600

There is nothing "point and shoot" about the gameplay of MW2. I got killed by knives more than I ever did guns in this fucking game.

Posted by NevereatNirnroot

got off to a good start there jeff....
Posted by buckybit
@gosukiller said:
heck, yes! :)
Posted by CaptainFish

Any game room support on those arcade cabs?

Posted by morningdrive

wow so they are moving out of that office? is that what Jeff meant?

Posted by Tactical_Kill

I didn't know they were moving.

Posted by Tebbit
@Hampe said:
It's more common than you'd think!
Posted by Dirty_Harry

Giantbomb moving?!

Posted by MrSnow

No b

Posted by zudthespud

the chemical on the whiteboard of Salvage is Trinitrotoluene, Dynamite. 

Posted by Depth

I now remember why i started playing BC2 instead of this piece of shit.

Posted by FellOpenIan

And every copy you buy helps fund Activision's ability to shitcan Infinity Ward employees! Oh and don't forget Activision's lawyers...they gotta get eat (puppies) too ya know.

Posted by JNash

People still playing MW2 online baffle me.

Posted by GleasonRyan

i believe Jefff just broke the record for quickest Start to Death in a quick look!

Posted by drowsap

Sweet QL.......     of over priced DLC

Posted by DjDonFrancisco

Haven't played MW2 in a while but I can't pass up a good quick look!

Posted by gosukiller


Posted by Nyro

15 dollars you say.

Edited by Vorbis

Am I bored enough to watch 30minutes of MW2 even with GB commentary? yes :(
Edit: Aparently not.

Posted by Blair

Wow, these 32 minutes of Quick Look time must be killing Whiskey Media financially.

Posted by Skald

I guess you could say Modern Warfare 2 is in a recession right now. 

Posted by Hitchenson

Time to get my watch on.

Posted by Hampe


Posted by Sjupp


Posted by mattjam3000

Yay more ways to spend money