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Posted by Zecks23

 Top 10 albums from 10 different bands. Suggested song(s) in parentheses. 

10 A Perfect Circle "Mer De Noms" (Judith) 

9 The Used "Artwork" (Meant To Die)

8 Smashing Pumpkins "Siamese Dream" (Silverfuck)

7 Marilyn Manson "Mechanical Animals" (Great Big White World)

6 Placebo "Placebo" (Teenage Angst)

5 Saul Williams "Saul Williams" (Talk To Strangers)

4 From First To Last "Heroine" (Afterbirth)

3 Modwheelmood "Pearls To Pigs Vol 1-3" (Mhz)

2 Radiohead "Amnesiac Collectors Edition" (Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box) 

1: Nine Inch Nails "The Fragile" (We're in this Together or The Great Below)