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Posted by Milkman

Goddamn, the first 31 minutes of this video personify everything that is wrong with Deadly Premonition.

Posted by Sogeman

Why the hell aren't you shooting barrels. Basic Videogame rule: always destroy barrels and crates

Posted by Silverbrand

Sifl and Onion, the Sifl and Onion show! Rock!
Now let's talk to my friend Chester.

Posted by Hoshnasi

Lol, that MP5 barrel would be so messed up by now!  SO MANY BULLETS!!!

Posted by dvorak

God I hate those things.

Posted by StealthRaptor
@SilenceUK said:
" @Olivaw said:
"Vinny seemed to figure out the boss's pattern a lot faster than Brad did.  Of course Brad's fight with the boss took a lot less time, if you don't count all the restarts. "
not working out how fucking obvious she doesnt take damage when shes invis though actualy got me to shout at them lol "
Okay, but he's got a machinegun with infinite ammo. He may have just not cared.
Posted by fwylo
@Jeff: You should see Kick Ass, I thought Nick Cage was actually pretty good in it.  Not in comparison to his other stuff lately though because that is all crap. But he definitely surprised me in it.
Posted by PillClinton

wow.  that's ridiculous that vinny beat ceiling lady so easily on his first try after brad struggled so much with her LOL

Posted by MeatSim

Infinite ammo sub-machine gun really helps.

Posted by Cazamalos

i haven't decided yet, what is  more  boring between white knight chronicles or deadly premonition

Posted by gbrading

Warning: Smoking may cause a dramatic increase in the speed of time. Do not use whilst driving.
Posted by Rapid

Zach has startled the witch!

Posted by Ravenousrattler

Go team VJ, kill that ceiling lady

Posted by Cynic04

Dude.... Matt Damon has more range than Ed Norton

Posted by august

Someone needs to edit together all the GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF.

Posted by EnduranceFun


Posted by Gee_rad

I like that they start talking about 80s movies while driving.

Posted by b33
@Twazzock said:
" I love how their boring car journey descended into movie-talk, much like Zack and York.  Also,  "Don't wreck the car this time..." BOOM "Oh. Well."  Lols. "
Posted by Kilo720

yay they finally cuaght up team br 

Posted by Marz

Funny how VJ beat that ceiling lady on their first try lol

Posted by Stilts

I really enjoy the VJ endurance runs up until they get into an infinite spawn situation. Then it just devolves into three minutes of them shooting zombies until they realize it's an infinite spawn, followed by seven more minutes of ineffectually killing zombies when they could just run. 
I mean, I love you guys, but the middle section of this video was really frustrating to watch. 
On a positive note, that Cobra discussion was great. I'd like to see you do impromptu movie discussions on some of the other long drives.

Posted by Konanda

You guys should do graveyard quests so you can get the infinite flamethrower, that will wreck those wall climbing zombies.

Posted by Beforet

"I wonder if she dies in one hit from a pipe."
Nah, that would be stupid. It takes two hits.

Posted by gunslingerNZ

Haha! Hilarious screengrab for the video guys. Also VJ is totally catching up to BR, I haven't watched it yet though so I'm not sure if they have the same trouble with ghost lady.

Posted by eduardo

Funny how they still didn't figure out they can skip the profiling spots.

Posted by Bones8677

Vinny and Jeff are catching up!

Posted by FLStyle

I thought that the infinite machine gun may help here, and it did. Good job Team VJ, should catch up in no time.

Posted by ch3burashka
@EnduranceFun said:
Posted by Alphazero

We've got some food scissors. They're awesome, particularly on pizza or cutting up sandwiches, quesadillas, stuff like that.
Thumb up for food scissors. Food scissors are art.

Posted by Atomasist


Posted by doe3879

if you do the math, Vinny took as much damage from the creepy lady as Brad.
dont worry Brad, i'll back you up no matter how bad you are : ( 
can't wait to Rush him at Starcraft 2 tho

Posted by DannyJ
@august said:
" Someone needs to edit together all the GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF. "
Posted by Roomrunner

"... fight another hundred of those things."   
hahaha oh man, poor Jeff

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Jeff is absolutely correct. Buy Stone Hands and Acro Circus instead of Dragon Feet, that way you can bounce the somersault move and it looks bad ass.

Posted by virtorio

Brand and Ryan (well, just Brad) need to watch VJ to get some pointers. 

Posted by gunslingerNZ

Ok right there at 35:35 is why I'm going to enjoy VJ a whole lot more than BR. Sorry Brad but you really should have got that infinite ammo SMG!

Posted by mosdl

infinite SMG sure makes a difference

Posted by Crono

Funny thing is that Brad needs the infinite ammo smg whereas its more of a perk for Vinny.

Posted by Sinkwater

River City Ransom reference!

Posted by Metroid545

when did jeff and vinny get full for all 3 of the medkits?

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Vinny sure likes shooting infinite zombies. Other than that, endure on!

Posted by LordAndrew

Man, Vinny's a lot better at not dying. But she sure takes a long time to die with the SMG.

Edited by Capum15

Oh man, their movie conversation went amazingly well with the driving part. Made it enjoyable. Haha, "Don't wreck the car this time."

Man, how long will it take them to notice the sky is red? Looks like never. At least not that I heard.
I love them talking to the other three, "Did you guys hear any gunfire?" "Hey George, hey George check this out!" "Hey George..." "Check out uh...no?" "Hey I'm shooting zombies over here guys!"
Didn't notice it in BR, but when Emily comes up behind York and she points at herself. "Hey me. Me, me." "Aww, she's learning from us."
Oh man, that fight was more intense than I remember BR's being. They figured it out fast. Also, it's hilarious seeing people pissed off at BR's way of handling Wall ladies, coming here and seeing how people hate VJ's way because it's slower with the SMG even if they know how to do it. "Blarg, you suck at it." compared to "Blarg, you're too slow at it!"
Can't wait for next Monday.

Posted by Princess_Isabela

To anyone who haven't played game through, wait till you see last bosses, FANTASTIC. 
One of the Coolest Games ever. 
ps.you guys need to go on a quest to get Legendary Guitar Grecotch, Damage=Super High (also unbreakable!!!).

Posted by HaYHaYHaY

hmm... at least VJ didn't take one and a half episode trying to kill that thing while dying many times ^^  and still have some health packs with them...

Posted by JoelTGM

First try!

Posted by hi_im_rob

This game definitely has its charm, but man... Awful combat sections are awful.

Posted by ashogo

whine complain bitch nag nag nag.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Who knew Emily was so kinky, wanting to get to know York and Zach all at the same time. 

Posted by PJ
@Metroid545 said:
" when did jeff and vinny get full for all 3 of the medkits? "
In the tunnel side quest. They filled up on everything there.