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Posted by CrazyManDan

 I have a feeling we're in for a great video today. What do you think Zach?

Posted by vegoku


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Edit: Maaaaan....

Posted by SquirrelGOD

Woo!  Go Team BR!

Posted by RoboRobb

dammit. waited for a damn hour to get the first comment. Fuck it!

Posted by simian

Ugh falling so far behind in these.

Posted by armaan8014

ER! Yay!

Posted by Blaaze89


Posted by Shinri


Twin Peaks -- the red room scenes. I'm just saying...

Posted by RabidBadger

50min ER and maybe use of that sweet radio...

Posted by RobotHamster

So if their talking to keith does this mean they'll get the infinite mp5? And they have that radio? Shit just got real. Of course I'm just foreshadowing and they could have run out radio since there was a one out of one next to it, and they could just not do the mission because they think its a waste of time.

Posted by Shinri

Heh I love hearing them say things that I know are wrong

Posted by Wiseblood

Oh god damn it, they think they missed the infinite SMG quest.

Posted by Jais

And there's always music in the air..

Posted by Shinri

Wait, what, hahaha 
'I wish we could've gotten the Infinite SMG'

they get the infinite smg mission 
'Oh we're not doing that'

Posted by mano521

ok at 8:36 we clearly see kaysen walking down the hall but at 8:45 hes in front of him again.   seems like this game really shouldnt have been made hahaha

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@Shinri said:

"Heh I love hearing them say things that I know are wrong"

I know!  Happened twice this episode.  "we are the greatest box pushers" as they push a box to irreversibly block their path.  Then lamenting that they are missing out on the sidequest, which they just picked up and decided not to do because it has combat.  This is the kinda stuff I do all the time :D
Posted by mutha3
@Shinri: hahahahahah
Posted by Legend

Things are sure getting weirder in DP. I love it!

Posted by VIGGO123

Dude! Why did they shave!!

Posted by RobotHamster

Ok so if they take on the tunnel mission tomorrow that means they'll hopefully get the gun tomorrow, there's no need to panic people.

Posted by fox01313

Thinking that Brad was talking about the infinite smg reward, so close to get it yet chose not to go do that quest.

Posted by FlappyHands
@Shinri said:

Wait, what, hahaha 
'I wish we could've gotten the Infinite SMG'

they get the infinite smg mission 
'Oh we're not doing that'

Yeah. I noticed that, too. Classic. Good episode, though. But yeah, you guys are stupid. :P Go get the infinite MP5.
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BR: Keith has this awesome quest I really wan't to do. I really want that reward!
>Keith gives a quest.
BR: No, lets not do that.

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of coarse Francis York Took would avoid moredoors.
that's  it . i won't watch another episode of BR until they get an infinite SOMETHING.

Posted by paulunga

You guys done fucked up. DO KEITH'S QUEST!

Posted by Hilfemaster

Almost screamed at the screen when I heard they did not want to do the infinite mp5 quest.

Posted by darkguru

Brad do that quest!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Wiseblood

Well, they did say they were probably going to do the tunnel challenge at the end, so there's still hope.

Posted by CitizenKane

Brad and Ryan's discussion of guys named "Keith" reminded me of the episode of Family Guy where Peter was breaking into Carter's safe and the automated security asks him, "What is the most unattractive male first name in the English language?"
*door opens*

Posted by triple07


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I love their reaction to the suits. God I hope they get enough cards to get the most fucking rad suit of all.
Man BR is so frustrating.
Backtracking to areas they should have checked to begin with.
Being pansies about other world missions when they ALREADY KNOW that the guy gives quest for infinite weapons. I can't blame Brad since the combat and controls are awkward also can't blame Ryan for not wanting to watch Brad fight dudes. I just wish they could connect the dots when it comes to old crappy game design. I feel like it should be their wheelhouse so it's really starting to annoy me.

Posted by McQuinn

  DO THE COPE'S TUNNEL QUEST! It's the one you want.    

Posted by MatthewB92

Do the other world mission! DO IT!!!!!!

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Upset that you missed a quest, then get that quest and then decide not to do it.
This is the biggest "Pullin' a Brad" I have seen in a long time.
Hopefully they read the comments so they know that that is the quest that they want.

Posted by Colin

I thought Brad was talking about the epic melee weapon or something not the SMG.
Posted by gbrading

Hilarious. Define irony: They lament about "missing" the infinite SMG quest, and then they pass up the very same infinite SMG quest. Only in the Endurance Run.

Posted by Theresonlyone

Go do the spiritual map quest and get the Infinite MP5, then go back and get the 2nd one i'm sure it gives something sweet.

Posted by fireflys_locket

Yes, let's do the Tunnel mission tomorrow, please.   ^_^;  Though I must say, I'm very interested in where the story is going.

Posted by delicious_lie

to echo every single comment: do the tunnel mission! do it!!!

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Massive lols at missing the infinite smg quest. So close Bradley, so close.

Posted by SuperJoe

York isn't York without facial hair.

Posted by Ventilaator

ARGHHHHHHH........fail, you guys fail.

Posted by suprAwesome

I'm kinda sad no one realizes we wont have anymore 80s movie stories with Zach any more. Hopefully team VJ don't go radio too.

Posted by Zeemod


Posted by onarum

they are so, effin, stupid............
"oh man, we lost a keith side quest for a infinite SMG"
"hey look, a Keith side mission, yeah lets not do that......"

Posted by Catolf

If you all are upset/ worried about them not getting the unlimited SMG just PM them nicely and tell them to do the quest. Jeeze.

Posted by Nexas

 They are really off the ball today. 
First  with Polly. 
Then with Keith  
And then with Polly again.

Posted by Ghostiet

I think York acted like an asshole on Polly on purpose.

Also, screw the whole submachine gun bit - we have bigger concerns, men. It's the FUCKING BEARD, IT'S GONE. Why?!