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Posted by DocColossus

man this game makes me want to play halo again! awesome.

Posted by Hashbrowns
@darkjester74 said:
"@Milkman said:
"This Luke Smith guy is kind of a douche. "
Agreed. "

He makes it almost unbearable to listen to the Bungie podcast.  I want to listen, but he and his laugh are just... ugh.
Posted by ChrisTaran

While I've never liked Halo, I've always liked Luke Smith.  So, great video!

Posted by cluto

Lukems is super douchey, but that's kind of his shtick, and his shtick is kinda funny.

Posted by Fjordson

Luke is the man. lol @ the menstruating women he "offends".
Oh and the Beta is the shit.

Posted by Peanut

I personally only ever liked Luke Smith when he was taunting Shane Bettenhausen into a fanboy rage on 1up Yours. 

Posted by Budkin

Can't see Luke without thinking of the first gaming podcast I ever listened to, 1up Yours.

Posted by supermike6

I never knew this guy before this interview, but why is it bad that a press-guy became a PR guy for a franchise he loves? Have you guys ever heard of Alex Navarro? He loved Rock Band (and he was a reviewer) but no one blames him for being a shill before he worked there. They just got jobs at  a studio they like, which MAKES COMPLETE SENSE and doesn't make you a douche.

Posted by treereet

Wait, Luke doesn't have a beard anymore? I'm behind the times.

Posted by LeetBalla

All armor lock will do is make bait and switch easier. That seems like the most useful function it could have.

Posted by OmnomnomPancake
@PXAbstraction said:
" Yep, Luke Smith is still a douche.  An overrated personality such as his is ideal for an overrated series like Halo though. "
Haters gonna hate.
Posted by Gav47

That guy gives a great interview. 

Posted by MeatSim

Flaming skulls, I am on board.

Posted by twhalen

I am psyched for this game! And I thought I was done with Halo.

Posted by Afroman269

I'm afraid that Luke might be masterbating to footage of us playing the beta........ugh.

Posted by Bansheesdie

Lukems is the man.

Posted by JJWeatherman

That guys was hilarious. Yet another great interview Bradley. Your travels were worth it.

Posted by chem

I don't have a 360 or any interest in Halo, but it's Brad doing an interview! Of course I'm gonna watch it. Great interview, Brad!

Posted by Coolarman

"you can totally touch my hammer"

Posted by Mezmero

I never cared much for Luke when I was still going to 1up, but I'll be damned if he isn't a silky smooth PR dude.  Great video.

Posted by chetri

Wow sounds amazing

Posted by gormers
@Afroman269 said:
" I'm afraid that Luke might be masterbating to footage of us playing the beta........ugh. "
Posted by Zereta

Luke is awesome for stuff like this. He fits the unique Giant Bomb dynamic.

Posted by wfolse1
@Baljot187 said:
" Luke Smith is indeed an arrogant blowhard, but I'm hungry for Halo: Reach news.  "
Yeah, i'm glad someone else shares my disdain for him.  He's not exactly a great ambassador for Bungie, IMO.