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Posted by ArchScabby

Oh, at first I thought you got a copy of the actual game.  I love playing old racing games just because they age so horribly.  Racing games probably age worse then any other genre, sports games are right behind it though.

Posted by PillClinton

GT4 has great menu music too.

Posted by aurahack
@AjayRaz: @Snipzor: GT2 is insanely glorious, despite the hideous 98.2% glitch. Argh how it still haunts me. The soundtrack is the original japanese soundtrack, so there's none of the american music. It's pretty much instrumental stuff but it's awesome none-the-less. 
And it has silly stuff like the menu/simulation mode soundtrack. 
Posted by Snipzor

I'll take the actual game over the soundtrack, but it's an awesome find nonetheless even though I don't remember much about the soundtrack from GT2.

Posted by AjayRaz

GT2 is one the best racing games. ever. the soundtrack was very good too. lucky find, but i myself would prefer to find a copy of GT2 to play ; ; 
i spent a lot of time in the menus because the menu sounds were soooo cool. 

Posted by aurahack

My sister tipped me off to an anime/manga store that was closing down in Montreal recently, so I went to visit as they were having a 50-70% off sale on everything. I found some neat stuff like Gunbuster and Diebuster on Blu-Ray, but truly the find of the month was this:  


I honestly could be wrong, but considering the PS3 instantly recognized it's content and obtained the original japanese CD info, it seems 100% legit. Even has a weird survey booklet inside that I don't understand what they're asking.  Such great music, too