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Posted by SecularBaron

This is gripping. Can't wait to find out who done-it.

Posted by alexlionisnumber1

poor anna and diane( 2 dumb bitchy airheads)

Posted by OneManX

If only Ryan knew how on the money he was when he said who he though the killer was...

Posted by MooseyMcMan

When do they realize that those are flies, not bees, and that they should change his suit?

Posted by Nephrahim

Uh...  Is this video hiding or something?  I couldn't find it on the Endurance run page?

Posted by gbrading

Just came back to this episode and I find it hilarious that York conducted that town meeting with "bees" swarming over the stage, and no one bats an eye.
Posted by IceTrey87

Dammit change your clothes or something.  lol

Posted by AURON570

you know it'd be pretty funny if the crackers from the vending machine were like huge packs, that's why they cost so much and York is actually a really big eater xD

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

I am your God!

Posted by MeatSim

I like how they just figured out how to strafe and the only thing the vending machines in this town have is crackers and lollipops.

Posted by jmood88

It's so frustrating watching Brad play. Please take the controls, Ryan.

Posted by Sideburn

  Wonder if they're flies - maybe you're supposed to shower or change your clothes to get rid of them...    

Posted by AndrewHM

please for the love of all that's holy....EAT the turkey sandwich. 
loving the endurance run
and b/c of this i started watching Twin Peaks....awesome show

Posted by warmonked

I don't understand how brad is so unobservant o_O

Posted by Roomrunner

ooh... EGG!

Posted by TheDoorman

For some reason giantbomb videos aren't working for me.

Posted by Mizuchi

im quite certain that the bees would go away if you made york take a shower.

Posted by Suigyoken

I posted this on the other one but hopefully Brad or Ryan will read this.
I hope you guys know by now you can skip the long car entrance/exit with start :B Also I found out at the shooting range in the police station pretty much lets you have unlimited items after you shoot each target a few times, so if you get low on supplies it's easy to restock there... making money even more useless now. 

Posted by FireSketch
@orshick: Yeah, I thought that too!
Posted by shinluis

"what if they are fliiiies..?
what if we STINK? " 
greatest moment so far!!!!

Posted by Korwin

Pill's Here.

Posted by Micahman5000

Bees... maybe you need to take a shower or change to get rid of them?

Posted by Kratch

Wash your suit.

Posted by hrichter1

Best WTF moment of this ep: 'He literally exudes raw power, Zach'
Loving this game so much.

Posted by KuribosShoe

why does everybody have convertibles

Posted by Dastardly_Do_Wrong_DeDuped

Bill! Pills here!

Posted by BaconGames

For all the shit that we give Brad (me included) he just has these fucking moments of redemption.  I love how he just figured out and exactly said the thing that we've been yelling at both of them for getting wrong.  Goddamn.

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Polly: "His eyes were so sparkling, like a happy young boy." 
His eyes were sparkling, eh?  As in, figuratively sparkling, or GLOWING LIKE LIGHT BULBS WITHIN THE SHADOWS OF A RAINCOAT HOOD?!
Posted by Tricky69
@Vodun said:
" @Superfriend:  How is it Brad's fault it's an extremely badly designed game, and that it isn't obvious what your controls are? "

Ever tried reading a game manual ?
Posted by Sasanagui

Anyone know where I can get an MJ? You know, a MIRROR JOB.
Posted by ky326

Maybe a shower will make the bees go away.

Posted by PatheticMan

"Oh my goodness..."
"You can strafe?!"

Posted by Rox360

Awesome. I exclaimed BILL! exactly at the same time. BR are getting some funny stuff going! Even if Brad seems to actually be asleep for real whilst playing the game. There's a lot of joking about him always looking tired, but... I honestly think he's asleep. Driving in circles, not noticing the giant staircase in front of him, completely failing to process the presence of zombies and running around with zero bullets in his gun.
Bradley! I know you're not stupid, and I know you're not that bad at games! You freaking played Resident Evil! There's only one explanation, you MUST be asleep while recording these! Sleep-playing the endurance run... sheesh...

Posted by Capum15

Those are some huge fucking flies. Indeed they seem like bees. You'd think they'd disappear when out in the rain. Aha! Revelations!
Ahaha, "It's Bill!"
Hopefully they finally get rid of the damned flies.

Posted by DeathbyYeti

York really needs a shower

Posted by Mcvro

I'm falling in love with the music of this game

Posted by Mars_Cleric

Bees...My god...
Posted by LordAndrew
@Vodun: Because he made no attempt to even find out what all the buttons do until hours into the game. I guess any game could be considered bad if you don't bother learning the controls.
Posted by ahoodedfigure
@BenderUnit22: I don't know if this has already been said a thousand times, but you can actually download the soundtrack from the game site.
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The writers for this game must never have had a real conversation with another human being in their entire lives.

Posted by BenderUnit22

This game might be garbage, but I loooove the music, inappropriate as it may be

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After surviving the Vietnam War and the Zombie Almost-Apocalypse, Bill finally decided to settle down in his hometown Greenvale.

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lol @ Ushah riding with the top down during the rain. Can't wait for today's episode.
And oh man... that part with Anna was scary.

Posted by The8Man
@gunslingerNZ said:
" Reading all these comments here about cigarettes and changing clothes I get the idea that a lot of people are actually playing DP for themselves... Why would you go and do something as ridiculous as that! "
These videos actually persuaded me to purchase DeadPrem for myself, and despite (or perhaps even because of) all of its problems, I have actually fallen in love with this game.  I'm just a tad bit further in than Brad and Ryan are in this video, but I have done a couple of the side missions already.  As others have commented, those are really where the game shines.  The downside of playing it myself, though, is that I will have to wait until after I'm finished to watch the Endurance Run so I don't get spoiled!
Posted by Oriental_Jams

I still can't get over the fact that a cracker costs $35.

Posted by MrBlowfish

Brad is the worst gamer I have EVER seen. Well, if we don't count my sister, that is. Keep up, the bad work Brad, it is hillarious! :)