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 So, yeah... you guys should go ahead and do the Spiritual Map mission; the rewards will be... infinite.    

Posted by chuck_shwarz

Keith conversation made me laugh 
'Have you ever known a Keith that wasn't a dick?' 
'I don't think I've known one, period... Oh I did know one, possibly the biggest dick I've ever known'

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Brad is a stone-cold motherfucker.
Ironic that Brad was talking about missing the mission he was in the process of accepting.

Posted by NZV
The shotgun does kind of suck, but it does make one boss about a million times easier. Worth grabbing.
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Anyone else think there should be a BJ-VR Endurance Run of some other games?  Probably Yakuza 3 or something? 
Regardless, what year is this game taking place in?  The inflation is insane!!!

Posted by Ramone

What is everyone's problem with this vid? Its not as if they know that there is an infinite smg at the end of the quest and they explicitly say they are going to do the quest next episode. JEEZ!

Posted by EnduranceFun

BR is stupid, but the dialogue between Brad and Ryan is gold. Moar of that, please.

Posted by Keith

: (

Posted by SchwartzChamp
@OracleXIII:  Yeah, that's all fine and dandy if they were some guys on the internet doing this for the hell of it, but they aren't. This is their job. They are paid to do this, to produce good content for the site. Right now there is much room for improvement. You know, unless they're fucking with us and these comments are the only source of enjoyment they gain from this game.
Posted by ominousbedroom

Keith Richards seems like an okay guy. You should try staying out past 1 AM though. Smoke away!

Posted by MeruFM

I'm enjoying the comments almost as much as the ER itself. It's funny how many people become so angry when a game is not played optimally.

Posted by TurboMan

Posted by TatsurouXIII
@SchwartzChamp: If quality content is the case perhaps instead of looking at the guys' performance we should check again what they have to work here. This is a faulty, broken game. You think they get a bonus to their paycheck for playing this? I don't.
Posted by lolak47

brad is a dumb mother fucker talking bout mission he missed that he was jsut taking  LOOLOLOL and some of ryans and brads comentary going on about that fucking radio was anoyin as fuck.

Posted by RVonE
@Milkman said:
" @teekomeeko said:
" I was literally yelling at the screen. No joke, I had to stop because I thought other people in my house would think I was nuts. I'll still watch BR, but I'll say it right now: Brad and Ryan are the worst gamers I've ever seen in my life.  Seriously, they have a teleporting radio so nothing they do will take anywhere near as long, they have over a dozen hours in-game to screw around, Brad knows how nice an item you can get from some quests (like the radio...), and they still don't even try for a single minute not to be terrible at this. Sure this game is bad, but they are doing the ER to entertain us and still just doing their best to half-ass it as if that's what we want them to do. We want to be entertained, guys (not that they will ever read this), this is now officially just frustrating. If they are so desperate to not play Deadly Premonition, then this ER needs to end and Team BR should pick another game. "
Just thought I'd quote this because after watching the whole video, it really shows just how fucking stupid this comment is. The whole yelling at the computer screen is already borderline insane. And then he complain about not "screwing around enough" and all they did for the entire episode was screw around. They hit up every location they could with the radio. They even end the episode with saying that they are going to hit up the tunnel mission. I'm not sure exactly how they are half-assing it either. Please just stop watching and stop commenting. "

Best comment in this thread.
Posted by TheClap

Bradly Shoemaker, no doing outside research.

Posted by KEITH1437

I'm not a dick Ryan. :(

Posted by PillClinton

That box moving minigame was possibly the most frustrating thing I've ever seen.

Posted by Dany

Brad you are wrong, his side mission is not gone, it is Map A.

Posted by Korwin

Omg... lol.  Rule 1 of any rpd sort of game, side quests get you the awesome shit... when you have to fork over a pile of money to get the quest it's always going to be worth the effort.

Posted by Daveyo520

That was the quest Brad, poor Brad.
Posted by j_meyer_13

I'm with Ryan, every Keith I've ever met was a huge dick...

Posted by Hollowpoint9mm

For the record. My name is Keith and I am a huge dick online but not IRL, I am actually quite nice.

Posted by JackiJinx
@TurboMan: Oh, just totally made my day.
Posted by teekomeeko
 I usually don't care, but this time even I had to post something a little more passionate than normal (in a half-joking, half-crazy, totally-unedited kinda way).
I just want to hear the super-excited commentary when they get some of the awesome stuff they are two inches from at any given time. Brad and Ryan getting as happy as they were about the radio was gold.
Posted by Hourai


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We're not mad that the game isn't played optimally, we're mad that the game is played atrociously.  It's upsetting when professional reviewers cannot understand the simple logic in their own full-time work, including not figuring out "Stop" or "Reset Boxes".  When you play games for a living you don't have to be perfect, but should be exponentially better than what this ER has shown.
Posted by LordAndrew

I think it would be pretty fun if they don't do that mission. XD

Posted by XChairmanDrekX

Maybe Ryan's just trolling us....and Brad.

Posted by The_Hiro_Abides

I know I played too much Deadly Premonition when I begin stating when Galaxy of Terror and Swery 65 open.

Posted by Desensitized

Go to Cope's Tunnel! Seriously!

Posted by golguin
@TurboMan said:
Sure, lets NOT go get the INFINITE MACHINE GUN.
Posted by KyouG

I love you Brad.

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I love how BR and VJ make the same pop culture references when they hit the same scene 
Yeah, I really didn't get the "I think we missed the side mission from Keith. oh hey, let's not do this side mission that was just given to us by Keith." 
And again, Yeah, Brad is really really...  unobservant. Not understanding "Stop and reset boxes" is only one example. A few episodes ago asked in all seriousness, "does this 10mm ammo work with our submachine gun?" The same submachine gun, which is NAMED 10mm sub machine gun.

Posted by Xpert74
You can't go to the bar because it's the morning, and you need to do both spiritual map quests right now!
Posted by Bombingrun217

Whoa, duder! 
I just realized this soundtrack is amazing. 
Especially at the part with the guy in the white suit 

Posted by ashogo
Ah, this cesspool of hate comments reminds me of all the people screaming at Vinny back during the dungeon runs in p4. How nostalgic.
Posted by Olivaw
@golguin said:
" @TurboMan said:
Sure, lets NOT go get the INFINITE MACHINE GUN. "
I was bummed about VJ missing the radio. But I'm just sort of peeved at BR for not going to get the infinite weapons.
It's like "hey man we just learned side missions give awesome rewards hey a side mission LET'S NOT GO DO IT YEAHHHHH"
God dang it, Bobby.
Posted by Vodun
You can complain all you want about them playing this game, but can you really blame them for not wanting to spend too much time going on side missions, and there by extending the experience?
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goddamnit brad 
edit: Infinite machine gun and possible infinite shotgun? NO f-that let's go fishing :(

Posted by DeathbyYeti

The comments here are really awful

Posted by mythrol
@b33 said:
" goddamnit brad   edit: GODDAMNIT BRAD edit: Infinite machine gun and possible infinite shotgun? NO f-that let's go fishing :( "
What the hell is wrong with everyone?
Do you REALLY WANT Brad to get the infinite SMG? Then both QL's would turn out identical, that'd be really stupid.
I'm sure Brad knew exactly what they were and didn't want to do it for that reason. What you need to do is stop complaining so freaking much and enjoy the ER.
Posted by mshaw006
@gbrading said:
" Hilarious. Define irony: They lament about "missing" the infinite SMG quest, and then they pass up the very same infinite SMG quest. Only in the Endurance Run. "
It's like watching the end of Dumb and Dumber every day.
Posted by Zalasta

I'm just constantly dumbfounded by the fact that both groups have already seen the benefits of doing side missions (radio, improved car, better weapon), yet they still go out of their way to avoid them when possible.  It makes the game itself harder to play for them and less enjoyable for us.
Also quite astounded by their map reading skill.  Yes, the design sucks and the layout of the town is horrible, but I don't get how they could be lost looking at the same map again and again.  These guys give great commentaries, but they just don't seem to have the keen observation skill and that OCD'ness necessary for these adventure/RPG games.  I still maintain that GB needs an editor specialized in those genre.  If this is an indication of how they play through games of similar ilk, I don't think I can trust their reviews on them.

Posted by AdmiralStupid

"some big Fred Flintstone-lookin' motherf*cker" 

Posted by Nux
They sure are.
Posted by warmonked
@mythrol said:
" @b33 said:
" goddamnit brad   edit: GODDAMNIT BRAD edit: Infinite machine gun and possible infinite shotgun? NO f-that let's go fishing :( "
What the hell is wrong with everyone?  Do you REALLY WANT Brad to get the infinite SMG? Then both QL's would turn out identical, that'd be really stupid.  I'm sure Brad knew exactly what they were and didn't want to do it for that reason. What you need to do is stop complaining so freaking much and enjoy the ER. "
Yeah, that's a good point. I actually would prefer they do different side quests if possible, just so we can see different aspects of the game. I disagree that Brad knew what they were doing :p
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Wow...just wow.
I was feeling happy for Brad because he was just commenting on missing the machine gun...then they pass it up...all that after they were just talking about how they could be getting some great rewards.
...and then they go back to finish the worthless Polly quest. Come on.

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Great, now I gotta shave too. Man, I wish Brad would elaborate of that Keith guy. I hope he talks about it in the Giantbomb book. I would really read it. I've always been interested in biographies and history and i want the skinny on the Bombsquad: Their early lives, their time at Gamespot, their views on the world... Damn! I want to know! 
Chapter 14: Keith the dick.
Brad and Ryan's comfortable lead has slipped and the Persona 4 veterans are closing in. I guess they have more Endurance Run experience.

Posted by Shibbles

You know, not to brag or anything, but I totally made the page for functional toilets after they mentioned it ten episodes or so ago.