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Posted by Claude

I've never seen so much yellow in a blog. I've never been to any convention, needless to say a game convention. There's a few in my area, North Carolina, I could check out. Who knows... maybe?

Posted by neoepoch

DUDE! You were in the same seating area I was when the finale of the Omegathon went down.

Posted by Andorski

Someone needs to fill out the Monday Night Combat page on this website.  My thirst for knowledge about this game was not quenched by the Giant Bomb wiki page.

Posted by Marino
@Claude: I'd definitely suggest saving up for a trip to Boston next year. 
@neoepoch: Awesome.  I saw a couple guys with GB hoodies outside the line waiting to go in.  Too bad the finale had to have a do-over, but it was still pretty intense. 
@Andorski: Indeed, sir.  I think I'll put a task on it now if there's not already.
Posted by HeavyDuty32

Hey, that's me!