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Posted by StarFoxA

I absolutely loved Pure. Got 1000G in it.

Posted by GreggD

Dude, the sound that the game makes when you apply a new part in Pure is, for my money, almost as satisfying as the "Achievement unlocked" sound effect.

Posted by iam3green

i played pure a little bit. i thought it was a great game. the jumps on the maps are great to see. i feel like i am actually going to land hard and fly high.

Posted by jakob187
@Red12b: I think that as a launch IP, it was a good thing for them to start off with just single player for it.  It allows them a lot of room to play around and experiment. and for the most part, it was a success.  I still think that they need to move the tricks off the left stick, as that can create some big problems with trying to land after a trick at times. 
@Alexander: Thank you.  It's a work in progress.  I haven't heard anything negative about Kick-Ass, but then again, all of my friends are the kinds of doods that want to see a kid cuss his ass off and beat the shit out of fools.  Therefore, they were pretty satiated.  They haven't read the comics, so they don't know the differences...and as they say, ignorance is bliss.  Despite the differences, I still enjoyed the shit out of it...and I'll probably end up dumping a little more money its way in the weeks to come.
Posted by Alexander

I love how you started by letting us know what the blog was going to be about. I do really want to see Kick-Ass, nothing I've heard has been negative but then I go to very few sources for film review. I'd highly recommend Mark Kermode's Podcast for that by the way, really great stuff.

Posted by Red12b

PURE is awesome, two player shouda woulda coulda been in it, such a waste,  

Edited by HonoredSamurai

Good Stuff, though lengthy. Yea, i'm one to talk.

Posted by jakob187


  • Pure
  • Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
  • Kick-Ass
Hey, folks!  It's been a little longer than usual for me to push a blog out.  I know, I know...you missed me.  T_T  As it stands, there are two primary factors that have led to this delayed blog:  paying more attention to my personal life instead of virtual space for once, and I've been working through my head how to reformat this blog for maximum organization and flair.  That means you can expect a couple of changes coming, like A HEADER GRAPHIC and *gasp* TITLES TO SECTIONS!  That's just the minor stuff.  I've got a couple of ideas, but hell...with only 236 followers, it's not like I'm reaching some massive audience.  LAWL 
So welcome to jakob187's vastly improved, better organized, and more fluent blogosphere!!!  Let's get this fucker started.  NOTE:  this blog will have a bit of length to it, as I have a few extra days worth of shit to fit into it.

Researching Black Rock's Last Game - Pure

I had not gotten the chance to play Pure at all, namely due to the slew of great releases we've seen since that game hit.  I love me some racing games, and when you mix tricks into it, then it definitely tickles my fancy.  However, I was skeptical of approaching Pure as I'm not very keen on ATV games.  Want proof?  Look at my achievements and realize that I started playing MX vs. ATV Untamed at one point...and quit very quickly afterwards.  It's the necessity of preloading your jumps that kills it for me.  And while I say this, I think it's necessary to point out that I was at one point a massive SSX3 junkie.  Preloading a jump on that game, however, was intelligent and well-implemented. 
 I'm sure this won't result in negative repercussions.
In approaching Pure, I knew I was going to have to deftly conquer this one single aspect in order to enjoy the game.  Luckily, Black Rock didn't make it a chore and a task, so I quickly realized that this was a game I could enjoy.  By "enjoy", I mean "you move real fast, it looks real pretty, I can do insane shit in the air, and I'll hit restart the minute I fuck up on a track because I want to have a good run on a race rather than play catch-up".  Believe me - I've hit that fucking restart option A LOT so far.  Despite that, the game is pretty good.  I don't like the fact that I've gotta fight against 15 other fucking people on the tracks, as there isn't very much room and you'll find yourself in a clusterfuck of mud and metal more often than you'd like.  The online is still pretty active in terms of user base, which made me smile...until I realized that everyone is WAAAAAY better at that game than I am.  The thing I loved the most?  You can build your own ATVs from the ground up with any parts that you've collected from completing races!  WHY is this not an option in more games?  You physically see the ATV being built piece-by-piece, and it's fucking satisfying for me.  It's interesting how you can come up with so many different combinations. 
All in all, Pure has me excited about Black Rock's upcoming game, Split/Second.  Well, the idea of toppling a tower into the track and completely changing it for the rest of the round already had me sold.  Knowing that Black Rock is fully capable of making a fun racing game just added the icing on the cake.  = D 

Sonic Has A Good Game That Includes His Friends!  MIND...EXPLOSION!!!

A good portion of my recent gaming time has gone into playing Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.  Little do many of you know that I was also a Mario Kart freak at one point, as me and my mom would always go over to my grandpa's house, sneak into my uncle's room, and play Mario Kart 64 on his N64 when he wasn't home.  Sadly, so many miserable excuses for kart racing games have come out over the years (Crash Bandicoot...Banjo-Kazooie...WWE, I'm looking at you, fuckheads!) that I became incredibly discouraged.  Did I seriously have to wait around for Nintendo to release more Mario Kart games?  Lo and behold, Sega decided to jump into the arena and it turns out that Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing DOESN'T SUCK!  As a matter of fact, it's pretty fucking good. 
At first, I was struggling to grasp all the mechanics in the game.  I couldn't figure out how to turbo-boost off the line right away, which led me to the internet drastically searching for the answer.  Sega, maybe that should've been in the tutorials?  Hell, it probably IS there and I just missed it.  Regardless, Sega does everything right.  Drifting holds a massive purpose in the game, power-ups aren't completely overpowered, knowledge of the tracks and skill do come into play, but the most impressive thing for me is the ultimate fan service that Sega worked into this game.  IT HAS ALEX MUTHAFUCKIN' KIDD AND CHU-CHU'S IN IT!!!  Yeah, Big the Cat and Amy are in here, but whatever - ignore that shit.  Shadow is actually a good character in this, and I've found myself using him a lot.  Each vehicle feels pretty different in how it races, so there is a lot of room to play around and find someone who fits your style of racing.  I spent a little time online as well, and that system is built pretty well.  Any frame rate hitches (which do occur) were from the game, not lag.  There didn't seem to be any overpowered characters either, as I saw different people jumping into first every time.  The online mode also won't allow you to double up on characters in a track, so you can't have two Sonics or two Shadows running the track at the same time. 
Once you hunker down and really spend some time with the game, there's a lot of fun to be had.  Everything feels right, and it makes me smile.  Also, IT HAS ALEX MUTHAFUCKIN' KIDD!!! 

At The Risk Of Sounding Cliche, Kick-Ass Does Indeed Kick Ass

As a comic book fan, I feel a strong obligation to see new comic book-based movies whenever they come out.  That doesn't necessarily mean that I go see them all, but it does mean that I feel that obligation.  While many don't enjoy the work of Mark Millar (the mastermind behind Kick-Ass as well as Marvel's Civil War, Wanted, and American Jesus), I do.  Why?  He's over-the-top, vulgar, insulting, and above all else, he sees the world through eyes that I don't have.  His stories typically focus on one major idea:  take a normal, everyday loser and turn him into a badass. 
Shit never gets this graphic in the movie...
I enjoyed Kick-Ass, both as a book and as a movie.  While the movie does have its differences from the book (changing Big Daddy's origins and giving away the identity of Red Mist without a twist, Katie returning her feelings for Dave rather than having him beat up, changing Genovese's name to Frank D'Amico...the list goes on and on), they both serve their own purposes.  The book was meant to talk shit about a medium filled with spandex-wearing muscle-bound superheroes, as well as point out that the good guys aren't always so good - they can also end up being murdering bastards.  There's definitely a coming-of-age story somewhere in there beneath the profanity and the blood, but we really only care about two things:  how Dave handles becoming a household name, and how Mindy deals with the mob. 
While some may say that the film is a morally-deprived piece of trash (Roger Ebert), I found it to be quite tame in comparison to my expectations.  The blood that gets spewed isn't nearly as graphic as the book.  Then again, when you have an 11-year-old girl calling a bunch of doods "cunts" and cutting them up with the face of a stone-cold killer, teenagers fucking in a back alley, and profanity thrown out without question, then I would think that the blood needs to get toned down to hold on to your R rating.  Nonetheless, the movie almost plays out as two films - the first half focusing on the awkwardness and struggle of Dave becoming Kick-Ass, the second half focusing on Big Daddy and Hit-Girl's revenge against mob boss Frank D'Amico.  It's half Superbad, half Kill Bill...but it's all fun!  I had already seen about 20-30 minutes of the film through red-band trailers, internet clips, etc...and all of those parts were STILL fun when I saw them on the big screen!  It's rare that a movie can deliver that level of fun. 
Did I mention that the movie is fun?  Yeah, it's over-the-top and kind of dumb...but it's not meant to be an Oscar-winning flick.  The acting is on par for what the roles require, the action is perfectly legit, the comedy will definitely muster some laughter out of your crabby ass.  It's a movie.  You know?  Those things you go to see in order to suspend disbelief, have some fun, and enjoy the company of some friends?  So do what I did - stop whining about how the movie isn't perfect and just enjoy it.  = D 
That's it for this week, folks.  Until next time, piece.