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Posted by PyjamaRama

I haven't been on the 360 in a while, my online has expired and I don't really want to pay out to get it renewed. I have most of my games on PS3 now, if there is a choice on what to get a game on I pick that every time.  
I had to run a cable from the bedroom (where the modem is) into the living room which is pretty annoying, didn't realise how the 360 not having wireless could be a pain in the ass until I wanted to go online again. I am playing through Mass Effect 2, which is amazing and wanted to get the downloadable stuff for it. Also i am finally getting to play Banjo Tooie all these years later! I wanted it when it first came out but couldn't afford it at the time. I won a code for it on twitter which was pretty cool so I also downloaded that.  Can't say when i will play it though as I am really engrossed in Mass Effect 2. I loved being able to import my character from Mass Effect but was happy that I could change class as I wanted to try something a little different without having to start again. 

Posted by ahoodedfigure

So what sort of choices have you made for ME2?  I like finding out what people are doing in that game, it's fun to hear about the subtle differences.

Posted by Messier

Renegade or Paragon?