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Posted by Jeff

If you had told my younger self that we'd be using the latest and greatest in computer technology to broadcast people playing Asteroids all around the world, I... well, I would have felt that maybe my life had meaning. Not that I was ever especially great at Asteroids.

But one John McAllister is doing exactly that right now, and it sounds like he's closing in on the game's world record. He's currently over 41 million points (which doesn't show properly on the game, as the score rolls over at a certain point) and he's still breaking the big rocks into little rocks.

Somewhere the 9-year-old me is completely losing his mind over how awesome this is. 34-year-old me is pretty into it, too. If the chat room dwellers are accurate, he'll be crossing into world record territory later tonight... provided he can keep it together, of course.

 You might tune in and see no actual movement. That just means that the guy's taking a bathroom break or something. 
UPDATE: 41,338,740 is now your new Asteroids world record, provided everything is properly verified as legitimate. Assuming it is, John McAllister is now the King of Asteroids! This beats the previous record of 41,336,440, set in 1982 by Scott Safran. Safran passed away after an accident in 1989.
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Posted by JJOR64

I never got that far in this game.  I'm terrible.   :(              I hope he breaks the record.

Posted by jkz

What is this I don't even... 
Alright who am I kidding this is brilliant.

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Watch this not happen for hours. Oh, kill screens.
EDIT: Dude just lost four lives in four seconds. What's the record?

Posted by Shibbles

This man is a god, and I respect him for it.

Posted by ThatFrood

Been watching this for 6 hours on and off now! TOTALLY STOKED!

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Oh man he's tanking, just died four times in the last minute.... We're jinxing him!
Edit:  I didn't realize how fast you can get extra lives, dying like that must be a relatively common occurrence.

Posted by NakAttack

ill have to tune in later to see if he beats it

Posted by JammyJesus

LOL mint
Posted by fishmicmuffin

He just started to get destroyed. Poor guy, hope he beats it.

Posted by The_Laughing_Man

Down to 2 lives 

Posted by DanielJW

Good god.

Posted by FCKSNAP


Posted by welly

lets do it.

Posted by Turtlemayor333

So wait, is there a kill screen or does it just keep going? At any rate he's looking like he might not make it there anyway.

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What is he playing it on? Arcade?

Posted by ScudFTW

trying to fast forward.... uhg

Posted by jkz

Damn that was a intense for a while there, he was down to 2 lives....

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I can't believe I'm watching someone play Asteroids, over the internet, on Monday at midnight.
and loving it.
edit:   But let me get this straight. Getting the high score in Asteroids amounts to leaving one tiny asteroid alive and just repeatedly killing the UFO? That's pretty lame.
edit2: After a bit of reflection, I stand by my point that this is lame and that I am no longer "loving it."

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Apparently the current record is 
If it hasnt already been posted.....
  Was set on November 13, 1982, by 15 year old Scott Safran of Cherry Hill, NJ.......now im really excited.....lol

Posted by Skald

This is more awesome than it should be.

Posted by ArchScabby

So is this still live?  Or what?

Posted by The_Laughing_Man

30k away I think they said

Posted by dawnofthesean

Wait what exactly is a kill screen?

Posted by Atomasist
@dawnofthesean said:
" Wait what exactly is a kill screen? "
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Posted by The_Laughing_Man

IT HAS BEEN DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by JammyJesus

He did it!
Posted by Wes899

WOO. I was there.

Posted by NakAttack

and he did it

Posted by LiquidPrince

Done. He set the new world record.

Edited by Jettblackk

Kill Screen is the "end" of a classic arcade game...It runs out of memory, and resets...and apparently he made it to the record!!!

Posted by MetalGearFlaccid


Posted by MackGyver

Awesome job  John!!!!!!!!!

Posted by dietmango

There you go he beat it. Gratz to him.

Posted by thejamster


Posted by TimesHero

I think he just did it.

Posted by Atomasist


Posted by Zella

Started watching just in time, nice to see him beat it.

Posted by Skald

Holy shit, he actually got it?

Posted by Foggen

I tune in and at that exact moment he's entering his initials.  Rad.

Posted by Andre

He beat the record and gave up immediately. A tad disappointing, but awesome nonetheless. 

Posted by thejamster

wiki page has been updated

Posted by tankintheair315

he beat it!

Posted by Levio

Quick! Someone wakeup the guinness book of world records people!

Posted by AngerPanda

Woo, he did it!

Posted by tentaclesex

Pretty cool to see him beat the score live!

Posted by heavyness

Congrats!  Fun to watch, even better to watch the record fall!

Posted by Rasgueado
@Andre: He played for 57+ hours to beat the high score. How much more is really needed?
Posted by PowerBombYo

Word! New record!

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