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Posted by PillClinton
You're playing dp AND watching the ERs?!  Now that's what I call dedication!
Posted by ConduitFourSale

Does anyone else think that the big female zombies look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man with a pony tail?  Also, digging these ~ 1 hour runtimes.  VJ FTW!

Posted by Food

man I listen to all those bands but not the sex pistols also!  now that they mention it, that is kind of weird!

Posted by Videogames

how to raise vegetables to be easily make

Posted by Xpert74

The game never locked up for me, but I wouldn't be surprised considering the glitches Deadly Premonition has. It's a shame :(

Posted by Meteora

That was complete weaksauce. -_-

Posted by ashogo

Just another example of the magical Deadly Premonition experience.

Posted by Dethfish

Oh man. That's a bummer.

Posted by Olivaw

Oh man. This sucks.
I don't think I'd bother doing that quest again, it's obviously for an unlimited shotgun, but the shotgun kinda sucks anyway, and there's probably a bunch more of those goddamn wall crawling zombies to kill, and that's just so tedious to watch I can't imagine what it's like to play.
I'd do the next spiritual map, though. Whatever gun you get next will have to be more worthwhile than the shotgun.

Posted by Jevali
Posted by Jambones
*slow clap builds into standing ovation*
Posted by mavs
Uncharted 1 once crashed on me in a really inconvenient place, and that event alone pretty much created my impression of that game.
Posted by Psych0Penguin

you can't rock when your hands are full

Posted by Slaneesh

Why is there no new endurance run up yet`? 
I need my free Giantbomb Fix. Im getting chils man. Come on just i tiny little episode!! COME ON I NEED IT!

Posted by Xealot42

That was an unfortunate place to crash.  Too bad there isn't a quick save, right Zach?

Posted by dantey

Alright! It is working.

Posted by Lotan

That was pretty anti-climatic.

Posted by PistolPackinPoet


Posted by natetodamax

Their reaction at the game freezing was great. 

Posted by Jedted

Am i the only one that finds it a little weird that Keith's wife sells melee weapons? 
Posted by Xanth93
@100_Hertz said:
" @DBoy:   You're playing dp AND watching the ERs?!  Now that's what I call dedication! "
I'm doing the same thing, actually.
Posted by slashi

Seems like the upgrades are car specific. So I guess you guys shouldn't do any more upgrade quests unless you have Quint's car.

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@slashi said:

" Seems like the upgrades are car specific. So I guess you guys shouldn't do any more upgrade quests unless you have Quint's car. "

I've been playing the game, and they are not car specific. They seem to globally upgrade any car you own or will own in the future.
Posted by blue_crow
@Samthorian: The best I have is Thomas/York, sorry.  D:
Posted by Spiritof

Favorite ending of an ER evar!
(and for the record, this exact same thing happen to me twice while playing DP, once during the final boss fight)

Posted by AzureDemon

Celing lady wins again!

Posted by Landmine
@Psych0Penguin said:
" you can't rock when your hands are full "
When he said that I nearly fell off my chair.
Edited by deadbynature

oh noes!!!?!?! what a cliff hanger

Posted by IceTrey87

The box pushing puzzles are so simplistic it's blowing my mind how long they take.  Come on, I know you guys are smart lol.

Posted by LucyGlitter

Damn, I do wish I had an X360 for this game. I really want to play it now.

Posted by BlazingWookie

poo poo pocket

Posted by Undeadpool

It's really a pity that shotgun is so worthless. It's got a slow rate of fire, low range, AND takes something like five shots to take down an enemy...oh well, at least we got some decent commentary out of it, right Zach?

Posted by Sammo21

lol Jeff made that box puzzle about 300% harder than it needed to be.

Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG


Posted by wumbo3000

@PistolPackinPoet said:


Anytime Phoenix Wright is mentioned in any sort of context, I have the same reaction as you.

Posted by MattClassic

Shit, I do all my best rocking when my hands are full!

Posted by AlexanderSheen
Posted by posh

why have i been watching all of these instead of rewatching twin peaks