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Posted by buzz_clik
Posted by Nasar7

I like the idea of a toolbox and limited inventory, its like oldschool RE.  DP has its flaws for sure, but I think it has a lot of heart.

Posted by Fripplebubby
@hrichter1 said:
"   Maybe Zach was York's twin he absorbed in the womb, who now communicates via the bones in his right ear. "
Oh my god, yes. That's a fine theory!
Posted by Olivaw

I'm wondering who the killer actually is! It's got to be a dude, but it can't be George. The antagonistic sheriff is never the killer no matter how much the film tries to trick you and lead you on about how mean he is to the main character.
Also: where the fuck is the gun shop? They talked about a gunsmith earlier but his icon doesn't show up on the terrible, terrible map? They got all this agent honor, they gotta spend it on something.

Posted by GuardianKnux

I dont know if this has been said yet, but when it says to move the L stick back and forth, you can just rotate it.  It works faster too

Posted by Curufinwe
@Adamant_Lungs said:
" @s10129107 said:

" You guys have to learn toSHOOT the barrels.  And for the love of god break the crates with a pipe or something. "

How was Brad supposed to know he should shoot the barrels in a videogame?  He's not psychic.
Posted by solidussnake03

hahaha they would've saved so much more time if they can run through doors

Posted by cordialsnail

Hilarious during the QT event, when York opened the door the axe wielder was just waiting.
I love this game.

Posted by HatKing

I really want them to figure out they can shoot those barrels.  How many video games do you guys play?  And you still don't know the tired cliche' of exploding barrels?  Okay, granted they're not red but still... maybe it'd help if it said, "keep dry" on the side of them. :P
Posted by CaptainFish
@Curufinwe said:
" @Adamant_Lungs said:
" @s10129107 said:

" You guys have to learn toSHOOT the barrels.  And for the love of god break the crates with a pipe or something. "

How was Brad supposed to know he should shoot the barrels in a videogame?  He's not psychic. "
Well there's the fact that he did it in the first episode. Maybe he could remember something he did last week?
Posted by El_Duderino

did anyone else notice that the racing song sounded like "american idiot"

Posted by mithhunter55

Why does that racing music remind me of  'American idiot'..

Posted by DeadMonkeys

doesn't matter how bad the car is nah nah nah nah nah
nothing to do in stupid greenvale

Posted by El_Duderino
@mithhunter55:  it's like we read each others minds, isn't that right Zach. i mean mithhunter55
Posted by Metroid545

hahaha the race part had me rofling i kinda like the terribly cliche racing music hahaha

Posted by shinluis

hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Leviathan2000

love this game, finally a game with some hart!!!! Not like consumerdriven games out there lately!!
When they lost the race priceless, and how Ryan f 'ed Brad up in that chase sequence LOL!!

Posted by Gelatinousgelboy

Nooo! The kid that was on here before pressed all the buttons! 

Posted by JakJ

That racing song has got to be a rip off of American Idiot. It's got the same structure - chord changes, drum parts, guitar parts in all the exact same places.
Except they changed melody just enough to avoid paying for it. Reminds me of the early Simpsons.

Posted by Kratch

Time to get the suit cleaned you stinky agent you.

Posted by NotGerry

That race was great. 

Posted by KuribosShoe

man this game is like shenmue meets silent hill meets a shit-ton of PCP

Posted by iLunarAura

Things that make you go NNNNNGGGHH: 
-Shooting the boxes when you should be melee'ing them 
-Meleeing the barrels when you should be shooting them 
-Having 15 bullets and reloading it 
-Having 0 bullets and NOT reloading it    

Posted by rjayb89


Posted by GaZZuM

Oh. My. GOD. I love Brad but jeeeeeeeeeeeesus, he doesn't shoot barrels, he takes his sweet time hitting the "talk" prompt and then, to top it all off, HE KEEPS HITTING THE MAP AND CUTTING OFF YORK! Tear BR are booking, but team VJ are playing the game the way I would play it myself, so much fun to watch.
I see team BR episodes as teasers for team VJ episodes ^^

Posted by KuribosShoe

push a to talk!   and stop skipping the in-car conversations!  they are the only redeeming factor!
I don't care how you play the game other than this!

Posted by sandwich_adjustment

hehehe ..Anna Palmer ..right

Posted by JoelTGM

That's a lot of scars on his back.  And that was a lot of agent honor for that race!

Edited by AndrewB

I think I'm convinced any game can be fun with the right people playing.
Edit: wait, what the hell? The racing music sounds like American Idiot. The whistling music sounds like that Mario tune. This stuff is catchy for a good reason, I guess.

Posted by DJGhostmare
@FunkyS:  It's not you.
Posted by Boom_goes_the_dynamite

My guess is they are going to need to find some sort of place to rest, because races and other such things will not take enough time, I mean it was only 10 o'clock when they ended that means 17 plus hours, they have to rest.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Ok, who else sees that bug flying around York?

Posted by Kayrack

"vidgmes" is licences plate :P

Posted by Beomoose

Fucking Cocksucker? Wow, Ryan, Wow.

Posted by ashogo

 And now, Agent York's creep face of the day:  

Posted by Landmine

Posted by buzz_clik

That's who Emily looks like. It's been bugging me for ages. It wouldn't surprise me if it were deliberate, what with her being in Mulholland Drive 'n' all.

Edited by buzz_clik

Oh, and what was with the insects constantly flying around York? Is that because of the "stinky agent" thing? Do the dudes have to go change clothes now?

Posted by coldblood

This game is just like Brad....  So bad its good!

Posted by LiquidElite

im pretty sure if you smoke one of your cigs in the inventory it speeds up time for you. :)

Posted by Crash_Happy

Absolutely hilarious!

Posted by Phantom_Gardener

Funniest moment in the history of GB, when Ryan starts shouting at Brad while he is doing the quick time event, I lol'ed so hard.

Posted by lightsoda

The racing music reminds me of "this ole house"

Posted by Yagami

LOL! Ryan is really pushing B-rad. :D I laughed my fucking head off when the QTE's were going on. And the car race at around 30 mins is just fucking awesome! 33:47 is great as FUCK!

Posted by Eelcire

Awesome showing! Did you guys not notice the bugs that seem to be permanently flying around Agent York though?

Posted by dvdwalker8

The racing music sounds like a bad cover of "American Idiot" by Green Day.
Posted by EdTwo

anyone else thought the racing music sounded a lot like american idiot?

Posted by Wacomole

Gun + Barrels = ???

I'm still finding it incredible that with all the years of videogame playing between them, they don't instinctively shoot the barrels... not even out of curiosity. 
It was especially frustrating to watch when they were trying to squeeze past the barrels to get to the Medal of Honor  (sounds like a good name for a game... )
Then again it's the game's fault for not making the barrels bright red.
Posted by defunctdefunctdefunnnnnct

The part where Brad was running away from the dude with the axe(raincoat killer?) was really intense, especially with the terrible frame rate!!!!  Oh, and don't ask about Zach.......that's a private matter lol. The whistling music is stuck in my head!    

Posted by Kremly

When Ryan said he was going to check out Deadly Spawn it made me think he should do This Ain't No Game: York's Picks