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Posted by nickux
@Aarny: And I'm the idiot that willingly watches both endurance runs. Sadness...
Posted by insane_shadowblade85
@Aarny said:
"Anyone feel bad for Drew? He has to sit through this game two times.."

Not really for that. I feel sorry for him because he sits through both, but can't tell Jeff and Vinny where to go and what to do.
Posted by S0ndor

See you inside, HOE

Posted by Shasam

Get your sidequest on! That's what I like to see.

Posted by RagingLion

Wow that whole story telling sequence with Keith(?) and the luminous green light shining on his face was delightfully weird and random.

Posted by 234r2we232
@insane_shadowblade85:  Some people just enjoy watching the game being, you know, played...
Posted by Fogh
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Ok, Emily is TOTALLY Chie. The steak is the giveaway. Even their voices sound similar.

Posted by Brackynews
@Aarny said:
" Anyone feel bad for Drew? He has to sit through this game two times.. "
I feel bad for Drew for the many other things he has to put up with. :)
Posted by Dany

Ah, they bought the same suit!

Posted by mano521
@nickux: nope   im also an idiot that does that
Posted by Urmean


Posted by smcn

Keith and the Boys, #1 podcast in Greenvale.

Posted by Wright

I like fun!

Posted by Animasta

Mr. stewart is the best

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Yes! Green Day knock-off victory music for cereal and jam sandwich!
Lmfao, knife worm, increases the chance of catching close range weapons.

Posted by Mayu_Zane
@bhhawks78 said:
"  York = dojima but younger Emily = chie grown up Isach/Isaiah one dies in a tragic drunk driving accident, the other fall into tv land and becomes Teddy (the blonde hair/pale/facial feature likeness!) Mr Stewart = Funk Stewart grown up FUCKING RIDDLE MASTERS Raincoat killer = HE LOOKS LIKE A SHADOW! Going into zombie brain alternate world = Going into the tv! I don't even, how the, what!?! "
cannot unsee
Posted by Demonhick

There is totally an unlimited smg inside copes tunnel.
They need to get this weapon.

Posted by MachoFantastico

York's beard is mesmerising!

Posted by mutha3
@Bratcher_Lev said:
" Didn't they already miss out on getting the infinite ammo SMG? I thought I read you in the comments you could only get it in the first episode. "
No, I think you mistook it for people telling Brad and Ryan that they  missed a bunch of side-missions by  launching the event where Becky gets killed.
Posted by punchkick

See you inside, HO!

Posted by blacklab

Agent York's hair is getting a bit nappy.

Posted by fwylo

Hearing those grunting noises for the second time is so weird.

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This team needs to try the fishing game, then all will be explained about the bait types. 
And Vinny, want to lose a lot of coin in DP? Try buying a car at the junkyard.

Posted by IchiroYagiza

You like the ER, right Zach?

Posted by RelentlessKnight

"Oh my god, my water broke!'' LOL

Posted by gbrading

I'll never get tired of Jeff's jokes whenever Agent York does the pointing at himself animation. Love it.

Posted by Yzzerdd

She  definitely  will screw anyone, so says Mr.Stewart.

Posted by Vinchenzo

"Yeah, crazy Seattle." 
"All those flannel shirts." 
Haha. Fucking hilarious.

Posted by Milkman

You like fun, don't you Zach?

Posted by Sarumarine

Man, I hope Jeff and Vinny get around to fishing. You know, so they can compare with Persona 4. Heh heh heh.

Posted by ajamafalous


Posted by Seroth

So glad they bought that map.
But them finishing Becky's quest line for the infinite wrench would also be a good idea. That's a bit more involved, though, and would probably require an FAQ.

Posted by mshaw006

Uhhh oh my god. My water broke.

Posted by scarace360


Posted by Swoxx

There's very varied TV audio volume on these episodes, the volume on this one is PERFECT, please keep it this way Drew/Vinny/Jeff !!  
I beg you!

Posted by sneakysnake128

VJ, please don't go off on your own again when you need to go somewhere with Emily and George. Think of all the in-car conversations you are missing out on!

Posted by EnduranceFun

Hahaha, @ the guy walking in and out about three times.

Posted by jorbear

"But Zach is a dick!" VJ ALL THE WAY!

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Posted by RobotHamster

I find it funny the VJ bought the same suit as BR.

Posted by ch3burashka

Huh, their A&G intro scene was different from BR's. How hapn? Was it the beard, the suit?

Posted by DuderBattalion
@Yzzerdd said:
" She  definitely  will screw anyone, so says Mr.Stewart. "
I lol'd !
Posted by Box3ru13

I must say I do like the different pacing done by both teams. BR seems to be gunning away @ the main story and with VJ we get all the crazy side quest and optional tasks.  
Its a nice good mixture of seeing what is all in this game. 

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@Yzzerdd said:

" She  definitely  will screw anyone, so says Mr.Stewart. "

For those people looking for fun,
She definitely will screw anyone...So says Mr. Stewart
Also, they need to go to the generals junkyard and upgrade their car and/or buy a better one.
Posted by kevinski

Wow, they aren't nearly as far behind as some people made it sound. I hadn't watched the BR run until more recently. With the infinite SMG, I have a feeling that VJ will soon slip into the lead.
Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

What is up with York's walk animation?

Posted by adoggz

god damn it vinny, i just wanna reach into the screen and rip that damn siren button off your controller

Posted by crushed
" Huh, their A&G intro scene was different from BR's. How hapn? Was it the beard, the suit? "
I think it's because Emily was in the car with them. In BR's, they stopped at the darts bar and told Emily to go without them.
Posted by bigskeng

this is the funniest one yet. vinny was on today.
i have to say that these endurance runs have put this game at the top of my gamefly queue. who knows when i'll get it, though, as it seems more people are doing the same.
if this game has done anything it's made me want to end all of my sentences with "isn't that right, zach?"/"so says mr. stewart".