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Posted by fox01313

Most of the side quests that I found were depending on certain times in the day/night but not during the missions. After dealing with the hospital I went back in to find a sidequest on talking to the nurse. I'm still in this first chapter on the next day so I've not gotten that far ahead past seeing what happens around 4am in the game, good time to go out for a drive around town to fish or do the driving minigames.   

Believe that as you're crouched down that you are holding your breath hence the near heart attack. Just found out today while playing that after hitting a few lightpoles with the car that there was a bill in the sherrif's desk that had some bills but you do get $ in the game for shaving, cleaning your suits, checking in daily, etc.

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Lost spoilers, jeez! =)

Posted by Vodun

I'm guessing he's not just ducking, but holding his breath like the kid explained in a previous dream. Hence his extreme reaction to "ducking" for too long.

Posted by fillmoejoe

Dr. Usher reminds me of Drebin.

Posted by PillClinton

Anyone else think Emily looks a lot like Naomi Watts?

Posted by DukeTogo
You can change the controls to play more like a traditional shooter, you can also turn the music way down.
Posted by ImHungryx10

Thank you so much for the LOST reference Ryan.

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 brad, two things - you can actually run through the door, it's unbelievable how incompetent you're at playing(not to try it once?) hehe. 
and stop saying game is terrible, it's really good once you appreciate for what it actually is.
fact for ignorant folks, 
 this game costs full $60 in Japan, at $20 here in states it's a great deal for sure for one of the quirkest, most bizarre and original titles out there, 
also - destructoid gave it 10/10, where they gave heavy rain 7/10, which pissed alot of fanboys out there. 

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Brad, Ryan - comment more, like in that "Grandmaster" chess bit. That, and you can overthrow Vinny and Jeff from the Endurance Run post.

Also, Brad - press A and let's go. Get into the vibe, like Ryan did, which was totally unexpected.

Posted by Shadow


Posted by RE_Player1

I love how they were both worried about the chess puzzle yet they got it faster than VJ, great job BR

Posted by Deusoma

Does anyone else think that supposedly teenaged Anna Graham looks more like she's in her early 40s?

Posted by iAmJohn
@Deusoma said:
" Does anyone else think that supposedly teenaged Anna Graham looks more like she's in her early 40s? "
Posted by Domdog

The reason crouching gets ya so much is because you're holding your breath. Remember the scene where little boy tells you about it?

Posted by solidussnake03

You guys spoil us!

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First thing Brad says: "We're playing this shitty game".

Posted by supercubedude

This hospital makes me want to watch Garth Marenghi's Darkplace.

Posted by breaking3po
@TzarStefan said:
"This game has achievements right? " 
yes. of course.
Posted by madmax_thegamer

The game really isn't THAT bad, if you relax and just roll with it it hooks you in. Stop making fun for a few minutes and soon you find yourself pulled in and enjoying it! I had my doubts in the begining to, but now after finishing, this is one of my favorite games!
Posted by Mainardi

  and BR takes a commanding lead    

Posted by squidracerX

I want this to come out on another platform, at least PC!!!! PLEASE!

Posted by PandaShake

BR! Do what VJ did!
Run while going through doors, you'll open them much quicker.  Don't know if you did it yet

Posted by Laughlin_12
Posted by ashogo

York is a slightly psycho badass. I love his creepy-ass devilish grins, best thing ever.

Posted by EldrinStorm

Oddly enough, while listening to the whistling song, I noticed the chords and harmonies matched up to something that I felt was familiar. Then it hit me - the Super Mario World music for the first couple of areas! Seriously, try whistling it while the whistling music comes on, it sounds GREAT.

Posted by Drace

Has anyone mentioned that Emily's character model looks exactly like Naomi Watts? Just saying...

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dude i dont know which is better.VJ or BR

Posted by Mordi

Imagine if Brad and Jeff did these. *giggle*

Posted by buzz_killington

"Some shitty game we're playing here..." 

Brad, no one has ever spoken more truthful words.

Posted by Tearhead

The mirrors in this world have anti-aliasing turned all the way off.

Posted by GioVANNI

Nice LOST reference there, Ryan.

Posted by RicBlaine

You guy's know that the bright blue spots are items you can pick up, right? That's why you got a first aid kit instead of interacting with the TV. You walked through a whole room of them at 32 min, thinking they were interaction points with the beds.

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Lovin' the BRo run. Keep it up!
I wonder how asynchronous the VJ and BR runs are gonna get. If Team BR is already ahead after 4 episodes, what's it gonna be like at episode 50?

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Best worst game ever!
Posted by Infinityslimit

Oh wow you know I actually want this game now, just to own it... it's so weird. I mean its BAD real BAD but something is really oddly cool about it despite its terribleness. I like games like that. Reminds me of dead rising.

Posted by Jackel2072

 Thank you Giant Bomb for turning me on to Twin Peaks! 
Brad you can watch the whole sires on tv.com except the pilot... which you have to track down online. but i do know of such a place =)

Posted by Capum15
@fillmoejoe said:
" Dr. Usher reminds me of Drebin. "
Posted by SilentIcon
@MuttersomeTaxicab said:
"Hurrah! "

Posted by Scooper

I just realized something. Why are they assuming the killer's a male? I thought those F.B.I. types don't make assumptions on gender like that.

Posted by IceTrey87

I think it's because he holds his breath when he crouches.  To avoid those creatures.

Posted by Kirbichu54

Note to self: Don't crouch unless you want a heart attack.

Posted by bigall94
@GioVANNI said:
" Nice LOST reference there, Ryan. "
this is the thing that made me decide to stick to this  ER as well as VJ.
Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Ryan scared the shit out of me when he shouted BOOM!

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The game audio seems crazy low on this episode.
 @ShakeItBaby said:

" Whistle song full MP3 and guitar chord txt... 
http://www.mediafire.com/?ton2jtwz54n   if you need that woo WOO!  "

Full Soundtrack
Posted by bartok
@TzarStefan:  Most Japanese Xbox games are extremely stingy with achievements.
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Is that guy's hair getting all nappy?  Do you need to have showers in this game to remain well-groomed or something?
And no matter how trippy and disturbing this game tries to make its cut scenes, it can NEVER match the real thing:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0CGzPaJUOE

Posted by MaceWisdom

I still can't go over the built in do not enter signs and USHAAAAAAAAAAH. :D

Posted by LiquidPrince

That York is one of those kids we saw at the beginning and Zack is his brother.

Posted by RobJ

Okay, I can't watch anymore until I play this game! Thank you for the Run guys... it gave me another game to try!

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles
@Kirbichu54 said:

Note to self: Don't crouch unless you want a heart attack.