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Posted by DrWhat

i think every qotw needs to use the whistle song. it makes it almost good.

Posted by MEBs

I love the jingle. It should be added into many more videos!

Posted by Rallier
@BeachThunder said:
" @Chavtheworld said:
" Why are these always terrible >.> "
This. I swore I was never going to watch one of these videos again. I have no idea why I watched this one. Sorry to those who participated, but none of these were funny/creative/interesting/clever etc... at all. "

By all means send in a video yourself then.
And here i go for yet another week with that song stuck in my head, that is not a bad thing. 
Posted by RobotHamster
@Babylonian said:
" I feel like I say this a lot but GOD PEOPLE ON THIS WEBSITE ARE FUCKING WEIRD. "
I second this.
Posted by Brunchies

"Life is Beautiful" must become the new QOTW theme forever! 

Posted by Korne
Posted by Red12b
@RobotHamster said:
" @Babylonian said:
" I feel like I say this a lot but GOD PEOPLE ON THIS WEBSITE ARE FUCKING WEIRD. "
I second this. "
The last guy was awesome,  
Posted by Mizuchi

oh god i lol`d at the upside down drunk guy^^

Edited by Capum15

Drunnky was great. And Bacon Flavored Mayonnaise?...not even sure how to respond to that.
The ending montage was great, and I also agree with making the song the QOTW theme from now on.

Posted by Milkman

I was going to watch this piece of shit but then I just listened to the Deadly Premonition whistle song again. That was a close one.

Posted by Jimbo7676

My name is Jimbo7676 and I support editing user videos together for comedy success.

Posted by ThePhantomnaut


Posted by nickux

"Life is beautiful" just can't get enough!

Posted by gunslingerNZ

Is this feature unpopular enough yet to remove it? This was the first one I've watched in months because I thought it might actually produce some good suggestions...I should have known better.

Posted by Jack_Daniels

I liked the bacon mayo guy. I wasnt expecting him to eat it. and then he ate it. Story of my life. And then I was naked and found fifty dollars!

Posted by TheKbob
@Jack_Daniels: I did it for the art. It's actually good stuff.   I wouldn't make a habit of eating it by the spoonfuls, however :D
Posted by DannyJ

I like the one with the guy who's holding up his taste in movies for them to buy, but you cant make any of the covers out at all.
This reminds me of Xplay in a way when they used to do viewer video mail

Posted by TheHT

drunk guy entertained me.

Posted by studnoth1n

my compliments on the improvements made concerning user video hygiene. not nearly as many drooling mouth-breathers as per usual. kudos giant bomb community!

Posted by Chokobo

This was one of the better QOTW.

Posted by MormonWarrior

The only thing I like about QOTW is the "questions" themselves. They're usually pretty clever and are almost never questions, which is great. The submitted videos? 99% of the time are way dumb. Just sayin'.

Posted by dudeglove

Bah, no Lemon this week.

Posted by dudeglove
@Babylonian said:
" I feel like I say this a lot but GOD PEOPLE ON THIS WEBSITE ARE FUCKING WEIRD. "
Posted by Shiro_Shishi


Edited by warmonked

dude, does no one have proper lighting in their rooms? 
endurance run of saw 2 does sound hilariously awesome.

Posted by VoodooTerror
@TheHT said:
" drunk guy entertained me. "
really? i cant stand it when people pretend to be drunk
Posted by zaglis

Ah Brads forced laughs!

Posted by Riddell

No Lemon = No Watch.

Posted by Subject2Change
@dudeglove said:
" @Babylonian said:
" I feel like I say this a lot but GOD PEOPLE ON THIS WEBSITE ARE FUCKING WEIRD. "
^this^ "
Always tell myself not to watch these QOTW videos...yet I always do...
Posted by Johnny5

Gotta hand it to Bacon Mayo dude.

Posted by darkivn

bacon mayo FTW
fake drunk FTL

Edited by var_glad

grrr, everyone's so hatey on QOTW... hmm is hatey a word? anyways, makes me sad :( I like the "what the heck, I'm not trying to make something super awesome" vibe I get from many of the videos. The awesome ones are awesome, but I like that people just send in whatever without feeling embaraced by the quality of what they are sending in :D I sure as hell couldn't do that xD

Posted by Bollard
@jakob187 said:
" @Chavtheworld said:
" Why are these always terrible >.> "
Hey, by all means, you could always submit one and show everyone how it's done. "
I never said it was the user-content that was terrible. QOTW is just a terrible concept.
Edited by TrevPunk
@warmonked:  My room lighting sucks cause it's a school dorm and I shot it at 1 in the morning. Thanks for the positive feedback on my idea. Didn't it was all that great, but I never really submitted anything to Giant Bomb, so I wanted to see how good it went. By reading some of these comments...I guess not that good.
Posted by MeatSim

Make it rain or get drunk seem like the best ideas.

Edited by DragonNinja789

drunk guy for the win.
Posted by sagesebas
@Riddell: Lemon is the best
Posted by defunctdefunctdefunnnnnct

The Deadly Premonition whistle music in the background was awesome!

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