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Posted by Frostler
@MauveForest: It killed me to hear that Bosh went down this close to the playoffs. They were the team other than the Pacers that I've always wanted to be good. I hope Bosh decides to stay in Toronto otherwise their screwed.
Your definitely right about the point guard thing for the Pacers, thats why I'm hoping our lottery pick is high. Fingers crossed for John Wall :P
Posted by MauveForest

That they are. I like Hibbert and Granger, but in reality the rest of the roster is lacking. Troy Murphy playing well is definitely a good sign, but he hasn't been consistent in the past so we shall see how he plays next year. To take there game to the next level they really need a good point guard. So does every team, but that is probably the biggest glaring point on the roster.  
They are definitely in better shape in my opinion than my Raptors, who are imploding at the wrong bloody time. Bosh probably isn't staying and Bargnani isn't playing at the level he should. Add that too a lot of players who are locked up for the next 3-4 years not a good thing for the Raptors at the moment.

Posted by Frostler

The Indiana Pacers are ending the season on a good note after the lackluster beginning and middle. No long in contention for a playoff spot the pacers are playing very well winning eight of their last ten games and had a large winning streak at Conseco that was snapped by the Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat late March. Danny Granger averaged 29.5 points in March after being helped off the court at the end of February. Troy Murphy has also stepped up his game with ten straight double doubles and on heating up from the three point line. It'll be interesting to see what they do in the offseason after seeing how well this team can play. I wouldn't be surprised to see relatively the same squad on the hardwood next year with a few minor tweaks and our (hopefully high) new draft pick.