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Posted by wgpfly

So I made a random post on hing ere just wondering if anyone would actually respond. I guess most of the time when I post mention a blog I get nothing. And its nice to see people actually commenting on a random persons stuff. It makes me feel a bit special a little bit. But in other news I think I am going to start using this to blog about my gaming adventures and talk about what I think of the games I am playing. 
Aside that I love the quest system here.
Currently working on: Need For Speed Underground On Black List #3.
Overall being under the weather the past few days has stumbled my progress but I plan on hopefully hitting it hard along with some school work...Maybe I can finally push thru the game this time and get the full 1000, although its due back to the rental store today.

Posted by KaosAngel

....you know not all Blogs have to be posted on Off-Topic, but cool thread wgpffy.

Posted by wgpfly
@KaosAngel: Eh sorry about that. Im half awake after not feeling well for the past couple days.
Posted by YouDieJoe

I had a lot of fun with this game until the ridiculous milestone and bounty requirements ruined it.