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Posted by Ramyun


Posted by kenssi

Time for some pizza and ER.

Posted by IronScimitar

Sandwich and ER time!!!

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Posted by Adanux

Wow, I had no idea ER's were up this early.

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i wish i had food wit my ER :( haha
the bees are there because you need to clean you clothes or change them, go to the suitcase change your suit then go to the one you like and select clean

Posted by Griddler

Man, Brad and Ryan are gonna finish way before Vinny and Jeff

Posted by Enns

Oh my god I can't believe they just now noticed the bugs flying around them. Wow. haha

Posted by max3000

Is it just me or does Brad and Ryan seem to enjoy the game more than Vinny and Jeff? They seem to play it in longer sessions. Also I am now genuinely interested in the plot now.
Also... Brad and Ryan.. BR.. Bryan.. Brian.

Posted by StealthRaptor

Wow I've got quesadillas and ER.

Posted by DougJustice

Why does nobody talk about the FUCKING FLIES THAT CONTINUOUSLY CIRCLE YORK!?!??! 

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Edit: The flies are there because the agent is not clean. I recall a money deduction occurring for like agent cleanliness. 

Posted by solidussnake03

HOLY CRAP (excuse my language) buy this upload was QUICK

Posted by sixpin

Wow this is way longer than today's VJ ER. Let's do this!

Posted by Fearbeard

I'm loving the BR Endurance Run more every day... 

They are almost to the point I left off though so I'd better start up my game up again soon..

Posted by Strud

Bees?? Haven't they noticed they are actually flies because of their stinky clothes that haven't been changed?

Posted by Taka

Nice ER with BR!

Posted by Tuffty

Time for some coffee with my BR ER doseage. Sweet! Isn't that right Zach?

Posted by Fearbeard

Hmm, I hope they figure out that smoking cigarettes passes time and they don't go searching for a bed every time they need to pass an hour.

Posted by Jimbo_N

Who would have thought Ryan and Brad would TROUNCE Vinny and Jeff both when it comes to progression and entertainment level.
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Posted by LordAndrew

Holy crap! Fishing is awesome!

Posted by Marz

think he needs to take a shower so the flies go away.

Posted by TzarStefan

How can they not get that he needs a shower haha

Posted by Ghostiet

Kind of a slow episode, they've spent too much time in the map screen to be honest.

But fishing and running through doors totally made my day.

Posted by ExtremeJesus

I loved it when he ran through the door at the end there. Been waiting for that to happen for ages. Made up for nothing else happening in the whole episode.

Posted by Bones8677

I don't know if Ryan or Brad will see this, but the reason why flies are following York is because he is wearing dirty clothing. You have to change suits frequently otherwise you will stink and attract flies.

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I'll be honest, I thought it was just some game bug.
p.s. it's painfully apparent that neither brad nor ryan read the comments. shame.
p.p.s. OMG THEY FINALLY RAN THROUGH A DOOR. now if they would only strafe...
Posted by MrCombat

It would be awsome if its not possible to catch a fish, the present is just a really good turkey sandwitch.
Posted by the_korben

Great, great, amazing. BR are getting the hang of it. Dashing through doors today, world domination tomorrow. Now just figure out that smoking lets the time pass faster, and then they're almost ready to enjoy the game. :o)  
I'm wondering why they couldn't pick up the flower though (knowing that it is important in one of the side quests). 

Posted by Oriental_Jams

I'm impressed at the pace they're getting through this.

Posted by 234r2we232

Coffee and ER time :)

Posted by DougJustice

Why does nobody talk about the FUCKING FLIES THAT CONTINUOUSLY CIRCLE YORK!?!??! 

Posted by Shasam

I really hope Brad of Ryan read some of these comments soon, 'cos people here are giving some top tips.

Posted by clush

Oh my, they're so bad at this game, so BAD! Calling the game retarded.... pot and kettle.

Posted by AdventChild

I don't normally comment with advice etc.  But on the off chance that one of the dudes sees this:
The flies (or bees) are there because you need to change your clothing (remember Stinky Agent?) and cigarettes can be used to pass the time.

Posted by Ronald

The flies are from them being "stinky agent", which cost them money last time. I think they go away if Brad changes to a new suit.

Posted by zyn

Damn Deadly Premonition!  Wasting an episode!

Posted by Mayu_Zane

Those aren't bees, guys. They're flies. The player needs to clean Agent York's suit every once in a while because it gets stinky. You don't want to be Stinky Agent. 
Congratulations on discovering how to open doors quickly though.

Also HOLY CRAP coffee fish!

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Posted by cap123

when they got attacked by red clock guy it came up with a money deduction with the title 'stinky agent'. maybe he's had them since then..

Posted by Dirty_Harry

oh man, im so happy they discovered the door animation.

Posted by Crushed

Stinky Agent Brad.

Posted by gbrading

Absolutely Lazlo. KILLER BEES! 
Agent York needs a shower and a change of clothes.
Posted by buckybit

finished watching, going to the Bay with my fishing rod to see if I can catch waterproof paintings with bullets and coffee motives on them, by whistling the DP tune...

Posted by Emiel

lol York should take a shower or something.

Posted by mutha3
@Adziboy said:


Brad likes to do  this, a lot. 
Spoiling random games, I mean.
Posted by EnduranceFun

You guys may call it early, but it's lunch time in sunny England. Go, BR, go!

Posted by kishan6

" i had no idea there was a such a thing as franchise cafeteria"

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Aw, George's windows were shuttered.
I was hoping you could flash one of those trademark York grins at him through his windows while he ate breakfast.