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Posted by Blueman

I didn't know that Brad was actually in the game.
Posted by Seroth

Discovered running through doors, strafing...and they've ALMOST discovered the reason for the "bees" (though it would've been funny had they gone through the whole game with them). Can't wait for them to figure out the cigarettes next...

Posted by sakarot

Your clothes are filthy, thats why the bugs are surrounding you go change and get them cleaned.

Posted by sickVisionz

Deadly Premonition gets a 10/10 if you can hook up with the cowgirl or Emily.  Seem like Fiona is interested in Dr. Johnson... pun intended.

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Posted by sandwich_adjustment

great episode!  

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Posted by Death_Burnout

I cannot believe it took you that long to figure out they are flies, i am so lost for words.

Posted by Milkman
@Death_Burnout said:
" I cannot believe it took you that long to figure out they are flies, i am so lost for words. "
How? How could they know that? You people just love to bitch about anything and everything.
Also, that York shrug and the "EH, WHAT ARE YA GONNA DO?" from Ryan was definitely the funniest Endurance Run moment so far. 
Posted by Nux

It feels good looking forward for the next episod of the Endurance Run again.
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I don't know if it's a quirk of the game, a mistake, or what; FBI stands for  the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  George says "Investigations" in the episode.

Posted by cordialsnail

Oh man so close to finding the source of the flies!
Exciting stuff.

Posted by Kajaah117

The flies are hilarious! I hope they never figure out how to get rid of them. Sitting down at a town meeting with flies buzzing all around his smelly ass? Awesome. More awkward situations to come...

Posted by fox01313

At least this ER is looking like it should be about the same total duration as the Persona4 ER for both teams.  Just wish that some of these ER episodes are longer.

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I suggest he changes his clothes...maybe thats why he is covered in flies. Really I think the bees/ flies indicate that he is not clean. if i am right when will brad figure it right. Yep he figured it out. I edited this message while whatching.

Posted by TheClap

George was totally waving at the flies at 23:00

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Still "Absolutely Lazlo. KILLER BEES." I like how there are more flies buzzing around him though. Maybe eventually he'll cultivate a swarm. Agent York seriously needs to change clothes ASAP. 
@denj3325: Love the reference. Eddie Izzard = awesome. Agent York should choose between Cake or Death.

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Posted by guilherme
@PosableActionFigure said:
" The bees are there because you smell, Change your clothes and all is well.  So says Mr. Stewart. "
yes, indeed
Posted by watson_twenty5

You guys should try bathing Agent York. I imagine that's why the flies are all around him.

Posted by Spoonman671

I'm already starting to get sick of this game.  I don't know how much longer I'll be able to endure the endurance run.

Posted by Monkeyman04

Is the sound set to surround sound? Maybe that's why it's hard to hear what people are saying at times. O_o

Posted by Jeffk38uk

"Tell that guy to suck it."  I burst out laughing.

Posted by TurboMan

Hint: Take A Shower/Shave.

Posted by MartinKing

I can't believe you guys still have the stink bees! Can't you take a shower or buy some soap?

Posted by DanP

Pretty sure if you shave the flies/bees will go away.

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Posted by shanchett99

bill ftw :D

Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

George is the killer

Posted by Konanda

I'm psyched for the shower.

Posted by zityz

This is the Prequel to Left 4 Dead
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The fact that neither Brad nor Ryan remember that in any cartoon/game/anything ever, circling bugs means you are dirty and unclean is... frustrating.
Agent York is much too awkward too have a love interest side-story. Unless Carol finds his awkwardness hot.
"What if they're flies?...what if we stink?" Truly, the revelation of every 9th grader.
The track that played after Mr. Stewart and during Polly's conversation is labeled "Comic Relief" on the soundtrack. Somewhat inappropriate.

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LOL, GOD DAMN IT! THOSE ARE NOT F*ING BEES! Your guy just apparently stinks and is attracting flies! I swear I didn't play this game before nor did I look at a FAQ, but it just kinda makes sense (at least more sense than freakin' bees!)

Posted by Gnome

love how the flies are invading the cutscenes

Posted by buzz_clik

Posted by Moridin

"Worship me now!" quote of the episode.

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brad had a revelation . . . maybe even . . . a premonition

Posted by Crushed

The G clearly stands for Agent G.

Posted by Spacemuffin

Not the bees!

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Also, you can smoke cigarettes to pass time!

Posted by Strud

Posted by TheSilentTruth

Let the poor bastard shower and shave already.

Posted by gunslingerNZ
@DiGiTaL_SiN: They might be intended to be flies but if you look at the shape of the things as they fly past they are clearly bees.
Posted by Crushed
@TheSilentTruth said:
" Let the poor bastard shower and shave already. "
NO! Just change his clothes.
York grows a beard in real-time the longer you go without shaving. We must let this happen.
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You don't need to shave. Just change clothes or something. 
Who doesn't want to see Agent York rolling with a beard, anyways?
EDIT: "Love G" ----> "Love G-Man" !?!?!?!?!?

Posted by iamtruth

Give the man a shower! Those are fleas, not bees!

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Well they havent even bothered to check out the suitcase once so I'm not surprised that they didnt notice the stinky agent demotion a little while back and then put 2 and 2 togather and change clothes. Better late than never I suppose, but it took me all of 5 seconds when I first saw those bugs in a scene to think, uh oh somethings wrong, bet I need to change clothes. It's not rocket science. I wonder if VJ will do the same thing? As for the rest, keep on trucking guys!

Posted by dudeglove
Posted by buzz_clik
@Strud: Ha! Excellent work.