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Posted by Cybexx

For some reason I can't place a review for this DLC right now. The "Add Review" button does nothing. So I'm going to write it in this Blog Entry instead while it is fresh in my mind and transfer it over later.  
Kasumi - Stolen Memory got me back into ME2 and I am glad for it. Like a lot of people I haven't touched ME2 since finishing my first play through, if it wasn't for all the other games demanding my time at the moment I would probably go an finished my 2nd play through of ME1 and take character into another play through of two, but that hasn't happened yet. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back to my completed save to play this DLC, but I am glad that I did. 
The DLC centers around a Master Thief named Kasumi who will join your crew if you agree to break into a criminal's vault to retrieve a Grey Box containing the memories of her deceased partner. You break in Mission Impossible style by posing as a mercenary leader and try to get into the vault. I really enjoyed the setup and it leads to some good exploration and combat. An interesting aspect is that for the 1st half of this DLC their are small combat sections blended into the exploration, this breaks from the main game's tradition of Exploration Levels and Combat Levels being separated.  
Kasumi is setup like Zaeed, she finds home in one of the observation decks and you can talk to her, but this will not initiate a dialog tree. You can also click around on the objects in the space to get her to explain their significance. A lot of people did not like this similar setup for Zaeed, but I found it fine because Zaeed had something to say after nearly every mission unlike my other more fleshed out party members. Kasumi seems to have a decent amount to say and I was surprised to see her commenting on some of my past choices, such as my relationship with Tali. 
The DLC lasted me almost 1.5 hours, it is pretty short but it is priced fairly. After the DLC you have Kasumi as a party member, her ability to cloak and stealth kill enemies looks awesome, you also receive a new type of SMG and some new tech research. I would recommend this DLC to fans of ME2, it got me back in and reminded me why I love ME2 while also presenting me with one of the best Loyalty Missions in the game. Bioware doesn't look like they will be adding any more characters but I hope they continue to add additional content throughout the year. 
Score: 4 / 5