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Posted by Jeff

If you've been listening to the podcast, you might have heard us talking about a fellow named Nick Hagman, who recently beat Castlevania using a dance mat instead of a regular controller.

Well, he's completed his next task. He's beaten Super Mario Bros. with a dance mat. Total madness, I know.

If you'd like to watch his run, it's embedded below. He's sped-up some of the slower parts to make the video size a bit more manageable, which is nice.

Not going to lie here, dudes, I'm pretty impressed... which is why I'm posting it here, now. Congratulations, Mr. Hagman!
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This is just awesome! It makes me want to try it out.

Posted by JJOR64

This dude is an animal.  I tried to play Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with a dance pad before and I did really bad.

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It's scary, the level of commitment needed to do something like this is mind blowing.

Posted by capthavic

Posted by JJWeatherman

Cool bro. I wish I could do something this nerdy/cool.  :P

Posted by DryvBy

I beat someone in Soul Calibur II using a dance mat at a gaming hot-spot in Texas once. It was a life achievement. Sadly, my real-life "gamer score" sucks for other life achievements.

Posted by Fbomb

Dude's toes are freaky looking

Posted by Spoonybard37

Supa smooth!

Posted by Undeadpool

Holy crap in a hat!

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If this keeps up at its current pace, in a couple years someone is actually going to beat Dance Dance Revolution with a dance mat.  And for the first time it will seem like a cool idea. :-p

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Daaaance the night away...

Posted by wefwefasdf

Dang. Nice!

Posted by harvey_the_pooka

W   O   W

Posted by cooljammer00

But why

Posted by Relys

That was awesome!

Posted by Sjupp

Damn.. That's wack.

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If this mother hubbard beats either of those 2 other games with a dance pad I'll be pissed.  Impressed, but pissed.  I spent so many hours as a youth losing my life to those two games amongst others.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Fun fact: Starcraft pros actually hotkey all their units on a dance pad.

Posted by Siepher
@BenderUnit22 said:
" Fun fact: Starcraft pros actually hotkey all their units on a dance pad. "
Seriously? It wouldn't surprise me.
Posted by killzeek

Interesting yet fascinating 

Posted by TobyD81

DO THE MARIO!!! That was amazing.

Posted by takua108

Absolutely incredible. 
Now do Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Posted by buzz_clik

The end of that was bloody intense. Well done to that man! A very commendable way to waste one's time, fer sure.

Posted by diminian

Good stuff bro, good to see people are still out there trying new things.

Posted by Hannibal
@cooljammer00 said:
" But why "
Something about this made me LMFAO. 
Seriously, I'm glad there are people out there doing this kind of thing but it would also never be me.
Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

I'm more impressed that he beat Castlevania with it. That game is ridiculously hard.

Posted by Daveyo520

Okay, that's impressive.

Posted by ch3burashka

Breaking news: Modern Warfare 2 beaten with a dance pad!

Posted by Yit

It wouldn't be all that impressive if he wasn't using his feet.

Posted by Crono

hope he does MM2 next.

Posted by RavenShade83

You can't beat mega man 2 with a dance pad. I heard your face lights on fire if you even try.

Posted by bossman

The real question here is, why would anyone ever do this?

Posted by Kayrack

ummmm wow!

Posted by BattleShinobi
@RavenShade83:  OMG LOL That explains so much. Now I know why there are no MM2 dance pad videos. Classic!
Posted by takua108

Does the dude have a Giant Bomb profile?

Posted by danimal_furry

That was awesome. I want to see him scream at megaman. That stupid horrible awesome game.

Posted by TotalEklypse

my hero

Posted by Nario
@takua108 said:
" Does the dude have a Giant Bomb profile? "
Right back at ya! I blogged about it, and I guess Jeff Gerstmann may have seen it?
In any case, I am VERY HONORED to be posted on the front page of Giant Bomb! I've been following this site from the very beginning and I consider myself a huge fanboy of this place, so it means much more than anyone could possibly know to have my video shared by Jeff Gerstmann himself. Totally surreal.
Thanks for all of the overwhelmingly positive feedback, duders!
Posted by Cheapoz

I don't think I've EVER beaten SMB1, start-to-finish.

Posted by MHumphreys89

If you think about it it's really just a long-ass, slow dance; still very impressive.

Posted by Veektarius

I never knew you could sprint in SMB

Posted by takua108
@Nario: Awesome, I hope the news post gets updated to link to your profile :D

Mmm... Delicious feet!

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@Veektarius said:

" I never knew you could sprint in SMB "

How have you been living your life, sir? This is mandatory information. 
How did you handle the flags at the end of the levels? 
@Nario: Congratulations dude! That looks incredibly hard to do and you can really hear the nervousness and anticipation in your voice towards the end. Good work. 
P.S. You sound like Rocco from Mega 64. =P
Posted by Teaspoon83
@Veektarius: I am....... wow. I don't want to believe what you say at all. I mean.... you had two buttons, TWO! Run/Flower Spit and Jump....... TWO!
Posted by Landon

Oh crap, is this a new quest?

Posted by Sil3n7


Posted by Nario
@Kajaah117 said:
@Nario: Congratulations dude! That looks incredibly hard to do and you can really hear the nervousness and anticipation in your voice towards the end. Good work.
Thank you. :) I was really worried there near the end, because there aren't any mushrooms in 8-4, and I need at least a mushroom to get past Bowser, just as you saw at the end.
Posted by Light_Bahamut

Duder, very impressive. Bet your calf muscles were burning.