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Posted by Robo

Speaking of music, the whistling song sounds a little like:

Posted by Scooper
@McQuinn said:
" Dammit Brad, so bad at things. "

Posted by EnduranceFun

Starting to love the diversity between the endurance runs at this point - BR rushing to the finish and dealing with the main story, VJ trailing behind and mocking every facet. Also love the long episodes. 

Posted by ashbash

Brad makes me scream at my computer!
He is so terrible at this game, especially after watching Vinny and Jeff's game.

Posted by supercubedude
@Robo said:
" Speaking of music, the whistling song sounds a little like:
Exactly what I've been thinking.
Posted by Konanda

Did anyone else pick up on the "would you kindly" that York drops when he asks for Emily and George to show him their backs. Is it another reference to this game being a game or just a coincidence.

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man this is tense also best whistling sequence ever!

Posted by Karkarov

Actually the RB and LB buttons do strafe when your weapon is ready.

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WOOO YEAH! best race ever.
ewwwwwww nose hair *shudder*

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"GOOOOOOO!!!!" lmao
Posted by cximran

My god that IS American Idiot

Posted by Milkman

Is it just me or is the racing music "American Idiot"?

Posted by LordAndrew
@hrichter1 said:
" Funny things:
1. There's always a big insect flying laps around York in every cutscene. 
2. Most of the town shops and the school close every time it rains. Seriously? Wonder how many of the local kids graduate and go on to college.

3.  Axe guy searches the room York is hiding in for... 60 seconds and then moves on? WTF? He KNOWS York is in there! Why the hell is he giving up so fast?
4. Calling York at the right time and place and asking 'Where are you?' Classic. You called me, idiot! "
1. I think I know why, and it is pretty funny.
2. How do they even go home when the stores and the school closes? I was under the impression they don't go outside when it rains.
3. Because fictional characters always give up easily when searching for someone. Short attention span, I guess.
4. "Where are you hiding? I had to call up all the phones in town. Please tell me I got the right number this time."
Posted by Shinri

If they think it's a waste of time, they may as well not be doing it...
Posted by Ryax

can anyone tell me just about how far they are into the game?

Posted by Xealot42

We need a nosehair trimmer unboxing video!

Posted by Emiel

are flies buzzing around his head because he didn't wash?

Posted by Sessh

@hrichter1 said:

"Funny things:
1. There's always a big insect flying laps around York in every cutscene.  

No. Why did you have to tell me? The god damn thing is flying around him all the time. Not only in cutscenes. It's driving me nuts now. 
But you konw, maybe this clears up the whole mystery. York (and everyone else) is dead and Greenvale is hell. (Yeah, it's supposed to be a bad Lost reference.) 
I suppose it could simply be, that York stinks though, since the Guys don't let him shower often enough. 
OR the insect is actually Zach. 

Posted by NeoNaoNeo

Need to change clothes often to avoid the flies. Need to shave often to avoid MAD BEARDS

Posted by JoelTheB

"There are flies all around me, and I'm getting money deducted from my expense report because I smell.  Zach, do you think it's time for a change of clothes?"

Posted by MisterMouse

The first race was hilarious, oh and nonchalantly talking about nose hair clippers...

Posted by TommyDeBruijn

Why in the world does winning the race spawn a marker in some other place, which then spawns the reward? Why not just give you the 'agent honor' right after winning the race? Why.. you know, never mind. This game, sense it does not make.

Posted by trophyhunter

I'm sorry to say this but I think nightwolf is the murderer

Posted by DougJustice
@Garadon said:
" lol the racing music is american idiot. "
Haha no, it's not. KINDA similar, but it's not. Also: that quicktime stuff was funny and awesome. Awesome edition of the endurance run!
Posted by CornBREDX

They should go to swery 65 (the other bar). Its open this night.
Posted by takua108

When I go to college this fall, my parents may let me keep the crappy '95 Buick Century I've been driving. 
If so, the first thing I'm going to do is get vanity plates that say "VIDGMES."

Posted by Deusoma

As an obsessive collector in games, it drove me crazy to watch them ignore that trading card right by the lumber mill and head off to the races instead. 
Also, their obliviousness to the flies that showed up because York hasn't changed his suit in a while (I'm guessing that's what 'Stinky Agent' meant) was deeply amusing to me.

Posted by lordofultima

This totally turned into Clock Tower with that hiding stuff. Brings back memories, man!

Posted by Monkeymumba

Brad, for being at a job where all you do is play video games... you sure do suck at them.
Posted by nginsmall
@Trilogy:  Hahahaha yeah man that was pretty tense.
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You guys have to learn to SHOOT the barrels.  And for the love of god break the crates with a pipe or something.

Posted by JP_Russell

That first race is the best thing to have happened in BR yet by far.  The only thing that could have come close to it is if Brad had kept hitting that explosive barrel until it detonated (assuming melee weapons can detonate barrels in this, like in most games). 
Posted by blacklab

Agent York is already dead.

Posted by Sharpshooter

Correct me if Im wrong but isn't this an Xbox 360 game? And don't Xbox 360 games have achievements? So are Brad and Ryan or Jeff and Vinny getting any?  Or is this game so badly designed that they forgot to add achievements.

Posted by NekuCTR

My biggest complaint here, above Brads playing ability is Brads constant COMPLAINING. God it's annoying.

Posted by EldrinStorm

Hey, Brad and Ryan, I know you probably have stopped reading the comments already, but for God's sakes you need to get indoors before midnight.


Between midnight and 6 AM the town will be crawling with zombies -- if you don't wanna have to waste ammo and resources, try finding a safe place to rest.

Posted by aihuman

Maybe you guys should print out a map of the game.

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I love it when York gives them the crazy eyes when the Sheriff objects to showing him some o' that bareback. (or Bearback? bears + sex = scratchy time)
Maybe Zach was York's twin he absorbed in the womb, who now communicates via the bones in his right ear.

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@s10129107 said:

" You guys have to learn to SHOOT the barrels.  And for the love of god break the crates with a pipe or something. "


Posted by RagingLion
@Winternet said:
" The end of the first race was hilarious. "
This.  Also I'm also glad that the existence of Zach has actually been acknowledged by York to the others.  Knowing that that might lead somewhere makes the game far more interesting.
Posted by Capum15

The race was great. The nose-hair trimmer conversation was also great. So are the ones York has with Zach about movies.
Also, change your clothes! Flies!
Oh hey, they finished that race Vinny tried.
Good episode.

Posted by Amirite64

They're getting way too far ahead! VJ will never catch up!

Posted by TehJedicake

lol since when do people use nose hair trimmers

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Most likely Brad, Ryan, Vinny, and Jeff have notifications turned off for their console(s) so it doesn't pop up in the middle of the video. 
But yeah, this game does have achievements.
Posted by Toxin066

This site needs more nose hair trimmer reviews.

Posted by Nickness534
@Sharpshooter: Both teams have notifications off so they don't distract from Brad's amazing racing.
Posted by Psych0Penguin
@Sharpshooter: I was thinking that but I'm guessing that they turned notifications off?
Posted by Nux

They most likely have notifications turned off.    
Posted by 88Fingers

I wonder when Brad or Ryan will notice the bugs flying around York.
Go shave! Or they just get worse!  lol

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Hmm... at this point in the game I had some weird stuff going on...
The sky gets red and giant dogs come out and fuck you up, even inside of the car.
(I mean, the dogs will send your car flying)