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Posted by Crushed


Posted by Gekkai

Awesome, another longer ER. Vinny and Jeff make for a great combination, damn.

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Thomas definitely sits like he has an unwanted boner and doesn't want anyone to notice.
Brian the Insomniac, played by Jack White.

Posted by KingOfIceland

A full hour! Finally.

Posted by omgmetalgear

"So says, Patrick Stewart. Engage Harry." awesome, awesome, and awesome. lovin' this ER!

Posted by zaglis

52 minutes long VJ! YES!

Posted by MjHealy

This should be a good larf.

Posted by _Horde


Posted by McQuinn

anyone else thinks thomas kinda looks like vinny?

Posted by Kibblez

It's VaginaJar!

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Yeah, I wish there were more movie monologues to listen to.
Looks like the bees have invaded VJ too, Zach...

Posted by TzarStefan

Stinky agent! hahaha

Posted by Konanda

You need to change/clean your clothes to get rid of the moths/flies.

Posted by Twazzock

No one picked up on the SWERY reference? He's one of the devs isn't he?

Posted by EasyPeasey

so i'm watching twin peaks this morning and the first thing i see when i turn the show on is a midget in a red suit dancing on top of a bed where someone just got shot. what the hell is that show about?

Posted by Emiel

52 minutes. Nice.

Posted by BD

Im still want BR

Posted by artofwar420

Nice! Headshot! Long episode!

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Posted by KWA223

Endurance Run!

Posted by DEllen

Nice, Vinny has the same ringtone as me, "Everybody loves donuts"

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There are flies because you're a stinky agent!
"That scar, the way you introduce yourself and how you don't wash; everybody's talking about you!"

Posted by Shinri
@Twazzock said:
"No one picked up on the SWERY reference? He's one of the devs isn't he? "

We picked up on that like 10 episodes ago.
Posted by ThePaleKing

yeeesssss finally!

Posted by dogsounds

Batman reference in comment = win. 

Posted by DAD_FIGHT

Hahaha, loved the Tim and Eric Awesome Show reference.

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Posted by fox01313

Never noticed the deer before doing anything in the pause menu, that alone justifies the game for me :).   Wonder if VJ team will be up past midnight in the game or just hit the hotel, game gets surreal when I saw it at midnight (game time).

Too bad that this game split funky student from Persona4 into mr. stewart & the doctor.

Posted by Tuffty
@McQuinn: Vinny looks like Thomas, the guy in the hoodie looks like Brad and George looks like Ryan. Kinda.
Posted by Slique

Aw man, I really hope they don't shave.
Also, what? Lilly's kids got abused.

Posted by Ronald

Yes, Vinny finally got stinky agent!

Posted by hrichter1

Best VJ run yet! I cracked up so many times watching this.

Posted by tineyoghurt

This joke does not get old. Right Zack? 

Posted by Grondoth

You don't have to shave, but changing will get rid of the bugs.  Of course, by the time you guys could act on this you would have already either changed or shaved.
Personally, I want to see how big the beard gets.

Posted by EnduranceFun

Best VJ yet. 

Posted by Phished0ne

If  only they could combine Keith with the Pot Lady... 

Posted by phantomzxro

Yes! don't think feel!
Posted by Seedofpower

Vinny take a shower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anna is damn ugly

Posted by masterpaperlink

Ah crap not 52 mins, there goes another hour 

Posted by takua108

"Yo, man, tell him to fuck off.
Oh, I mean, uh... what rhymes with 'off?'"

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I've said it before and i'll say it again, Team VJ is way funnier than Team BR! 
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Yeah! Smokin' makes y'cool! 
I always love seeing Live profiles pop up during videos; dunno why. 
Hey, do you like Rock & Roll? 
The idle animations in this game are AMAZING.

Posted by KalAl

They'd better not shave him.

Posted by Tesla

Nice ham/maple syrup reference.  I watched that episode of Twin Peaks last night.

Posted by Kovski

heh, 52min of glory \o/
 you guys should check on your  hygiene. All thos bugs is because York is a filthy fucker who does nothing to hide the fact he sleeps in barns and weird places all for the job. 

Posted by Yzzerdd

Go S a D so says Mr.Stewart

Posted by JTHomeslice

I was waiting for someone to make a Tim and Eric reference with Richard Dunn.

Posted by Simmse

I love how people think this is a race not an endurance run also, DON'T SHAVE YORK i want to see how far his beard goes. Looks like York needs to change his clothes too.