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Posted by MarkWahlberg
@DystopiaX said:
" I've stopped buying wii games. no matter how good they look, I'm just too lazy to plug my wii back to my tv again. "
That's the spirit!
Posted by ozzdog12

I see how this ties in with earth day...

Posted by clarke0

This looks incredible. When I first heard they were making a sequel to Galaxy I thought it might equate to a bit of a cash-in. But this seems to have all the creativity and charm of the original, because I feel excited all over again!

Posted by Siphillis

My goodness that game is gorgeous

Posted by ArbitraryWater

It's games like this that remind me that I, in fact, have a wii that is capable of doing more than Virtual Console or Gamecube games.

Posted by Floppypants

I think I've grown out of this demographic.  "Find the Star!" just doesn't do it for me like it used to.

Posted by Willyownka

i am officially excited for Mario galaxy 2 now.

Posted by Zalzargahoughanstine

That cloud suit is pretty awesome

Posted by Babylonian


Posted by zityz

Oh Mario, why can't I quit you?
Posted by SleepyDoughnut

The art design is amazing. No, I use the word amazing too much, lets think of a better word. The art design in this game is remarkable.

Posted by kardon16

getting a star needs a new animation, it got old quickly for me

Posted by Claude

Day one, Ashley, call me.

Posted by kalmis

2D mode yau

Edited by Linkyshinks

Masterpiece 2 

Posted by MotherBrain

The cloud suit doesn't really do anything for me.

Posted by CommodoreGroovy

The last Super Mario Galaxy was amazing. It was like I was picking up and playing my first videogame again. Especially that music. *drools*

Posted by Linkster7

Cloud Suit! 

I'm really looking forward to playing the part where he skated down the woodland stage, looked so damn awesome.

Posted by Lazyaza

I almost wish i had a Wii.

Posted by RobotHamster

Wish i had a wii...

Posted by Pop

Madness? THIS IS MARIO!!!!
Jk :D

Posted by Gamer_152

Looking just as awesome as the first one.

Posted by danimal_furry

Totally excited for some of this action. :)

Posted by MjHealy

I think I might be down for some more Galaxy. It's been like 2 and a half years.
And I get to turn my Wii on!

Posted by Sparklykiss

That cloud suit was disgustingly cute.

Posted by Linkyshinks

 SMG2 Transmission

Posted by Jost1

Fucking amazing music

Posted by HypotheticalSolution76

Heck yeah everyone. Glad to see everyone in good spirits for Super Mario Galaxy 2! I must confess that I do feel kind of like a kid again right now, having flashbacks to 1987 when I first played Mario on my NES. Love that feeling more today because of all the crap, ahem, going on. I don't have to  think about the enjoyment I should have from playing this game, as I just know it'll be fun. I can't wait to try and collect all the stars. Also, seriously, how many times in other Mario games would I have given up anything just to have Cloud Mario power so I wouldn't miss the edge while attempting a really long jump?! Level 8, I'm looking at you!

Posted by ProjektGill

Mario games always manage to bring a smile to my face

Posted by sublime90


Posted by Ghostiet

Cloud Suit, damn. This game looks totally tits.

Posted by spiceninja

This game looks so amazing.

Posted by Norusdog

I know this will bring out the lynch mob...but...I never cared much for Galaxy...yah it WAS fun..so I can see that..but..the worlds felt WAY to constrictive and I just didn't care for it.
At least they're keeping this a spin-off and released a TRUE super mario bro's game finally.

Posted by S0ndor


Posted by MadThad0890


Posted by TooWalrus

It's too bad I don't get to collect shine sprites and use a water jetpack.

Posted by Jayross


Posted by MeatSim

Yea that looks like a Mario game in SPAAAACE!!

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