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Posted by whatisdelicious

Pretty crazy how much they foreshadow, now that I've already seen it all once.

Posted by Kingyo

@Darkstar614 said:


Exactly what i thought as well :P

Posted by Father_Vice

@DizzyMedal said:

Another short one.

thats what SHE SAID! hey-ooooh!!!!\11

Posted by JeffGoldblum

Some rare Pre-Rorie puppy talk in this episode.

Posted by abdo

Hilarious ending

Posted by StarErik

The Rocky Horror Picture Show. <3

Posted by AceOfMasta

Amazing ending.

Posted by Darkstar614

Posted by BenX02

G-g-g... Gabe Newell?

Posted by king0fprussia

"he's a pretty smart, too."  excellent typo.

Posted by defunctdefunctdefunnnnnct

End the episode by wildly shooting a 10mm machine gun..........BRILLIANT!

Posted by Brunchies

York should keep growing that beard, it is amazing.

Posted by Mizuchi


Posted by simian

Holy shit. That was a mouthful of coffee I'll never get back... Out of my keyboard.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy
@blacklab said:
"Do the flies mean that Agent York is already dead? "

I was thinking the same thing.
Posted by Metroid545

best ending ever

Posted by Mjolnir

Any episode with Funky Student and Gordon Cole references is a fantastic episode

Posted by TheDoorman

I bet the killer is Thomas.
Posted by Kajaah117
@buckybit said:     
"And yes, Gabe Newell much more than John Goodman visually, but Goodman and Barton Fink comes also to my mind?"
I was thinking Barton Fink was exactly what they were going for. The combination of the suspenders and the look of that hallway... it has to be Barton Fink. When is the wallpaper going to start peeling off?
Posted by supaman900s

LMAO Gabe Newell in Deadly Premonition

Posted by sam89

jeff is a back seat gamer

Posted by Reverseface


Posted by selbie

Thank god you finally changed clothes, he must have smelled like ass in the bar :P

Posted by Hourai

The ending is hilarious.

Posted by NickNorman

Aaah... I love cocaine! 

Posted by SBYM

GREAT Ghostbusters reference.

Posted by Winternet

Great ending. And never shave again.

Posted by Curval

Are these videos freezing up for anyone else in fullscreen mode?  Up until today I've had no problem running GB videos in full screen.  What happens is the video locks up but the audio keeps going.

Posted by Xealot42

Great ending!

Posted by blacklab

Do the flies mean that Agent York is already dead?

Posted by Jedted

That ending makes this the best episode of the ER yet!!!! 
Oh and to whoever posted that photo, that is pretty creepy how much Gabe looks like that fat dude. 
Posted by MachoFantastico

Great episode, York should never.... NEVER! shave. Grow a long beard and become a guru of all things profiling. 

Posted by Conker

Oh man the end was just hilarious! 
Posted by crescendo170
@cazamalos said:
" @crescendo170 said:
" @Yzzerdd said:
Stay classy Yzzerdd! "

  the glasses , the fatness, the craziness and the hair but i think that's all... "
Ok, I admit that's pretty similar. I just thought it was another "OMG GABE NEWELL SO FAT LOL"-joke.
Posted by Katokijime

Loved the Funky Student namedrop.

Posted by buckybit

Occasionally I just have to express my purely platonic love for Vinny. He can find something cheerful in even the most dreadful things. Even when he was sick or when they are tired, but 'have to' do the marathon recording sessions he comes up with funny lines and gets all of us through the rough edges of this game. Having Jeff around doesn't hurt, of course.
And yes, Gabe Newell much more than John Goodman visually, but Goodman and Barton Fink comes also to my mind?

Posted by iSAW

Luckily they avoided the phone that was out of order. That phone instantly corrupts your save/game. (Not really, but that would've been cool in a warped kind of way)

Posted by hi_im_rob

Thank god I wasn't the only one to think "GABE NEWEL!!"
Also, the beard is prime

Posted by btman

best ending so far of this ER

Posted by ArchScabby


Posted by albedos_shadow

My Vinny/York slashfic is coming along nicely.

Posted by SoftButtCheeks

All Hail the Fish King!
King Fish

Posted by CharAznable

"He's pitchin' a tent!"
The beard is kickass, keep it going.

Posted by Dethfish

Do. Not. Shave.

Posted by danimal_furry

Hahahahahahahaha! Rappers love this!
Posted by JoelTGM


Posted by SkinnyBlue
Posted by MHumphreys89

Joo fuck wid me, joo fuckan wid da best meng!