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Posted by Whisperkill

Do I care that you care about Halo Reach? 

Posted by NinjaTard

I watched the cut scenes and I get that humans are at war with covenant and they follow the prophets as their leaders and the halos are supposed to blow up the universe or something if the floor get loose but then why are the floor in the halos to begin with? I know too that Brutes took over as the "favorites" so the elites joined up with the humans but who are the forerunners, why did they invent the flood or if they didn't why lock them up in the halo instead of just killing them? It's not that the story was hard to follow but just too much unexplained back story I think. Or maybe I am a total idiot and missed the point.


I have no idea how you could play all three games and not understand the story.  Unless you deliberately ignored or skipped the cut scenes, It's as easy to follow as any action movie.

Posted by DystopiaX

I believe that you can't filter by skill, since bungie has a new system (seperate from trueskill) that does that.

Posted by big_jon
So you don`t understand Halos story and so that makes it "Suck balls"? Maybe you should pay more attention, it really is not that complicated.
Posted by RedneckedCrake
@TheMustacheHero: I personally don't think the story is that hard to understand. Probably because I read the books and spent time on the Halo wiki. However...your post is awesome...so awesome in fact that I came....numerous times...and am now forced to change my gym shorts.
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That's the thing... Halo expects you to know what the fuck is happening in the games, it doesn't really explain anything well at all. Halo's story sucks balls.
There's elites and they are the wort wort blue dudes. They attack an Earth vessel explorin these new rings called Halos which is basically Earth but a ring. Then the elites start being bros with the brutes (gorillas) then the brutes say "fuck you elites, we're the true covenant now!" And the elites are like yo man we gotta get outta this covenant, let's go follow the arbiter who is broing out with MC. Then while this is happening the zombie flood dudes are like WE AR THE ONES WHO WILL TAKE OVER EVERYTHING! and then they take over the convenant overlord dudes who are the prophets who are some assholes who float around in their chairs, but no one really knows what the fuck their doing. THEN THE FLOOD KILL THEM! and then the brutes are like "rawrs" and then master chief is like pew pew pew pew pew and then in the second one his clone dies so then the second dude has to play arbiter, but arbiter is noob tier. Then there's some weird forrunner artifact pyramid shit that blow up halos.
You're welcome. I expect my check in the mail by Thursday.

Posted by RedneckedCrake

I won't lie to you, Reach definitely has me interested. I've read the Halo books and have a thorough understand of the entire universe. I'm an especially big fan of the Reach book, having read it three times front to back. I'm not as much interested in the game as I am interested in whether or not it'll be as awesome as the book. I've kind of stayed distant from any media regarding it because when I do eventually play it I want to know next to nothing about it, so I am surprised. 
Plus I hear you get to fight Elites again. I got so sick of fighting Brutes in Halo 3 and ODST.

Posted by ShaneDev

Plenty of "bad" players play Halo all the time and are matched accordingly and now Reach has more much more split between casual and hardcore play.  
Also you should really play the single player in Reach it looks like one of the best yet, and the story for it will be pretty simple Humans=good, Covenant =bad and maybe just a little Forerunner stuff here and there.

Posted by NinjaTard

 Years ago when the console wars split and The Xbox came out to contend with the PS2 I opted to stick with my PS2. Who needs a hard drive anyway?
Point being I never played Halo at all until about six months before Halo 3 came out and when I played I did them in order 1, 2, and then 3 for the single player "story" which is how I traditionally played games. The idea of the online mode being the big draw escaped me. 
All this is to say I suck at online modes. I got ODST for my son who loves Halo and isn't too terrible at the online stuff considering he's 10. I tried Halo 3 multiplayer and can't even begin to compete with the worst of players unless they have gone to the bathroom or something. Trust me, when I see a guy standing still I feel no shame in using them to boost my kills to 1 instead of 0 for the match.
So now Reach is coming later and the beta starts in early May and it's got filters according the the Giant Bomb news article, including how competitive people are. It makes me wonder if that means I could just play with bad players? Could this be my shot to even up the odds a little and try to get some enjoyment from the online mode? I have not only not enjoyed previous attempts to practice but it was literally a painful chore to "compete" with the people I was playing with. Isn't the match making supposed to already pair you with equal players? I suspect I just am not any good at the online mode. So that leaves story....
I don't understand Halo's story. I felt awesome in that last warthog sequence of 3, I felt the emotional levity of that last cut scene but I couldn't tell you who or what that giant plant thing was about or why Halo rings were made in the first place. I'm usually pretty smart about these things but the Halo universe just baffles me somehow.
Writing this all out I can't imagine playing the story mode on Reach but then again my kids want it, they'll be playing, and why buy a game I never play. So I guess this self therapy means I will play Reach, I'll suck at it and be confused, but at least feel justified in the $60 (Bungie...screw you with that Limited and Legendary edition crap. Fool me once on Halo 3 with the helmet but I won't be a patsy to you again). Worst case, I know Damien will dig the hell out of it, he's been playing the Halo games we have left (got rid of 3 in one of those "trade 2 and get your new game for $20" deals) so I don't worry he'll make plenty of use of the game.
I just wish I cared. I feel like my grandpa asking me why I liked these "super marvin brothers" back when Super Mario 3 came out! Between this and not being excited about motion controls like Wii, Natal, and most of the Playstation Move stuff I worry that I am getting old and will stop loving video games sometime in the near future...a fate worse than death in my current mind.