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Posted by Sarumarine

"Of course Ushah has a fly ride!" 
I figure the parking lot before the meeting would have been a good opportunity to get some one-on-one time with the townspeople. Or at least learn their names, not just stare at them because the game doesn't want you to talk to them. Or whatever. Deadly Premonition rolls its own way!

Posted by FlappyHands

Hey Ushah, i noticed you have a fly ride, but check out these fly bees!

Posted by Detrian

Divine inspiration strikes and Brad finally tries all the fucking buttons on the controller.

Posted by CornBREDX

Omg, come on- you still havent changed your clothes? Your dirty, thats why the bugs are flying around you hahaha
Posted by Kefkaesque

And now we're talking about fog? This IS the prequel to Silent Hill!

Posted by Some1StoleMyTortilla

i havent watched in a couple episodes, i know that makes me a bad person, but WHY ARE THERE BEES?!?!?!?!

Posted by trophyhunter

that's classy lady

Posted by FlappyHands
@Some1StoleMyTortilla said:
" i havent watched in a couple episodes, i know that makes me a bad person, but WHY ARE THERE BEES?!?!?!?! "
Because Agent York stinks like a rock festival turlet.
Posted by Crushed

Cigarettes help make the time pass faster!

Posted by Ronald

York should have just pulled out his gun and mowed the whole town down. There, killer stopped, job done.

Posted by MisterMouse

i love how all of teh convertibles have there tops down...

Posted by Carlidus

I think Thomas did it.

Posted by Wildfire570

Mr. Brad Shoemaker, you must change your clothes, otherwise those flies will remain which you and Ryan loathe.
So says Mr. Stewart.

Posted by Crono


Posted by Vinchenzo

Lol he pulls out his badge on stage. So hilarious.

Posted by Crushed

York impressin' them ladies with the stink-flies.

Posted by Phished0ne

I hate to be one of those guys, but for future reference, you can smoke cigarettes to kill time.

Posted by Crushed


Posted by L0ckdwn

Take a shower >.>

Posted by EvilDingo

I bet the "G" on Thomas' tatoo stands for George.

Edited by Baggykins

To Lose THE BEES change your suit, it's due to your rotten smell. 
Oh nevermind Brad seems to have figured it out

Posted by The_Ruiner

I'm pretty sure the flies are swarming around York cause they haven't changed clothes in days

Posted by orshick

did we just see deadly premonition's log lady?

Posted by metalsnakezero

OMG, Bill is in  Deadly Premonition.

Posted by AndrewB

So is every song on this game's soundtrack a "nod" to other video games?

Posted by Hairydutchman

  Best BR episode yet.

Posted by Mawryk

Yes.  Better check the map. 

Posted by VoshiNova

"suck it" so says Mr Stewart.

Posted by _Horde

Expensive ass-crackers?

Posted by wrecks

stinky stinky agent

Posted by Urmean


Posted by Princess_Isabela

hey brad is getting the hang of it, plays better than he did. 
this game is awesome.

Posted by WarlordPayne

Back to back rainy Endurance Run games with murderous fog.  That's an amazing coincidence.

Edited by Devil240Z

Do they need to take a shower or something? 
ALSO, One Min in game time is 20 seconds in real time. 

Posted by TadThuggish

Brad, Ryan: What do flies swarming around a character mean in ANY OTHER VIDEO GAME?

Posted by Metroid545

I almost missed this video because the BR wasn't there

Posted by golguin

Glad they called out Bill. Now where are the rest of the survivors?

Posted by hrichter1

They're not trying enough different things, so they don't find out how to make the tedious parts of the game more bearable. Brad only just discovered strafing and rushing through doors...

Posted by Jeremy_x
@EvilDingo said:
"I bet the "G" on Thomas' tatoo stands for George. "

Posted by lolak47

how comes the bees dont bother them, it drives me fucking crazy get rid of them :P

Posted by Akel

I can't stop staring at those bugs.

Edited by KEITH1437

 Ushah is Louis and that biker guy must be Francis with hair.
Now we just need Zoey.

Posted by Death_Burnout
@RICOCHET_V1 said:
" Is it wrong I look forward to this everyday now? "
Hell No!
Posted by mutha3

The voice acting for this game is actually pretty darn decent.

Edited by SchwartzChamp

There's an awful lot of waiting around in this game. It's a shame you can't just stop and while away the time with a quick CIGARETTE.  
E: Oh and also, those aren't bees, they're flies. If you don't change or clean your clothes you receive a monetary penalty for being a 'Stinky Agent' and you start to attract insects. This game is particular about some very weird stuff.

Posted by defunctdefunctdefunnnnnct

At first I thought the bees/flies around York might of been a glitch because it happened when you walked into the hotel and then they never left, but now I have to agree that it's because you need to change clothes. The "suspect party" in the parking lot wasn't much of a party lol. I'm surprised that when York showed his badge at the meeting he didn't say please call me York........everyone calls me that.  

Posted by Heliosicle


Posted by denj3325

I like my endurance run like I like my coffee, COVERED IN BEES! 
I hope someone gets that (hint: Eddie Izzard)

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Posted by RipTheVeins

after 6 1/2 hours of xboxalypse, the graphics here don't look that bad.