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Posted by sw0rdfish

It all started a “gentleman” I now know as Justin D. May made his way to the mic during Stephen Toulouse (Director of Policy and Enforcement on XBox Live) a.k.a Stepto’s panel about enforcement and simply uttered the words “Can I have my gamertag back?!” in the whiniest voice…  it was the exact reason I hate Q&A sessions…  so much awkwardness and stupidity.  If you can’t ask a good question, SIT DOWN!… but I digress.  The exchange, infront of hundreds of people went something like this;

Stepto: Well, what did you do
Justin: Forza 3
S: What?
J: Played Forza 3 early…
S: Yeah, you shouldn’t have done that
J: I know… and I won’t do it again
S: *explains the difference between buying from retailer early, vs. “other means”*… and you can’t undo that… ever.
J: but I want my gamerscore back!
S:  ( We don’t get happy about banning people ) Except for nudity on XBox Live… we never feel bad about that!
J: What about nudity at the panel?
*insert awkwardness*

So this guy makes a fool out of himself infront of a room of people sounding like a 3 year old would sound when they ask their mom if they can have their toy back because they didn’t mean to punch their sister in the head.  It was so lame, and reeked of pathetic, I couldn’t wait for it to be over.  Obviosuly he was lying when he said he’d never do it again, cuz he was arrested a short while later for attempting to steal the Breach Game Code right from the Expo floor at PAX, tried to bride a cop with $100 and offered to name “bigger fish”.  Then he jumped bail to play XBox Live.  Clearly this guy has no ability to think, and thus lacks common sense.

Just like the rocket scientists over at the XBox Live Account Suspension and Console Bans forum, all of whom claim are 100% innocent of any wrong doing, or blame their “friend” for getting them banned.  Yet thread after thread are unable to follow simple instructions, or read clearly posted FAQ threads on what to do and need to be pointed in the right direction all the time! It is so hard to believe that these individuals haven’t read the Code of Conduct?  Furthermore how can they not know what they’ve done!? OK maybe 1 in 10 doesn’t actually know that making a racial slur in their profile is wrong, but a lot of these bans are for things like console modding, or gamerscore hacking yet they post in the forums “I did nothing wrong!!! I was SUDDENLY JUST BANNED!  XBOX SUCKS!!  I demand to know what I did wrong!”… Kinda like this dude, who apparently has friends that borrow his gamertag, and mod his xbox, and then give it back.  For kicks I checked out his profile and apparently he’s the fucking Wizard, cuz he’s 100% the 13 games he’s played.

That forum, Xbox Live and the gaming world is just FULL of belly aching morons who just can’t seem to handle the though process that all this stuff is logged, and they’re going to catch you, and it’s your fault… not theirs!  I run into people like this all the time, in all kinds of environments… what the hell is the world coming to?  Where is this sense of entitlement and ignorance coming from?  Are we really headed to a world of Idiocracy?  Where are these people failed so bad that they can honestly think to themselves, “I’m a victim, I’m being wronged here!”