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Posted by alexlionisnumber1
@bcjohnnie:  or hit them with the pipe
Posted by Pie
@Lake: Probably Vinny
Posted by FritzDude

"To your left, to your left.". (Brad turn right). "No, the other left."       Priceless.

Posted by Talon64
@Godlyawesomeguy:  yet Vinny did a much better, albeit slower, job of killing them. So based on that he sucks.
Posted by jikoku13

i guess people were right when they said the zombies come out into the city when it rains at midnight 

Posted by Darkstar614

So besides all the hate on Brad for this episode.. 
Who the hell "advised" Brad "not to shoot crates" ??? So they're low on health kits and they somehow got "advice" about not shooting crates. Way to go internet. At least they decided to do it anyway and get that health kit.

Edited by Godlyawesomeguy

People hating on Brad really need to shut the fuck up. The games design is terrible and the wall lady thing is a terribly designed enemy and because of the poor design he does not stand a fair chance against her because of the things like being stuck in a prolonged reloading animation. He has done fantastic so far, but I dont see people giving him credit for that.

Posted by AzureDemon

Man where's the Camera Obscura to fight ceiling bitches when you need it? :S

Posted by Sathan

Nice try guys. I was rooting for you.

Posted by allhailthetv

The wall-lady looks impossible. Why the hell are you guys hating on Brad instead of blaming the game that spawned such a cheap enemy?

Posted by Jeremy_x

In this episode: Brad pullin' Brads,
Posted by Ariketh

FINALLY! I have been waiting for Brad to die.

I don't mean to hate on him (he is my state kin - which I find awesome), but I am glad to see him having some trouble. It makes me more interested in a game by knowing it is somewhat challenging. I know he finds it frustrating, but it is a useful skill to have on a review team - to show the difficulty, rather than people cruising through saying, "man, this is a hard game." Plus, I was curious about what it is like to die.

I hope that makes some sense...

Posted by JP_Russell

Heh, poor Brad.  I won't complain about how he did in this episode; the game was genuinely bullshit with the wall lady and Brad definitely was trying harder than normal, so it wasn't all on Brad this time.  Mind you, it's been Brad's poor playing that's gotten him into this fix (no health kits because of carelessness making him take damage and waste what health kits he had in the past, no exploring and trying to find side missions for quest rewards so now his only good weapon is running out of ammo, no going to shops to stock up on things, etc., etc.), but at least now he's doing poorly against an obstacle that it's justifiable to do poorly against.

Posted by sickVisionz

Good tries.  That 360 round infinite machine gun would probably come in handy right about now.  I think Brad lives in crouch a bit too much though.

Posted by JJWeatherman

Good tries Brad.   :P

Posted by Silverbrand

God, what is with all the moaning about Brad's gameplay? Bitter people, man.

Posted by CharAznable

Damn, Brad, I was pullin' for ya at the end. Better luck tomorrow.

Posted by generalen

Ah. Love the fact that he spent minutes wasting all that ammo on the obviously infinite spawning zombies.

Posted by s10129107

york smokes every time before he goes into zombie land.  maybe those arent ciggarettes.

Posted by RobotHamster

Is Brad really this bad at games?

Posted by Winternet

Oh well. Tomorrow will be the day.

Posted by fox01313

Just to let you know Brad & anyone else playing DP, the red skies/zombies seem to be like that from midnight to early morning. It's even more amazing when you go driving & not on this mission at this time.

Posted by GaZZuM

Can't help but wonder how much better this Endurance Run would be if Ryan just hijacked it. He has the game anyway so he could learn the controls at home then BOOM! Guess what Brad: Secret coup!!!

Posted by jrsmaster411
@W0lfbl1tzers said:
" Wow. I never realized how many assholes there were on Giant Bomb "
you must be new
Posted by FujiSyusuke808

There are SO many items they could have that would make their lives so much easier...
I'll bet this game would suddenly seem ten times more appealing if they managed to get the Radio.   Or the Weapon Bag.   Or any of the other infinite ammo weapons.  
I really, really hate those crazy Alma clones.  They're not particularly hard to dodge, but they're bags of hit points that can't be hit as often as you'd like due to the invisibility = invincibility.
Either way, keep it up fellas.

Posted by anzejk

 Instead of trying to encourage Brad and help him out, you're fucking bringing him down and spitting on him. You fucking downers!:S

Posted by Bummlmitz
@W0lfbl1tzers said:
" Wow. I never realized how many assholes there were on Giant Bomb "
They're in a bad situation and considering the clunky controls Brad is doing great. To all the guys mentioning the side-quest rewards:  this game doesn't really encourage you to do side-quests. Everytime they tried to go free-roaming NPCs were giving them the finger or most (if not all) locations were closed.
Posted by Khantael

Good job strategising. Yeah, looks tough and you're in a tricky situation - but can't complain when you're working things out and using game mechanics like this, so good effort. Hope it pulls off for you!
Maybe now that you've started using the breath holding, it might be worth using it to bypass certain enemies rather than fighting them, just in the interests of preserving ammo since that's a big part of the problem here? Just a thought.
I love watching the endurance run(s) as I like seeing how different people play so I can go "yeah, I wouldn't have done that" or "I'd do that", so it's good to watch your way which is why I'm not going to post advice often. Thought it might be useful this once though

Posted by W0lfbl1tzers

Wow. I never realized how many assholes there were on Giant Bomb

Posted by rargy

Wouldn't have been so bad if they remembered to take a nap.

Posted by hagridore

Brad may be playing this a little carelessly, but lets not forget: this game is terrible. Stop harshing on him comment assholes!

Posted by EndlessMike

You know what Brad at first I was against you but you put up a fight like you meant it there. Right on dude!

Posted by armaan8014

Posted by chrissedoff

ha that music must mean another qt event with the raincoat kil-OH GOD ITS ALMA

Posted by pirate_republic

Damnit. I'm sure that miniboss was almost dead too.

Posted by VoshiNova

After shooting and then ducking for a good two minutes- Brad (expressing his complete inability to play video games) asks Ryan, "What do I do Now?!"
Please Brad, stop......just stop.

Edited by Bratcher_Lev

"Don't die here . . . GODDAMMIT BRAD." 
"To your left  To your left To your left To your left To your left . . . OTHER LEFT"   

Posted by madmax_thegamer

Do these guys play video games at all?? I mean come on you run a video game website and review video games in general so how can you be this awfull?? They cant figure out how to drop items?? They dont use melee weapons on crates? They have barely checked out any of the side quests so they won't earn any of the cool or helpfull shit you get from them! Oh and yea btw, you can buy med kits and ammo and other usefull stuff from diff ppl and places in town!!  This game is not that hard! If they keep this up I have to wonder if they will get all the way through.  So go ahead and hate on me,  I know that it's coming anyway! Anytime anyone says any kind of  positive thing about this game or are negative about how the guys are doing we get slammed.
Posted by mithical

I can't fault Brad for his play in this episode. They learned pretty much everything they need to know about the crawler's patterns, except that you can avoid the red glowy attack by running past her, giving you a larger window to deal damage than the one before her attack (and being safer, too). They utilized a lot of resources and weapons, too.

Posted by golguin

Strategy? In my ER? It's more likely than you think.
But yeah, good work on learning how to hold your breath, break boxes, and use items. Next time will hopefully bring the importance of sleeping to full health and eating at the diner to keep your hunger at bay.

Edited by EthanielRain
Posted by KillerFly

I'm with Ryan, what's with all the art? It's like they're in an art gallery or something...

Posted by Gamer_152

Oh man, I really thought they had that on their last try.

Posted by Konanda

You can drop items just select it first.

Posted by Capum15

Oh wow, finally noticed the sky was red.
Man, the wall-ceiling-crawling lady was crazy. Intense fight.

Posted by fjor
@LiQuid3600 said:
 It's so entertaining seeing VJ so much farther back in the story, but having a slew of health kits, a new hot rod, a 360 capacity SMG with infinite ammo...  and then there's BR who actually managed to turn this into a survival horror game.  :o "
=)) =)) =))
Edited by teekomeeko

Favorite Line:
Ryan: "Little S-turn messin' you guys up, for real." 

 And that wall-crawler felt like an old school boss fight even though it didn't appear to be an actual boss monster, just a new enemy. Die a couple times while you figure out its patterns and test your optimal responses, then go to town. It was rough watching them die, but man did it make me nostalgic in a good way.

Posted by Nux

Good shot Brad. That Witch bitch sucks and I respect Brad for not giveing up right away.
Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Oh my god, this become an epic example of pulling a Brad... Wasting all your ammo and then saving right before the new enemy type or boss is the classic survivor horror nightmare. Valiant effort with the gold club though.

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