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DP reads from the PS1 Resident Evil book of awkward conversational poses and mannerisms.

Posted by buzz_killington

Wait... how did it get here from the last episode?

Posted by Hypermonkey262

Do they not see him talking to "Zach"?

Posted by Kirbichu54

Dreamland? This ain't no Kirby game.
Posted by TheHT

Carol sounded like the girl who said 'I hate this, why did it come to this?' when profiling the tree where they found the body.
Diane's hair looks like the killers' in the profiling, I think that was at the lumber mill.

Posted by Majkiboy

pointless space my ass, there was 3 small boxes :P those are vulnerable to some beating as well!

Posted by JP_Russell

Ha, ha, ha, the running out of gas part was awesome.  Leave it to good, old, painfully oblivious Ryan and Brad to not notice warning indicators less profuse than repeated punitive smacks to their testicles.

Posted by bagleyjw

haha little bit of Barton Fink John Goodman

Posted by Rhaknar

ill keep watching both, but surpisingly BR won me over and its my fave now :D

Posted by warmonked

when are brad and ryan going to realize you can adjust the audio levels in options?

Posted by joeker10

thank goodness they changed his suit. those flies were annoying to watch fly around him.

Posted by Wrighteous86

Ryan is like Brad's nagging wife when they go driving.   I love it.
Ryan:  Look at the map.
Brad:  It takes too long.
Ryan:  Yeah, it takes a lot longer than going the wrong way... Good point.  Where are you even going?

Posted by weeken
@Kwanzaa_Snider said:
" Find all 7 bones and observe FK's dog. "
Unlock unlimited ammo .357 magnum!
Posted by LordAndrew

You must do what you must do.

Posted by MightyMayorMike

Finally, no more smelly agent! D:

Posted by Sessh

"I like unpopular broads. Easier to bag."
"Whoa. What's going on with the VO?"
Best DP ER conversation yet.

Posted by Landmine
@End_Boss said:
That was the first thing to popped into my head upon seeing that character too. HE'S EVERYWHERE! 
Posted by chunk_juice

I crack up when Ryan's talking to the dog, especially since my name is Willie.

Posted by DiscoDuck8k
@Ravenousrattler said:
" i really enjoyed waiting for them to realize they were out of gas "
I kept thinking they would notice the beeping and question it, but that didn't happen. Awesome.
Posted by ashogo

omg, twin peaks crossover! Diane is the lady Coop has been recording tapes for!

Posted by Renwood

  Please low the music volume. It was funny for the first few episodes, but I'd like to be able to hear the dialogue and not rely on the subtitles...     

Posted by Kwanzaa_Snider
@Bratcher_Lev:  To be fair, there aren't exactly a flood of quick look worthy games coming out right now.
Posted by Kwanzaa_Snider

Find all 7 bones and observe FK's dog.

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@Ariketh:  I see the Eye of Sauron in there, too. Perhaps Tolkien is responsible for the murder...
Edited by MarcusOfLycia

I hate these Endurance Runs. Well... not the Endurance Runs exactly, but the fact that I'm addicted to watching them and have CS exams to take...

Posted by DragonofFate

I love how hilariously bad at directions they are.

Posted by Tuggah

Love how York actually grows a beard.

Edited by Rabid619

I've come to a conclusion: Zach is the name of Agent York's iPod shuffle.

Posted by kapowi

I can't wait to mean her lol

Posted by Akel

Finally! No more flies! Those annoyed me to no end.

Posted by Ravenousrattler

i really enjoyed waiting for them to realize they were out of gas

Posted by Hellmouth

I thoughouly enjoyed this episode. Looks like BR get into more of a groove, instead of being so negative.
Edited by Ariketh

Zach, Coffee still reads F. K... Perhaps he is involved with the murder?

Posted by Curufinwe
@End_Boss said:
Posted by EthanielRain

I'm thinking Zack = York's conjoined twin who didn't survive the separation surgery.

Posted by shinluis

WOOOOOOOW the flare..!!! it saved us all!!!!
it saved us all from some looong ass walking trip
duude am I relieved
that was tense!! lol

Posted by End_Boss


Posted by JoelTGM

It's getting weirder.

Posted by FixerofDeath

I've gotta say I used to enjoy the VJ endurance run more, and after their first endurance run with Persona 4 and its hilarity I thought Brad and Ryan couldn't compare. Thanks for proving me wrong, this Endurance Run is hilarious.

Posted by Armada

Guys, if the music is so annoying, just go lower the volume in the menu. :(

Posted by D34dM4n

light is green, the trap is clean

Posted by Milkman

Whenever I'm looking for a snack, I reach for a can of tomato sauce.

Posted by gunslingerNZ

holy shit Dianna Ames looks just like Julianne Moore

Posted by FLStyle

I've been looking forward to Team BR running out of petrol haha good stuff. I appreciate Brad's enthusiasm, running 1945 yards!

Posted by paulliddell

i' keep watching brcause i want to know who/what zach is

Posted by Jedted

Agent York: "This show has just begun." 
*cue CSI theme music* 

Shit is going DOWN today!

Posted by RagingLion

Agent York is awesome.  Also, I totally failed to notice the low petrol gauge just like the guys even though I was wondering what was causing all the beeping.  Since the car had got mystically refueled in the past I just assumed it'd happen at the start of each new sequence and wouldn't be an issue.

Posted by Roomrunner

They finally got rid of the flies, THANK YOU!!! 
Also, this game needs more of the creepy dream stuff.  Way more.  I guess that's just the Killer7 fan in my talking.