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Posted by Robot_Devil

Rooster Teeth will also be playing. 

The world of Halo is saying goodbye to XBOX Live support of Halo 2. We'll be having a Halo 2 playdate Wednesday, April 14th from 9 pm - 11pm Central US time to give the old girl one last romp. When you see us online, send invites to:

  • JoeAct
  • DGgeoff
  • BurnieBurns
  • ahGus
  • Monki5225
  • GavinoFree
  • BrandonKFA    

Thats 7pm-9pm Pacific time.

Posted by Gamer_152

As a big Halo fan I'm going to be sad to see the Halo 2 Xbox multiplayer go, it's great to see Giant Bomb and Bungie are giving her a proper send-off.

Posted by Three0neFive

And nothing of value was lost

Posted by TheHBK

Going back to play Halo 2 so that people can jump into the Puma with me and I can run that sumbitch into the water in waterworks.  Theres nothing like hearing your teammates get pissed because you just gave them a suicide.  Also really funny when you jump out of the Puma right before it runs over the edge.  So you live and see your teammates die and get super angry.
Ahhh, good times.

Posted by wefwefasdf

I'll be playing both Halo 2 and Burnout 3 all day tomorrow. April 15th will be a day or mourning. 

Posted by xyzygy

I never played Xbox Live back when I had my Xbox. We only had a dial up connection then. Was the setup kind of similar to the current Xbox Live?

Posted by zyn

Are there any other games that can be played on the original XBOX LIVE servers; apart from Halo 2?
Well, I'll be playing Halo 2!  :)

Posted by Robot_Devil

Xbox Live support for the original Xbox is ending on April 15th and many people are doing something special. Giant Bomb will be doing a live goodbye playing some original Xbox titles. On April 14th Bungie will be sending off their very own Halo 2 with a community event.  
All good things come to an end and Halo 2’s days are now numbered. If you haven’t yet heard, Xbox LIVE support for Xbox Originals will be a thing of the past on April 15th, 2010. Sad times, but we’re planning on sending our baby out with a bang.

And we want you to be there for the explosive finale.

On the eve of Halo 2’s sunset, April 14th, Bungie will be heading back into Halo 2 in full force for one last Humpday against our beloved, BXR-abusing community. And we fully expect to get our asses royally kicked by the robotic techno-wunderkinds who have made Halo 2 their online home these last five years.

If you’ve yet to come to grips with a world without Halo 2 over Xbox LIVE, make sure you get out all of your frustrations by collectively teabagging our flailing dead corpses. We won’t even demand that you to rinse out your sweaty codpieces first.

As thanks for throwing down, we’re committed to granting everyone who plays with us on the 14th a piece of visual flair for use in Halo: Reach multiplayer as a symbol of our gratitude. We’ll also be collecting a plethora of relevant stats and gifting plenty of other sweet prizes for players who take the time to throw down with us.

So, see you there (be gentle), and if it’s been a while since you’ve played Halo 2, or you’ve recently switched consoles or gamertags, make sure you fire up Halo 2 before you’re ready to play so you can re-download the title updates and free map packs you need to make the most of it. We’re hearing the full process takes a while and we wouldn’t want you stuck downloading while the rest of us are having fun. - Love Bungie
So lets all play some Halo 2 or any other game you might want to play online before its gone.