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Posted by KuribosShoe

I love that the axe clips right through the door as the guy leaves the room.  QUALITY!

Posted by Cube

VJ reppin'

Posted by madmax_thegamer

It's just that they are stuck in the worst part of the game because they only play for a few minutes at a time. It gets better after the lumbermill. Yes the zombie sequences are one of the poorer parts of DP, but you do get better weapons later that make things much easier. The story and interactions with the characters is easily the best part of the game. It's allways been my opinion that it's less fun to watch a game being played than it is to actually play the game. I just think it's not as bad as they are leading on. There I'm finished, no more griping. Sorry everyone.
Edited by Suigyoken

 Didn't watch all of it yet, but I hope you guys know by now you can skip the long car entrance/exit with start :B Also I found out at the shooting range in the police station pretty much lets you have unlimited items after you shoot each target a few times, so if you get low on supplies it's easy to restock there... making money even more useless now.

Posted by Roomrunner

Nice Kids in The Hall reference by Jeff.

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I just knew you were gonna forget that agent honor again :D
People don't consider it enough, but it's really interesting, as a foreigner, to hear your everyday banter. Guns aren't allowed in my country so it's fun to hear your banter about how they work and stuff.

Posted by takua108

I know I've seen this sequence before on the BR run, but I finally figured out what that hiding sequence reminded me of: Indigo Fucking Prophecy. This game has literally this exact sequence, but it's much more awesome in that game. Well, sorta.

Posted by sneakysnake128

Funny but you guys are terrible at playing like always.

Posted by ShadzKing

I wish my last name was Honor

Posted by MeatSim

Mission Knife! vs. Cop Knife! fight!

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

I wanna call it.

Posted by zanacon99

i wonder if anyone in persona 5 would replace chie....probably not, but thet still might be as cute as chie so there still hope for a good looking......game
Posted by jikoku13

I can't help but make this reference after seeing how the raincoat killer opens doors.                                                                                                     

Posted by zomgenius

At about 9:30, when they started doing more zombie voices, I was only listening to the audio half-assedly and so I thought it was the actual zombie talking. xD Sure, Zombie! I'll go watch DVDs with you. Fun times!

Posted by Talon64

whoa, this is the first time I've noticed the clock in the bottom left corner going nuts when your choosing the length of sleep.

Posted by Phished0ne

"Diane, i am standing in front of three large mirrors.."  
Jeff does a pretty good Agent Cooper.

Posted by kerse

"Get ready to jack it!" 
I'm always ready to jack it Jeff.

Posted by Still_I_Cry

I love these.

Posted by Romination

There is a sound to the axe. It's just on the part where it's NOT actually dragging.

Posted by AlexanderSheen
Posted by Mr_Creeper

"Eat a bullet."