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Posted by BulletStorm

The mod community for Just Cause 2 has come out in full force and if you own the PC or Xbox 360 versions of Just Cause 2 these are the Top 5 mods you cannot afford to miss.  

  1. Polite/Friendlies'  Infinite Grapple Mod
While still somewhat buggy, this Infinite Grapple Mod makes Grappling and Parachuting across Panau even easier and faster than before. For all the problems with this mod, which include a limited "Infinite" reach, this is simply an upgrade to the Grapple Hook that you cannot miss out on. 
  2. Gibbed's Free Black Market  
Finding money isn't always the most fun thing to do on Panau, so why not eliminate Money's sole use? This Free Black Market allows you to fully upgrade your weapons and vehicles without using any parts and spawn what you want without ever spending a single buck.   
3. BOLO Patch 
The stuff BOLO Patch lets you do is pretty incredible, this is something you should always have and keep your eyes peeled for updates - BOLO Patch is the thing that is quickly drawing comparisons to Gary's Mod and while - of course it isn't there yet - BOLO Patch expands on the crazy stuff you can do in Just Cause 2. 
4. Model Replacements 
Tired of Rico? Replace him with Tom Sheldon, Baby Panay or my personal favorite - Jade Tan (Lady Rico) Pretty much all NPC's are available as Rico Model Replacements and most of them are worth taking a look at in game if only to switch things up a bit... (Ninjas with Parachutes anyone?) 
5. Male Stripper Removal 
Admit it, when you showed your friends how awesome the Mile High Club was, they all said the same thing. "What's with the gay guy?" Don't get me wrong - Gay Pride and stuff all the way - but there's nothing wrong with tailoring your Mile High Club to your own personal standards.
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@BulletStorm said:
" mod"
@BulletStorm said:
"Xbox 360 "

Posted by Organicalistic_

clever title

Posted by canucks23
@Three0neFive said:


 Xbox 360

 What? "
This is what i was thinking...
Posted by BulletStorm
@canucks23: I don't have any personal experience in Modding Just Cause 2 on the Xbox 360 but it seems as though most PC Mods can also be applied to the 360 version of the game.  
This just in - as in I just stopped and thought about it now - if you use the Xbox 360 gamepad on the PC does it use an Xbox 360 controller UI with A,B,X,Y, buttons and such? If so then they well might just be PC mods with 360 controllers... sorry :(
Posted by xyzygy
@BulletStorm: ... a PC mod on a 360? I still don't get it...
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I'm pretty certain now that I just misunderstood where these mods could be used because I saw a youtube video of these mods with a 360 interface - but that was because it was a PC with a 360 gamepad. 
To clarify, I didn't just watch all of these mods on youtube, I have all of these mods installed on my PC and have used all of them, most just come with youtube links beneath the download link.

Posted by Evilsbane
@BulletStorm: Those are some kickass mods thanks for pointing these out.
Posted by Cirdain
@BulletStorm: Could you add links to the mods!
Posted by bangumbo
Posted by Mikemcn

BOLOpatch downloads in about 2 seconds, its a 50KB file or something, and is absolutely amazing, get it. The unbreakable rope mod alone is worth it, it allows you to attach anything to anything.
If you like to attach a jeep to a fighter jet, and then attach that fighter jet to a 747, this mod is for you, it also allows you to set money and parts. GET IT! 
Posted by BulletStorm

Mikemcn understands :D

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Explosion mods are were it's at! I've been having way too much fun modding anything and everything I can. Now if only I can beat the damn game without getting sidetracked every 2 minutes.

Posted by AhmadMetallic
@BulletStorm:   dude thanks alot thats gonna be awesome !!! I've never modded a game before, is there a chance i might screw up my game or is it a simple installation / adding files to the directory ?
Posted by BulletStorm

Just download the .Bin files to your "Dropzone" folder. 
Its just JustCause2\Dropzone, if you don't have a dropzone folder, just create one. Its a simple installation and removal process.

Posted by FalconCritical

I'm a big fan of modding any game, some (like Fallout 3) I have epic mod lists for but for some reason playing Just Cause 2 I'm resisting the temptation to mod the game to hell before I finish the campaign/achievements.  Still, mods are a great way to add some extra replayability when a game is starting to go stale on you.

Posted by BulletStorm
@xyzygy: This just in - it looks like a lot of mods on Just Cause 2 Mods .com or whatever - indeed do come with Xbox 360 counterparts. 
I do not know how to install them or how they work in the first place, but if you are playing this game on the 360, it looks like you won't have to miss out on all mods afterall.
Posted by DrPockets000
@BulletStorm: Hooray!  I will now commence searching Google and Bing for a way to do it.