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Posted by Delta_Ass

Right bumper is the worst QTE ever.

Posted by buzz_killington

So.... did BR give up???
Posted by RE_Player1
@buzz_killington: no there just a little late
Posted by Shibbles
@Wiseblood said:
" @RhombusOfTerror said:
Ryan comfirmed it's on its way on his twitter.
 5 hours ago. "
It takes a while for videos to get uploaded to the site, unless they've changed it with the new video player. I remember last year videos would take anywhere from two to ten hours to get uploaded.
Posted by DukesT3


Posted by Supermarius

Man, i think i see what people were saying about movies glorifying smoking. York really does make smoking seem kind of awesome. :P

Posted by Fbomb
@act26 said:
" So in Japan, is it a big deal for a woman to show her back?? "
No, it was more that George didn't want to show off his back, which looks like it's been scarred from getting beaten as a child or something.
Posted by jorbear


Posted by Sharpless

Man, the game's finally starting to break Jeff. Hang in there, Vinny!

Posted by chrispti

Edited by jmood88
@madman73 said:

" I'm actually thinking of getting this game because of these vids... ^__^ "

I don't know how you can watch this and want to play it. The only thing that is entertaining in the videos is the commentary. I would never be able to play this horrible game by myself.
Edited by Bummey

That chase sequence was absolutely brilliant. I must buy this game.
edit: The post elevator quick time made me rethink that second sentence.

Posted by championfetus

oh crap thomas is the killer. it's always the dopey detective. with scoliosis.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Oh man I hate quicktime events too.

Posted by takua108

I love it how Jeff and Ryan both order their counterparts in the same exact way. :D 

Posted by thisisadiner

use the machine gun  
and steal people's mail 
these are related

Posted by Eternal

Great! Love this game and your work with it!

Posted by AaronReynolds

I love how bad this game is! I love that stupid things and hiccups in the game happen during the opening QTE, and then at around 2:47, they play the cutscene, and another problem occurs! It's as if they left all these here on purpose!
Posted by Brunchies

The haters are still hating York, no matter why he only likes Zach. 

Posted by Reverseface

Why didn't they ask to see York's back, maybe he is the killer! :O

Posted by Ramone

Anyone else think emily looks like Naomi Watts?

Posted by MeatSim

We are going to hear there disappointment next episode when they find out the bars closed.

Posted by Addfwyn

I love how they try to portray the axe-guy as some threatening figure constantly after you... 
But he just isn't scary at all.

Posted by Newportdadde

"Do it slow"
Posted by canadiantoastzombie

Lol how did the axe stop?

Posted by Baconator

This could very well be the worst, the VERY worst chase scene in video game history.

Posted by Matfei90

This game is absolutely mind-numbing.

Posted by AzureDemon

How the F did York get a picture of the killer's back (that he has never seen before) to show to Emily and George? O.o

Posted by LiK

everything is easier with the lock on and Vinny should've joined them for dinner for an easy shortcut back to town, lol.

Posted by ffdthree
@AzureDemon:  It was at the Tree Crime Scene on the ground.
Posted by Talon64

I like how the game doesn't just say "You Died", it's almost like it's commanding YOU, the player, to die!

Posted by cordialsnail

I love this episode, the chase sequence really defines Deadly Premonition

Posted by shinluis


Posted by kerse


Posted by Winternet


Posted by AlexanderSheen


Posted by Draxyle

That was, by far, the dumbest quicktime event sequence I have ever seen. I love some of the things this game does, but how the heck did they build that "chase" scene and say, "Perfect! Pack it and ship it!".

Oh DP, you're so insane in all the weirdest ways.

Posted by Benny
Posted by kerse

every time they start profiling the video locks up, only happens when streaming


Posted by Ramone

@shinluis said:


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Posted by Romination

@Benny: But it's so damn light, no wonder they don't really make anything of it here.

Rewatching, you see a hell of a lot of foreshadowing and just flat-out revealing the culprits in spots. It's a special reward on its own!

Posted by AlexanderSheen